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  1. Anyone need a Hulk torso? (from Rescue). I just found a Rescue on sale at Wal-Mart and picked it up, and there's zero chance I'm going to complete the build-a-figure. ::edit:: You know, I also have a monster-Venom arm, from Scream.
  2. That mug really better be "Cheetah's first form" or something, and they're saving more for later, to avoid merch spoilers...
  3. We still haven't seen Cheetah (main villain) *at all* (not even like leaked set pics AFAIK)-----am I the only one wondering if they were originally planning something kind of like "Cats", but have redone/backtracked their design/idea for her based on the backlash Cats got? (there are SO many different variations of that character, from "lady wearing a cheetah-fur-costume" to a literal cheetah-woman), so it's hard to know what they plan.
  4. 1. Yes, it is incorrect, actually. It's kind of like saying a 747 "hauls 4 engines under its wings as part of its payload". The tender is generally considered part of the locomotive. Length, weights, etc for a locomotive, unless specified, usually do mean "the engine and tender, together, as a single unit". The consist, is what the locomotive hauls---hoppers, tank cars, passenger cars. The locomotive doesn't haul the tender, it's part of it. (the tender is semi-permanently attached---you don't "drop it off at the station and pick up another" like you do with cars) Engine+consist=train. 2. Just FYI, but the Gobot Loco, is the EXACT same type of loco that Astrotrain is---and is also missing his tender... (it's Japan's fave loco, far and away, they literally have HUNDREDS on display at museums, so that pretty much every kid in the nation can go see one at any time)
  5. Ok, gotta ask, (and sorry for venting, it's not personal)----because all us train fans are getting so bugged by this----why does no one realize this is a tender? 99% of reviews call this a caboose or boxcar or something. It's a tender---you know, the thing that like 90% of steam locomotives have, all the time, right behind them? Has Thomas the tank engine's "no tender" look become so popular, and so permeated the world's consciousness, that people no longer realize/remember that "oh yeah, steam engines have tenders behind them". (unless they're small and British). Seriously, every single "Wild West" train you see will have one, the trains at Disney World all have them, 95% of the ones you see in museums will have them. The wheel configuration is even decently accurate---tenders are full of water, and so are incredible heavy for their size---they often will have many small wheels in a row, like this: Sure, it's not EXACTLY what Siege Astrotrain has (treads!), but the overall wheel arrangement effect is pretty similar---2 axles up front, by themselves, widely spaced----followed by a group clustered together. Siege Astrotrain having a tender isn't some "weird use of extra plastic" that a lot of reviews seem to "complain" about its presence---it's the most appropriate/realistic Astrotrain has ever been. He's been MISSING his tender for 30 years and always looked "incomplete". He's finally got one. This is like adding 2 booster rockets and an external tank to Blastoff or Skylynx---sure, it's not how they've always looked, but it's DAMNED appropriate to do so based on their "need these things to actually move" alt modes.
  6. That area being black is incredibly accurate to a real steam loco though. Even the most brightly-painted ones left that area black (or covered with heat-resistant graphite-aluminum mixes), because it gets so hot you can't keep it painted. I am planning to make a "real" Astrotrain (as in, take a model D51, and paint it purple) but intend to leave that area black, despite going for overall toy-accurate coloring----same reason I wouldn't paint a "real" Skywarp F-15's nozzles lavender. Lavender tailfins, trans-orange canopy? Sure. But lavender afterburner nozzles? Nope, simply "cannot be" in the real world. Same reason my "real" Astrotrain will not have painted treads on the tires---they are polished (well, more like burnished) bare metal due to the sheer action of running on the rails.
  7. Yup---while there's still plenty of times that Treknobabble saves the day----a lot of the time it's because Sisko or Odo or Kira or even Garak simply did what needed to be done.
  8. The old hinges---a million times yes, but I fear it'll never happen since they haven't made them in years and years. I need white, yellow, red, and blue.... (I bought like two dozen in black years and years ago when I found some cheap---very glad I did, as I needed a bunch for an Executor MOC)
  9. I think the odds of it happening are like 1%, but I'd love it if Lego would look at "pieces that are in very high demand/high price" and just "run a big batch, to get them out to the people who need them". Not asking for "super-rare part used in 2 sets in 1982, in trans-green" but sometimes there's some parts that SHOULD be very common, but simply aren't for some reason, or something like "people need a trillion of them, and it's simply not common ENOUGH". Good example---the lightsaber piece, in dark bley. It's very rare, and very expensive. It shouldn't be. LEGO must make like a million of those a year, and dark bley is a very common color. It should be easy for them to run a batch in dark bley, just "to make available directly" even if not explicitly needed for a set they're making. Another example---https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3685&C=11#T=P&C=11 That, in black. Look how many were available, fairly recently. 4 to *18* in a single set, in the 2010's. But there's very few on Bricklink, and they're very expensive now. Why? Because one guy bought literally 99% of the entire world's supply, for a single very large MOC. I just need 2 for my MOC. But acquiring those 2 pieces alone, in good condition, will cost more than the entire rest of the MOC. Basically---any common/normal piece, still being molded and used in multiple sets each year, should be made available in "very common colors", if price/supply gets seriously out of whack. (like, averaging $10 per piece for basic black/white/grey)
  10. The way these things usually go: There's like a "teaser" release in a few shops/towns. First 4 packs or so. Depending on how those sell, they will decide if they're going to "really release it, for real, en-masse". And there can be a BIG gap between teaser release, and full release. And even when/if it does fully release---it'll take well over a year, and likely two, for it to finish. So I'd suspect, right now, a FEW places in Japan might have a FEW issues for sale. But not many places.
  11. Another Black Series Revan? And they STILL won't put him into on-screen canon anywhere??!? Seriously, I'd rather have 5-secs of cameo/flash-back Revan somewhere, than any figure, at this point. Just make him "uber-official".
  12. Yup, "Captain Britain, but totally not Captain Britain" looks great. Super-soldier version, instead of mythical powers? (so, she doesn't lose her powers when leaving The British Isles?) Also---meh, Hawkguy.
  13. I like the idea of a DJD combiner, but just turning into a big Tarn, with half the team forming weapons and not the actual bot, seems like a poor execution of a good idea.
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