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  1. The site is absolutely unusable on IE now. Worked fine before. (had to switch to my phone to say so!) On safari, "alignment of elements" seems off. Like there's a big white dot to the right of everyone's avatar that covers some words. And whatever the "white shield on a small blue dot" icon is, seems to randomly appear in the background of posts. ::edit:: Right now, it appears right above the word "safari" in my post. At least, when viewing site on phone in Safari.
  2. It's Joons valks all over again... (but with higher quality)
  3. There's black J-20's: #2001 and 2002 are black I think, maybe others? Though 2001 is a prototype (un-clipped fins and canards). Not sure if any production-standard ones are black.
  4. They just used pics of the original toys. Actual releases aren't half that nice/detailed.
  5. 2. Few people do. (though to someone like me, it's easy when they use bits from real planes---they stick out like a sore thumb to someone who intimately knows the planes referenced----"totally fake" would actually look more cohesive/realistic IMHO, vs Frankensteining various bits)
  6. I figure he's referring to the newer(better!) Dredd movie, non-Stallone, Karl-Urban-starring one, where they stated true to character, and you NEVER saw him unhelmeted. However, Dredd-style "mouth-only" still gives a much greater level of emoting etc, than TOTAL concealment like a Mando helmet.
  7. Re-install-----immediately got exact same issue. Maybe a future update will fix the issue (unlikely) but for now, re-assigning all my context commands etc to the substitute... (My god does Windows try to instantly add a zillion thing "edit with Paint, edit with Photos, print, set as desktop, set as background, upload to Cloud" right-click options...) So hard to just have the two things I want up top of the list. (I use like, 3 different context-menu-editing programs just to get things set how I want---which is even more work than it took to get Win7 how I wanted)
  8. Testors isn't that good in my experience (and it yellows, my Trek ships can attest to that), and I was thinking even cheaper---like one of the "craft-y" versions that Rustoleum/Krylon make, that you'll find at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They're 2-3x the size of a Tamiya/Testors can. There's just SO many "clear acrylic matte sprays" etc out there, that it'd cost even more just to try them all...
  9. Eh, it seems to me like sometimes they just flat-out ignored how the toys transformed. Like, you can clearly see elements of the toys, which means they had good pics, yet the transformation is just SO different. Tantrum (Predacon) comes to mind. "The beast legs just grow out of his chest, and are not connected to the shoulders/haunches". Even without knowing how it works, the lower legs SHOULD be connected to the upper legs, ya know?
  10. 1. Fuel tanks. 2. Nope. Nitro Zeus is a faked-up F-5/F-20. Blitzwing is an F-18/F-16 hybrid. (the tailplanes are pure F-16, the tailfins are pure F-18, the spine and nose are F-16). Nitro Zeus has the front half of an F-5 down to the retractable gun-vent-ports. 3. Fuel tanks.
  11. Common question, but will ask again since availability/production of what's out there changes so frequently: Suggestions for a cheap spray-can flat-coat? My best model ever was my MG Wing, but as I obsessively made it DEAD flat in every nook and cranny, that meant I did a full 3D-spraying of each piece of armor separately. And heavily. That was like, 3 cans of Tamiya TS-80. I don't want to spend/waste that much ever again, and I think Epyon would require even more spraying due to so many angles/separate pieces. (mist coats of TS-80 behave very differently than heavy coats, I found-
  12. No, I think the arms are fine. They're just in car-mode, not robot mode. The one elbow's bent a bit, and it's bending "backwards"---but that's his "canon, but generally not replicated" transformation: "Do like he does in the movie" and everything's perfect. PS---never mind every other transformation in the movie. I think I read that it was done different every time, maybe intentionally. But IMHO this is "the best one we see" and looks like what they're going with for this figure.
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