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  1. I wonder if part of it is that it is so First Order/Resistance heavy (with a bit of Clone Wars/Rebels thrown in). If it was more prequel/original based, it might be more attractive to 'the core crowd'. It's kind of like they ignored most of the movies, and made a whole land based on Ep 7... (it's been in planning long enough that Ep 8 can't have had TOO much of an effect on it)
  2. "The VF-4 Ichijo Hikari specification, which was previously released by us"----did I miss a release?
  3. While many of his creations are huge and would cost $$$$$ to recreate, instructions for his F4U Corsair would sell a zillion copies. Though, for mass-market appeal---a fully-transformable Movie Prime?!!? But, my personal fave, that I would pay $$$$ for---is his remake of one of my all-time most beloved sets, the 5580 Model Team Highway Rig: (he intentionally made this one a bit more "how LEGO would do it nowdays as a set for sale" vs "true scale model" like he normally does)
  4. Normally first sample pic of a high-end combiner gets a lot of attention, but TFC's Sinnertwin is kinda being ignored (maybe because of MMC's Vortex release?)
  5. "Lady M" is like the Dread Pirate Roberts. Mylene is just the latest, and the initial is a coincidence. (or maybe it's a requirement) Hmmn. Minmei, Myung, Mylene...
  6. I see it--interesting, at least it has a purpose/reason, and isn't just "looked at a Tu-144 accidently while doing the tailfin" or something.
  7. All will be forgiven if Lady M is Mylene, and she joins Walkure, having left Fire Bomber far behind...
  8. I've bought several instructions from Build Better Bricks. That new Toothless is very tempting, and it's by Tyler.
  9. Yup. And considering how few moving parts/hinges are in the area, and how 30-year-old $3 Corgi diecast Concordes get it right, there's really no excuse not to do it properly. (not expecting a moving visor, but simply hinging in the proper location would make it 10x better) Question of the day---why does the FT one that weird kink in the tailfin, near the front edge? Has bugged me since early grey proto pics.
  10. Is the front smaller windscreen easily removable? IIRC, Bandai paints the outside of the canopy, which makes it harder to strip, as the black framing is also painted on the outside, and you're dealing with a 3D surface. (vs the smooth interior)
  11. PSST----just use FT's engineering on an XB-70. Pretty sure they could make it kibble-free at that point. The space they used for the shins/calves/thighs is "actually there" on an XB-70, and I'm sure they could fold the shoulders into a triangle-shaped-spot to make the tip of the intake.
  12. Bandai does, but then they paint over them.
  13. Actually came with stickers, or a file to print/make stickers with? If the former---who's selling these? I've never seen any MOC instructions that actually provided stickers. Generally, if stickers are provided--so are the bricks themselves, and you pay $$$$$$$ for it.
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