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  1. Some of the parts look a LOT like the HiRM version, to the point that I wondered if there may be just a few parts shared or remolded (mainly accessories--guns, shield, etc). I think it's closest to the Metal Build GFF more than anything, overall. I do miss the dark blue of the PG----Bandai seems to keep making every version of it lighter and lighter, but I always prefer the OVA-style dark blue, rather unique among "hero" Gundams. This one's even lighter than the previous MG. (I think I'd like it better if they swapped the two shades of blue they used on this one around) This one
  2. He was on-screen for as long as many bar patrons of Mos Eisley who have multiple action figures and incredibly long Wookiepedia entries...
  3. Kup is one of those "none of the 3P are wowing me, I'll probably just snag Hasbro's" figures. (partly because I'm not a huge Kup fan--owned the original, but not a single one since)
  4. Gotta have several dozen 4096x4096 textures for each type of ammo, so that individual rounds in a clip are all unique...
  5. Yeah, this Sunstreaker looks to be the all-time worst "paint vs plastic" color-matching. It's ridiculous.
  6. AFAIK, the F-35 uses lots and lots of tape, for sealing panels. Not sure about the -22, I think it uses more putty/effort, and tried to "just do EVERYTHING through the weapons and landing gear bay doors".
  7. Nah, this is Bandai. They've been averse to selling enough valks to meet demand since they started.
  8. I checked my warehouse at HLJ when they made that announcement---still $80 to ship a Zoid and a few small things. Will keep waiting. Might just bite the bullet if there's nothing by Jan/Feb. I don't expect to get like $25 shipping, but $80 is ridiculous for a $60 kit. It's kinda big, but not THAT big.
  9. Anyone want an assembled HiRM Wing Zero? Just finished it, straight build with a tiny bit of inking, and re-painted the chest-sensor. Think I'll sell it to buy the new MG.
  10. Anyone want Earthwise Bluestreak? If the car mode pegged together well it'd be awesome. But it doesn't, and it disappoints the heck out of me. Transformed twice, now back in the box. Found it at Walgreens this weekend.
  11. Are they doing matching pilot figs, for all the cockpit-only ones? A VF-25 would allow for many characters. (and if they do a VF-27, we could get Grace....)
  12. Well, on the Harrier and F-35, it's just "hot jet compressor air" ducted to the tips. No chemicals etc, just "air". But on a shuttle etc, it's just a very tiny rocket motor firing. A valkyrie is kinda both a jet plane and a spacecraft, so.....?
  13. Tekering---will you be doing the "Red Jammer" scheme on your Y-wing? (if it's based on the studio kit I'm thinking of, I believe that's the original source---every Y-Wing's unique, as I'm sure you know)
  14. MiG-29's and Su-25's with full light strips? Yup. North Korea gonna North Korea.
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