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  1. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    It worked yesterday! Can't see it in this pic, but these are fairly rare small-mouthed Block 30's.
  2. Diecast Aircraft Collectors

    I didn't know Bare-Metal made decals that far back (based on copyright date on the sheet). I'm always thankful they made decals for the IA ANG, because we had some kick-ass tail markings:
  3. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Above all other things, my interest lies in airliners. Which are very rare among TF's. Pretty much just Silverbolt and Octane. So when one comes along...
  4. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    FT's Silverbolt may have the sleekest belly by far, but the ginormous humps blocking the passenger windows are pretty much deal-killers. Additional belly kibble would be far preferable to those eye-sores. Also, the canopy and nose droop are just insanely wrong. I think they tried to use the shape of a prototype Concorde with sorta the visor of a final production model. And those are quite different shapes/looks, and the combination looks awkward as heck.
  5. Bandai DX VF-31

    Mirage's scheme on a -31A would be the best thing ever. If Mirage and Hayate, as the noobs, had -31A/B's (or the C was also BSW), it'd have looked very cool. Make the FSW variants truly rare/special, and only for Arad and Messer. And it would have been appropriate for Hayate to "graduate" to a FSW variant later.
  6. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    LED's are very standardized, especially "cheap" ones common to older MG/PG kits. There would be basically zero difference between "one that looks about right" and the actual Bandai-supplied one. If anything, newer ones tend to be brighter---that could be good or bad, depending on the look you want. For matching purposes, it may be best to replace both wingtip ones, so they're of even brightness etc.
  7. Ace Combat 7

    Considering we've seen multiple Erusian Flankers, Yellow squadron is almost guaranteed. A sequel to AC4 would be great---it's been 16 real years (OMG) so having the story show what's happened "20 years later" would be very interesting.
  8. Ace Combat 7

    I just hope that adding in VR and XBox compatability aren't the main reasons for the delay. If we could instead have had a "normal" PS4 release by now...
  9. Bandai to release Star Wars Model kits

    Wow, I didn't think anyone would actually have a spare---if anyone has one actually from the Interceptor, that'd be preferred to 100% guarantee fit. TIE Fighter would be second choice.
  10. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    But it's TOON-ACCURATE (even if it's only for 2 frames and an animation-error) so that mean's it's the BEST EVUR for a lot of fans... Some day they'll make a Starscream where the canopy framing is painted orange, like the canopy glass itself, and it'll be "the most screen-accurate one yet!" and it'll sell zillions, to replace the slightly-less-error-accurate ones...
  11. The Third Party Gundam Thread

    Anyone have Sandrock Supernova? I'm very tempted. A. It's Sandrock. B. It's purple.
  12. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Thanks, I'll watch for that. Also, please don't take this the wrong way---but your pics make me certain that opening up the chest and re-doing the main green chest crystal was the right thing to do. Just way too dark as-is. PS to everybody---anyone have experience/tips for panel-lining the "hi-gloss" plastic? I don't want to clear-coat it at all, that'd kinda ruin the point. Will wash-type stuff "run too much"? I'd like a quite subtle look.
  13. Bandai to release Star Wars Model kits

    Any chance anyone built a TIE without the glass, and has a spare clear canopy? (I think the Fighter and Interceptor parts are identical---maybe Vader's too?)
  14. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    What's the one piece with issues?