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  1. KARR works even better, he's voiced by Peter Cullen, and has a laser.
  2. Does anyone else keep track of the planes they've seen (as in, non-museum ones), or just me? (basically I try to get the serial/bureau number of any "live" military plane I've seen, hoping that someday I can get a model of the exact one, etc).
  3. The pre-order for Gigawatt, put any DX Valkyrie to shame. Only like 1 or 2 confirmed orders, in the entire TFW forum AFAIK.
  4. I still have my original Genesis, MIB, if anyone wants "the real thing".
  5. I don't like green version either. Give me a cheaper, "episode 1/2/3" version. Just glows red, red-tinted clear parts, ONE SHIELD, and skip the extra half-dozen guns and the stands for the shields. I'd never use half the stuff in the box, as it is. PS----we all know the Unicorn's coolest weapon is the beam magnum. First and original gun. Leave out all the other, inferior junk.
  6. What is the actual base color of the belly? Pure white, or light grey? (ignoring the weathering). Compared to the tailhook, it looks grey in carceroth's pics, which is a pleasant surprise.
  7. Yeah, I'm wondering about the exclamation mark too----my preferred option (JP eco) has it-----anyone know if the mark means "not actually available" or just "will take longer than usual"? (can't imagine there'd be any other meaning). Couldn't find anything in their FAQ's about symbols for shipping.
  8. I haven't bought from N-Y in a while----can I still see all their many shipping options/cost prior to buying (without committing to buy), and is it accurate even with the COVID shipping situation?
  9. Possibly stupid question but it's hard to keep track: if I were to order something new, now, from N-Y, what would happen? If Japan Post isn't accepting "new" stuff to go to the US-----would NY refuse the order? Box it up but allow it to just sit around until it was ok to mail? Or force me to ship it immediately for $$$$$$ via DHL? Honestly, I am unconcerned with waiting after purchase (months even), my only concern is price. ($30 item, so paying $30 or whatever to ship is out of the question)
  10. That's a pretty apt summary. "Clearly, THAT is what the sequel should be based on" said all the suits/producers...
  11. I'm still disappointed by how lame the Enterprise-former's bot mode is. Like, zero time spent considering how it would/should transform.
  12. The discussion's pretty much done. Some people really liked it, but I think a LOT were disappointed in it. I loved Frontier, hated Delta. If it tells you anything, I waited over a year to watch the Delta movie, and I think I'd rather have my 2 hours back. MW's pretty quiet when there's neither a current series to discuss, nor "still interesting discussion to be had about the last one". Frontier=best Macross TV series Delta=worst Macross TV series. IMHO.
  13. Still hoping they're release a "decent/mediocre" finish at some point. Basically "this time it's molded in the right colors, but without doubling the price through weathering and panel-lining".
  14. Hey Agent One, long time no see----but the latest show is "Macross Delta"*, with 26 episodes and 1 movie. Main valk is the VF-31 Siegfried. Movie is much like most of the franchise movies, in being a condensed retelling of the series with a bit different ending. Overall the series goes all-in on the "J-pop band singing" part of Macross. *technically, it's actually called "Macross Δ", pronounced Macross Delta.
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