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  1. David Hingtgen

    Ace Combat 7

    After reviewing what comes with what for the final time, I just preordered the digital deluxe PS4 edition. Hope I don't regret it. PS----the dynamic theme sucks.
  2. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    A-10C would make an interesting comparison to add to the chart, as would the F-15I/S/K. Gotta add the F-16 Block 60, too. I'm betting its avionics alone cost as much as a whole Block 5 did...
  3. David Hingtgen

    DC's Aquaman

    The "Ant-Man and the Wasp" part was the one that stuck out the most to me, by far. And yeah, I wondered where Mera's legs were in the not-jellyfish dress. It didn't seem long enough to hide them, and I doubt she had them "tucked up inside, like a fetal-position-thing going on". Anyways---it's nothing less than awesome that I went to two movies in two weeks, that both had Dolph Lundgren in them.
  4. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    F-35 thinks it's an F-22: This bodes well for the new demo routine this year.
  5. David Hingtgen

    Ace Combat 7

    There's zero chance of the PAK-FA not being a "shining star" in the game----it was the Uber-plane in "Infinity", even more than the F-22.
  6. David Hingtgen

    Ace Combat 7

    Air-to-Air missiles usually have fairly unique rails/adapters for each plane. But anything else is pretty universal.
  7. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Bounty Hunters D-model, nice. And NACA ducts on the same side of the ventral fins, props for getting that right. (But modelers have the best eye for things like that).
  8. David Hingtgen

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Sorry for the late reply. Interesting---I didn't know there was a black Mr Surfacer---is is super glossy? (Alclad metallics demand a mirror-like black base). Not surprised at Gaia notes----their metallics and transparents are on another level.
  9. VRAM, VRAM, VRAM. All I want and need more of, but I'm not seeing any increases this gen.
  10. David Hingtgen

    The Unlicensed Third Party Transformers Thread

    Pretty much that. Prime has silver/metal/chrome accents, not white. No more than Superman's hair has blue streaks in it... You know, nobody ever makes his stacks white---somehow, "common sense and logic" always prevails there, no matter how "toon-accurate" they try to make it elsewhere.
  11. David Hingtgen

    The Unlicensed Third Party Transformers Thread

    I really wish someone would use that amount of care and engineering, to make a real-world-accurate-truck-mode, instead of trying to copy an old drawing of a truck...
  12. David Hingtgen

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    The Navy paints all interior surfaces of airbrakes bright red, so that when they're open, it's a sign to 'stay away, in case they rapidly close'. The Air Force doesn't highlight them at all usually---they used to generally be white inside, now they're often the same color as the exterior. (F-15 airbrakes are HUGE, and have separate struts just to hold them open when the plane is shut down). F-16 airbrakes are much smaller, but I bet they could still cause serious injury if you were in the wrong place when they closed.
  13. David Hingtgen

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    No it's not. Every YF-19 and VF-19 mold before the last 2, did fine without it. It's adding in the extra hinges that are SOLELY for high-speed mode, that "ruined" the wings in fighter mode. Just "rotating backwards for battroid mode" doesn't cause any issues at all.
  14. David Hingtgen

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I honestly wish there were two ventral fin designs for most valks---with a "solid, study, non-folding version" used for all the VF-1's that never did wear the armor. It's a common weak-point, all done for the 5 secs that like 3 valks ever wore it on-screen. It's akin to the YF-19's "high-speed mode"---it introduces massive compromises to a specific area, to replciate a "blink and you'll miss it" scene. Even when it does 'work', it still creates huge ugly hinges in what should be a smooth seamless part of the plane. Or even better, make them swappable, and include both types in the box. Never going to buy/use GBP armor? Then install the semi-permanent solid/sturdy set that has no hinges and has almost no chance of breaking. Use GBP armor? Then swap them out for the folding version.