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  1. A Gundam backpack, sold in the US? And Tallgeese, not UC? Technically third-party, even if licensed: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/gundam-wing-oz-backpack/gn11222
  2. Eh, most of the Excelsiors (and Mirandas) have been ret-conned to "glowout the sides like TNG-era ships". And of course, the Excelsior itself, in the "Flashback" Voyager episode: Based on the colors used for the Lakota's "top of nacelles", they are clearly intended (on the studio model/artist's intent) to be "normal hull/nacelle" material up there, and not "warp field radiator grille" material. They're blue, but they're always "the same blue as the main hull's accent color"----sky blue on the Excelsior, aqua blue-green on the Ent-B/Lakota. With metallic silver-grey too (same color as impluse exhaust housing surround---also not a "starship glowing area" color). I think "Excelsiors glowing out the tops of their nacelles" thing is a mis-interpretation of the blue paint being on the nacelles there---since the Excelsior itself often looks "bright sky blue there" in some photos. "Hey, if it's bright light blue, on a nacelle, it must be GLOWING BLUE, right!??!" But no, that's just "standard Excelsior-class paint pattern". Interestingly, I've noted that the Lakota's impulse *crystals* glow red: I believe they only ever glow blue otherwise (Refit, maybe Miranda?) Hmmn---here's the Valley Forge (DS9 CG model), with them glowing "properly" blue----but I will admit, they're a slightly teal shade of blue: (yes, the Excelsior class' colors/glowy bits, and especially those of the Ent-B/Lakota, are very much "my thing" and I've snagged just about every picture ever, over the years)
  3. The Ent-B (and Lakota) "main accent color" was much more green than the Excelsior's (but with generally the same pattern, except for around the bridge)----but "the glowy bits" were no different than any other Starfleet ship---warp and deflector bits glow blue. I've never seen anything in Starfleet with "teal" warp-glow or deflector dish.
  4. I personally really like the color Yamato uses on the 1/48 Max and Milia.
  5. But why are are the blue-glowing parts, green? Also, I see some areas that are missing paint (fins at rear of nacelles should be blue, as should the leading and trailing edges of the nacelle pylons, aft shuttle-bay doors should be silver/grey)
  6. But he's also basically locked in to "newer=bigger number", so he can't use 109 or 190 etc, needs to use other companies and use say 229 or 335. (they are both "famous" and "big numbers" from that group) (choosing big numbers from obscure designs isn't really his thing, AFAIK---he'd certainly go more for the 229 or 335, since they are interesting/unique/famous)
  7. So, I just got the most-recent re-release of Supernova Sandrock, and this is the box: (Also, I'm not super-fond of how the HiRM Wing Zero build is going, I may buy the Supernova or RG version, for my "best Wing Zero")
  8. So will FF7R+ come out for the PS5, 6-7 months after FF7R for PS4? Seems like either a huge timing mistake, or a missed opportunity at this point. "FF7R, exclusively for the PS5!" would have been one heck of a selling point. Fights would break out in order to be the first to get on the wait-list to be allowed to pre-order...
  9. Whoa, that looks WAY too red, more like Johnny Ridden's Zaku. I demand the pink comet!
  10. Hmmmmmmmmn. Are shuttlebays 2 and 3 the same size? Does like "the master CGI file" for the Galaxy-class have that error, and everyone uses it, causing that issue to become common?
  11. Let me know. (though shipping something that big may cost as much as the figure itself, and I may have to pass)
  12. I am hoping for at least one flash-back scene for Adm Picard, with an older, worn Ent-E or something... Or maybe, "current day" scene with a REALLY old, worn-out Ambassador class, patrolling the backwaters of the Federation, that Picard and crew will run into...
  13. I apparently live by the only Burlington that never got cheap Trypticons... (I honestly don't want Trypticon itself much, but I *really* want a Full-Tilt)
  14. Wood elves, cave(dark) elves, mountain elves, etc are all well-established. So why not space elves?
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