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  1. Yup. I have xacto blades that are less skin-piercing...
  2. It'd be even better if it was as big as the Creator F40, but a Countach is always welcome: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/8e64e16f-ec3b-41ea-9e72-3ebc01114cf9 (I imagine if it actually gets made, we could get pearl-gold wheels---LEGO has done wheels in that color before, just not these particular ones). A printed tile on the rear could also help with getting the "triple-taillights in a hexagon" effect.
  3. DYRL Max 1A, SFDM Max 1A, SFDM Max 1J, DYRL Max 1S, Hikaru DYRL 1A, Hikaru SFDM 1J, Hikaru DYRL 1S....I don't think we should do "a thread per release" for this.
  4. Just look at the spine on top of the engineering section.
  5. Yeah, I have a TON of issues with that Ent-D. For its size, it should have a much more accurate sculpt/detailing (I have issues with the overall hull shape, mainly the saucer, but not liking the pylons either, nor impulse housings, deflector, shuttlebays, nor nacelle-pylon fairings), and MUCH better lighting. Eaglemoss seems to be "lower-tier" among the parts-work-model companies. I'd subscribe to a build-your-own-Enterprise in a second, if a GOOD one comes out. But not some thick-square-rimmed, "engines lit worse than the Playmates toy" Ten-forward-less version. Yeesh, like half the episodes were practically written around dialogue in Ten-forward. Is Picard's ready room also missing? $1100 is a lot for "not that great" an Ent-D. The only thing it has going for it is raw size, and maybe lit windows... (but not Ten-forward's windows)
  6. David Hingtgen

    Hi-Metal R

    Navy planes never have their bureau/serial numbers on the tailfins. It's low/rear, ahead of the exhausts usually, on the sides. (it'd be right behind "UN SPACY" on most valks) Anyways---it's got "SDF-018" roughly where the TV VF-1's say "Prometheus" or "ARMD-01". So I think it's just showing what "carrier" it's assigned to---a nameless SDF, that is simply hull number 18. Having the carrier name on the tailfins isn't super-common in the real US Navy, but it's not rare, either. (Were any VF-0's marked "CVN-99" or did they say Asuka? I thought some were marked with their carrier) Photo credit: Me
  7. Hmmn. I've had many bad experiences with rubbing alcohol and clear plastic. Even just the fumes/vapors, have damaged parts that were sitting nearby. I hate the -31's dark-tint canopies, but fear trying to strip it off, would probably hurt more than help. (-29 canopies are fine though, to strip with rubbing alcohol, my Ozma -29 looks so much better)
  8. That's like, the last 3 games in a row that people have bought, that I have mint copies of ready to sell. Seriously, just PM me if there's a retro PS1/PS2/360/Xbox/SNES/Dreamcast/Saturn game you want---I guarantee my copy will be minty-er, and cheaper, than getting it from ebay. I focus on import fighters and RPG's. (and anything truly good/classic)
  9. Minor thing I noticed that bugged me-----caught my eye in one of the later scenes in the theater, and now I notice it's in the trailers for an earlier scene: When she has her helmet on, she gets "Batman-style black eyeshadow all around, filling in the area between the mask-edge and her eyeball". It mysteriously comes and goes with the helmet, and gives an odd effect when she blinks, because it's there one second and gone the next, with how frequently she "turns the helmet off and on". (it's not really TAKEN off or PUT on like normal). ::edit:: It's more obvious with the brighter, red suit, but here:
  10. Thanks will check out the Vallejo----and what Draken kit is that?
  11. I've posted pics and explanations advocating that exact thing for YEARS on the TF forums... (and then you have people proposing T-38's as "modern updated alt-modes")
  12. (Besides the Alclad named as such). I'm basically looking for "very pale metallic grey"----or a very flat, rough silver. The exact look I'm going for is rough (sand)cast aluminum parts---like an engine block etc. Any suggestions? Most silvers are too smooth/reflective, and most metallic greys are too dark and too glittery. (Slightly glittery would be ok). Looking for a spray if possible, or something hand-brushable. Really, those sand-textured spray paints would be almost perfect, if not so coarse, and in silver...
  13. Haven't watched it, but also don't feel that I'm missing anything. Kind of like the droid-focused eps of Clone Wars.
  14. And it's the only place to see Milia's canon VF-11.
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