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  1. Huh. I could have sworn I'd seen them on the inner bay doors. Anyways, supposedly taken near Edwards:
  2. I'm curious if the F-35's extra AMRAAM, means it has to get rid of the AIM-9 in there... If so, maybe try a 5/1 split vs the present 4/2? (6/0 would be a poor choice I think, nobody ever goes AIM-9less)
  3. Yeah, it makes zero sense to have movie vs OVA versions of the Plus valks---it's just splitting the votes for identical valks. It'd be like having "Focker's VF-0 in Ep 1 vs Focker's VF-0 in Ep 2" as different categories... I mean, Isamu wins anyways (as he should), but it should be even more commanding... At least TV vs DYRL have differences.
  4. Of course, I would argue that the Air Force getting "control" over space early on wasn't "right" in the first place, with them being a relatively new branch, while the Navy had been flying planes LONG before the Air Force even existed... Thus, "space forces" in Macross/Trek/Wars being under the jurisdiction of the Navy seems to be "correcting an error" if anything.
  5. I've considered a Lepin pirate ship or two, just to take the sails and "toss out all the cheap plastic/give to goodwill"---Lego has made extremely few sails in the last decade, and many have more "kiddified" designs than earlier ones. And the prices for authentic sails are so insane, and the difficulty in printing fabric yourself---if it's a non-plastic part, that Lego themselves probably contracted out to a third party due to how rarely they use them (unless there's a Lego sail-weaving factory I'm unaware of), it's possible that you might even be getting "authentic" parts from the same factory that made the originals for Lego. (some people have reported that the KO sails are ridiculously similar to the originals) Also, I just want to point out, that a large chunk (majority?) of the larger Lepin sets, are sets from 5-10 (or even 15-20) years ago, that are still insanely desired by fans, that are impossible to buy now, or even bricklink. Lego has only ever re-released like 0.5% of the highly-desired sets. There's a ton of old sets I'd buy, if I could. "Lego Legends" needs to be greatly expanded. Give people another chance. When a single piece commands $25+ on Bricklink, Lego is just losing money by not reissuing the set that piece came in. Want to preserve the "collectibility" of a set? Fine, change a color or two, or a piece or two. Make "an extremely similar set" that will allow people to still "get that set" in a way. If you buy a Lepin set, of a set that Lego hasn't produced since 2005 or something, and Lego hasn't produced anything very similar since--Lego isn't losing any money/sales because of the KO of their old set---it's their own lack of "making sets of that category" that is preventing a sale, not a "competitor/KO". When the KO is the only option that exists, that's just Lego willingly abandoning that market segment. Buying the KO of a new set, just to save money? Yeah, that's very much an issue--buy the real thing whenever it's available. Same goes for when Lepin takes people's MOCs, and then sells it themselves. (that's even worse!). But buying the only version of a set that's been actively produced in the past 15 years, that only one company is currently making? That's just Lego letting people eat into their market share, by abandoning a market segment for a decade. If you literally cannot buy the original because it's been off the market for years and years, and Lego refuses to re-release even though they have the molds for all the parts still... I am still a "Lego purist" and have no Kreo, Megablock, or Lepin at all. But man do I get tempted when I see "set XYZZ now reissued, after 15 years off the market, but by Lepin"...
  6. Wow, F-6 footage! Also, I've never seen that "orange lightning bolt" scheme for the Marines F-8, and I thought I knew them all...
  7. Recast, then use CGI to make her look more like a young ScarJo? (maintaining continuity in a very weird way) It'd still probably be cheaper than actually hiring her as lead+sequels... PS---sorry for the zombie-quote-reply
  8. This is slightly OT, but I figure it's about the best place to ask: I'm looking for a figure, to 'sit in the driver's seat of a large model car'. (and look cool/techy while doing so) 1/8 scale. Sports car, so a 6ft person wouldn't fit well if exactly 1/8 scale. Looking for something along the lines of a mecha-pilot flight-suit figure. Rei/Asuka plugsuit figures would work well style-wise, but are super-common and cliche. Would like something of a roughly similar look, though. And needs to have enough articulation to look like she can actually "drive" the car while sitting in it, if possible. Suggestions? Most (early?)Revoltechs seem a smidge too small to look right in the seat, but I haven't bought any in years and years. Figuarts are generally a bit larger, and may work---but I only own one and it doesn't work due to the rubbery parts of the clothing interfering with sitting down.
  9. Best bang for your buck is an old airliner---way bigger for the money. But the transportation fees go WAY up, and few people could fit one in their yard.
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