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  1. David Hingtgen

    Have any of you quit collecting?

    I'd collect more valks than I do, but Bandai doesn't seem to want my money. "Wake up at 2AM, hit refresh--not available. Check 5 secs later---pre-order sold out". Been like that for 3 of the last 4 valks I considered buying. Won't pay 2x for aftermarket, so I just go without most of the time. "I've quit collecting, because they won't let me buy anything new any more".
  2. David Hingtgen

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Oh, you don't even need to watch the trailer---I haven't, but was still spoiled. People have been spoiling it for months (super-early test screenings), and youtube is putting it right in the title of all their "suggested" vids---you can't avoid it. I haven't watched any new trailers etc for weeks. But people still spoil left and right... Honestly, I get spoiled by youtube more than anywhere else nowadays---it WILL suggest to you, every "trailer reaction/analysis" vid that comes out, and people WILL put spoilers in the titles of those videos. Just going to youtube.com, will spoil you. Don't even type/search anything. Just have spoiler-vids pop up. (I never even log in, so it usually only has a vague sense of what I watch, and it still plucks up a lot of "movies I'm interested in, that I *don't* want to see any more analysis/trailers/spoilers for) "If you don't want to be spoiled, don't click!" doesn't work when people spoiler-title their videos and threads... Sorry for the rant, but it always irks me to be spoiled, when I do my darndest to not check anything beyond "the 2 main official trailers each movie usually gets".
  3. David Hingtgen

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Erm, Dropkick's a guy...
  4. David Hingtgen

    Captain Marvel, in theaters Mar. 8, 2019

    I think part of it is that real one-piece helmets are too big/bulky to easily get on/off. The only way to have a "well-fitting" one is to have it be multiple pieces, that is "assembled around the head" when needed for filming. But never actually shown being taken off or put-on. I noticed it a lot in Ep 7, how it always cuts away for Kylo. Short version: neck-opening too small for head to fit through. Must be disassembled, or CGI'd. Or go with a much bigger helmet overall.
  5. David Hingtgen

    Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures (YT Series)

    Yeah, it's VERY clearly intended to "teach a new generation the basics of the universe". (not that that's a bad thing, but it almost seems patronizing at times the way they word things) But more/different takes on Vader's Rogue One scene, are always welcome.
  6. David Hingtgen

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Did I miss it, or is there no Narrative-version Dijeh yet? They're clearly not the Zeta coloring.
  7. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Gah, I forgot the CFT's, despite looking at them 30 secs earlier to see how the missile pylon-adapters were mounted. Well then, they might actually have decent fuel. Still, 1 tank for 2 missiles seems a poor trade IMHO.
  8. David Hingtgen

    Battle Angel Alita

    You mean, the toys look more real, than the real thing... (when a doll has smaller eyes than the face it's based on....)
  9. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Not having the center tank is almost unheard of I think, for an intercept load-out like that----you can consume the fuel just in takeoff and climb/acceleration, then ditch it and have no drag penalty as you start hitting Mach 2+. But without one---you'll probably be at bingo fuel 30 secs after you start mixing it up.
  10. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    IIRC, Whittle's very first jet engine had around 600lbs of thrust. I've always considered that remarkably impressive---that basically the first "proof of concept" had enough power to actually be usable in a (small) plane.
  11. David Hingtgen

    The Unlicensed Third Party Transformers Thread

    Magic Square is clearly just a re-hashed MP-10, but I don't see it as any better at all, in truck mode. If anything, it's a bit simpler, more toon-style, and actually slightly worse in many areas. Just like all the others---they are absolutely "throwing away massive amounts of alt-mode looks/realism" in exchange for small tweaks to robot mode. That is NOT a good exchange.
  12. I haven't watched it in a *very* long time (erm, it was on tape...) I'll definitely watch it again, in HD.
  13. David Hingtgen

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Yup, and Thunder Manus is also a legally distinct entity, who also coincidentally bears a resemblance to the Powermaster version of a certain Autobotâ„¢ leader. Anyways--anyone else snag tickets to a Dec 8 early showing?
  14. David Hingtgen

    The Unlicensed Third Party Transformers Thread

    MP-44 may be the best, but I don't really like any of the new Primes. Will keep waiting. I want one "less ridiculously toon-accurate, they all go past the point of ruining truck mode for 1% more screen-accuracy". No one seems to be able to strike a balance, between toon/toy/real. Yeesh, I shouldn't have to, or even still be able to, say "G1 Prime had the best, most realistic semi-cab, of them all, by far". I long for the days of MP Sideswipe/Bluestreak/Wheeljack. "Try to get the most toon-based bot mode we can, but don't totally throw away alt-mode realism to do it". I'm sure they could do Sideswipe even better nowdays, with new techniques etc, and give him a narrower chest and remove the ankle guards. But you just know a Sideswipe 2.0 would be a bland, featureless lump of an alt-mode, and not "an even better Countach".