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  1. The router is always warm, but didn’t seem hot—-this is one of the coolest days in weeks. (Still hot midwestern summer, but not peak)
  2. ::edit:: ok yeah of course, after 2 hours of nothing, it just pops open the admin screen while I was typing this. Yeesh... Think I’ll buy a new one Black Friday—-I do NOT like random multi-hour failures... Do WiFi routers just up and fail, yet still seem ok? All of a sudden I lost all connectivity——but if I connnect my PC directly to my cable modem, all is well. But if I have the router involved—-nothing. Can’t even get to router’s home/admin page. But all the lights “blink the right way”. Tried swapping around all the cables——not the cables. Tried other ports/jacks—-nope, works fine if router is taken out of the loop. I have done every method of a factory hard reset I know of——and it cycles through, starts blinking away—-but won’t do anything. PC’s Ethernet port activity light blinks when hooked to router, so the router seems to be talking to it. I’m out of ideas, really don’t want to run to bestbuy tonight and buy a router if I don’t have to, but there’s nothing left to do. (Though it irks me that all the router indicator lights say things are fine). PS——-Asus N56U. It’s 5+ years old, could even be 10.
  3. David Hingtgen

    Star Trek: Discovery

    I like the Discovery Enterprise, comparatively. 10x better than JJprise, and still much nicer than what a pure NX-01-esque version could have been. I’d probably be “ok” with a Discovery-Excelsior. But a JJcelsior would be an eldritch horror.
  4. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    They are very metallic in person. F-35, not so much (but not dead-flat either, kinda like the newer F-16 paint is). Seeing F-35 next to F-22——the 35 sits up higher off the ground, but is still shorter overall. And F-22 canopy is yellow-orange, but F-35 canopy is orange-purple or orange-pink. Have noticed the purplish canopy on the -35 several times now. (You can see it a bit in the formation pic).
  5. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Best of what I got from Offutt today: (and today was the first time I finally got to see the full F-22 demo--every other time it's had to abort mid-way for a tech failure) Other highlights: First time seeing a P-40 Sat in KC-10 captain’s seat Sat in KC-10 boom operator’s seat (steep entry ladder, low ceiling!). Also, there’s an interesting optical effect—-there’s a series of mirrors set up, that basically shows you “through” the rear fuselage. It basically looks like there’s a hole through the back of the plane. Your mind knows you should be looking at a wall/bulkhead, but instead you can see perfectly well what’s right behind the tailcone....
  6. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Offutt airshow tomorrow, I plan to be there. Great lineup this year: F-22, F-35, P-38, B-52, B-2.
  7. I did use DDU. I might try it a few more times---I know it took a while before my 970 really "acted like a 970"---it went from "faster than the 960" to "WAY faster than the 960" after like the 3rd uninstall/reinstall session. I have to do some work anyways to install my new PCI-E cables, I think I may literally uninstall the card itself (physically) for a few reboots, clear everything out. Reboot a few more times for good measure, clear it all out again, then install it. (that's pretty much what it took for 960 to 970...) Semi-related--evga Precision OC, in addition to just generally sucking, is the slowest-loading program on my PC by far. It's like 45 seconds after everything else. Off an SSD. I can be in a game from a cold boot before it's up and running---and that screws everything up---if anything "GPU-intensive" is started before OC loads, it won't load. So I find myself "booted and running, but waiting around to actually start anything while waiting for Precision OC to actually get going". I found a few references to similar issues online, but no fixes. All the evga tech official responses were "it always starts up super-fast for us". And it doesn't seem common enough to have a bunch of discussion. (this is part of the reason I'm considering clearing out everything and starting from scratch---SOMETHING is delaying it I think, but I don't know what---I have as many non-essential services disabled as I can so as to have very fast boots) PS---CCleaner is awful now, since avast bought it a few months ago. Ad-filled bloatware that nags you constantly for extra services, and auto-runs even when you disable everything in the options. It's not "run on occasion to clear up junk", now it acts like an anti-virus, and runs 24/7 trying to find things to sell you a premium service to fix. Do NOT update it if you have an older version.
  8. Is “reinstall Windows just to clean things up” still a suggested practice? I remember people used to do so like every year, just due to bloat, registry junk from deleted programs, etc. I feel I have too many processes running lately, and I see things that make me think that despite utterly uninstalling the old drivers, some aspects of my new GPU are being limited to the old one’s capabilities/stats. But—-I tweak the heck out of my windows installs, it’ll take days to get it set just how I like it. (I feel a repair install may be pointless—-sure it’d remember a lot of settings, but I also fear it’d keep a lot of junk, defeating the point). So I really don’t want to do it if it won’t help much. Plus of course—about 10,000 windows updates to re-do... ::edit:: this’d be 7, BTW. I’d still be running XP at home if I could.
  9. Hmmmn, Coffee Lake was my “next year major upgrade/quasi-new-PC” idea. Any rumblings of new sockets etc? That’s the #1 thing that really bit me with this one, the 1150 was short-lived while the 1151 has been going on for years.
  10. Yup—-Shatner’s and Peter David’s TNG stuff is very entertaining and “you remember them”. I can only recall the story of like one other TNG book, despite having read a decent number of them.
  11. David Hingtgen

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    I still just want a VF-0D in proper slate blue and pale grey, not "practically Max's 1J, deep blue and white".
  12. David Hingtgen

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Of the zillion box sets out there, what does this one have inside: It’s an old ADV releas, so that’s a good sign IIRC. But if I were to buy it and select Japanese with subs (of course) is it just “Robotech with dubtitles” or is it actually a decent proper release of SDF:M?