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  1. I can't figure out what 32 is either. They're certainly slime-light-esque in shape and design, but the color is so off, and valks generally don't have them at all. They're light green when on, and beige-sand when off (NOT bright yellow, like every Hasegawa kit ever would have you believe). Never dark green.
  2. Kawamori is an F-15 fan, and the current hotness is the F-15EX, the upgraded F-15E (though really more like a replacement for the D?). So VF-31AX for upgraded VF-31A? And we could call it Stormbreaker...
  3. "KEEP CLEAN" is possible but rare, "KEEP CLEAR" is much more common. Depends on how far off you believe it is from the original...
  4. Oh, I love the 3000. Very neat backpack/wing/fin integration.
  5. I think a sheet of black and red dry-transfers of generic aircraft stencil markings could get you about 90% of the way from 'regular' to 'premium' markings in a few mins...
  6. If it somehow gets Roid's coloring though, it would look amazing as a new Elvis-valk...
  7. Hmmmn---it's actually not as big a change as I thought, to the wings. The trailing edge and tip are the same as the -31A, it's only the dogtooth that was extended forward. :edit: Could the canopy be hinged at the front now, YF-19 style? It seems to taper a lot. Or maybe a 'cyber canopy' like the VF-27 or Sv-262?
  8. I like the original -31A better. Will have to see what paint it gets, and if -31A gets a rerelease....
  9. Looks like it practically has gunpods on the arms now. That LONG barrel under the belly looks to also be VF-27-inspired. (seems mounted further back that the -27 does, possibly even behind the exhausts?)
  10. Anasazi---you can put me down for a set of VF-4 decals once you've got them done. I don't even have a VF-4 yet (plan to wait for a sale), but I want a set anyways, just to be ready.
  11. Nobody's posted yet that HLJ is offering surface shipping now for the US? Says it takes 1-3 months, but I can wait. (been 11 months already I think?) I shipped everything I had the moment I got their email announcing it. $40 instead of $110 for DHL/FedEx.
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