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  1. The Transformers Thread Next

    Oh man, the posts I've made about everybody using deep trans-blue windshields on Hot Rod.... (which, due to budget only ever allowing one type of clear plastic, always leads to deep blue headlights...)
  2. Retro Gaming

    If you want import 2D Saturn fighters, just ask me. (Probably better prices, too!)
  3. Well, thanks to azrael I now have a 970 on the way. Should tide me over until 1070/1080 becomes more affordable.
  4. So, time to upgrade my PC. But also the worst time EVER to be in the market for new graphics card because literally every card in North America has been bought up by bitcoin miners causing a massive supply/price change. It's insane. I should have bought a 1070 months ago. Now, I'm seriously looking at used 970's. (I have a 960, but no way can I afford to go up to a 1070 now or any time soon). Any chance anyone here is looking to upgrade from a 970/1060, and interested in selling their old card to me?
  5. Legos, anyone?

    Hmmn, cutaway jet engine on LEGO ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f18a11c6-f704-4827-b06a-fba84e5818df LEGO does seem to like "educational" stuff. And presumably the Rolls-Royce license is a lot easier to get than others. (plus, I recall RR recently having like an "official" model of an engine done for them, by LEGO themselves---massive, like 1/4 scale or something) ::edit:: OK, it wasn't recent, but it was huge: 1/2 scale
  6. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Even as clear colors go, Tamiya clear green is amazingly sensitive to "uneven layers", on like a microscopic level. It pretty much has to be airbrushed, unless you're intentionally going for a "hotspot" look with slightly domed/dished pieces.
  7. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    LEGO voted no to the awesome new shuttle---but maybe a turbofan will have a chance? I know I'd buy one if it gets enough votes to be put into production: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/f18a11c6-f704-4827-b06a-fba84e5818df Seems that the main intent is for classrooms etc, to show the mechanics/workings etc. But either way--if they make it, I'll buy it.
  8. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I use intense/flourescent paints on opaque-molded sabers. Trying to get a "glow" effect on those is far beyond my skills, so I just use eye-searingly bright paint. Hot Magenta, Sublime Green, Neon Green, Flourescent Green. Testors makes all those, they're my go-to for beam-saber paint.
  9. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Eh, light grey replaced black and dark grey in quite a few spots, in the MG, to similar effect of "reducing the contrast".
  10. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Nah, it'll be full of action---idol action, and scissoring-far-in-the-distance action...
  11. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Plus, I think they made the head-crest even worse. The MG's was "too tall and far above the face", this one's looks to be mounted even higher, on a longer "pillar". (no idea what the term is) So yeah, it's pretty blech IMHO. Screwed-up head, bland ugly colors. (side skirts have no black contrast stripes, boosters are same color as body).
  12. General TV thread

    "In the beginning"? That was a lot of Londo talking. I liked that one... (I even own the soundtrack on CD)
  13. Legos, anyone?

    No shuttle is just unbelievable. Most most-wanted Ideas set ever by far.
  14. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    "Transforming jet engineering skill" is zero-sum, and Kawamori has 90% of it.
  15. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    Raw head-size/neck-length/leg proportions are 100% known, as they are skeletal. Smaller details tend to be newer, but are certainly "forgivable" when wrong/missing. But getting head/neck/ legs/feet utterly wrong (in a way that doesn't match G1) just makes me go WTF.