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  1. Bismarck is tempting, but for that kind of money, it'd have the be the Tirpitz in full dazzle-camo, or an Iowa...
  2. Fantasy-monster-sea-creatures yes, but Skalor is distinct/detailed enough to peg him as a coelacanth.
  3. My concern with Sunstreaker, is that a real figure made of plastic, isn't going to look half as good as the render. Half of it is going to be yellow paint over clear blue plastic, and not "all the same shade of yellow", plus the gaps between parts will be 10x more obvious----and he's got gaps/joints running all through the windows. They'll be huge, poorly-fitting, and the clear plastic edges will highlight the gaps and seams far more so than opaque plastic would. It's like he's an experiment---he looks great, in theory, in CAD. But actually making it for shelves? Good luck.
  4. If the gold plates could be removed from Duke's boots, he'd be perfect. It's like "we're just going to add one random piece of sci-fi armor to his otherwise very realistic look..."
  5. Enough to sell the Snowspeeder version just a couple waves after the X-Wing version, apparently
  6. Ok, I *thought* the jacket was puffier, but I wasn't sure. Didn't catch the boots/gloves though.
  7. Everything pre-sold-out. The very first people could snag like SkyLynx+Snapdragon+another Voy for less than a hundred, combining the BOGO+sale. (they are both on sale, AND BOGO) But SkyLynx is so gone he doesn't even show up now, and Snapdragon is pre-sold out.
  8. Storm---yay! Not silver though, booooooo! Green Rogue---may pick her up as my first Rogue. Though I much prefer green/yellow, I have yet to see one I really liked-----it just seems like that combo of hair/face/boots etc just doesn't translate well to a figure, and I've always passed. But this looks like a really good Rogue, even if it's not my fave look.
  9. Question to someone who knows the nuances better than I do: What's the difference(s) between Snowspeeder pilot Luke, and X-Wing pilot Luke?
  10. Am I nuts, or does that Dak have a really good head sculpt? (Not that we see him THAT much in the movie, I could be mis-remembering his face)
  11. It's like 2 different lines, IMHO. "Fairly realistic, updated versions of the originals"---Duke, Snake Eyes. And "Sci-Fi-heavy homages"---Roadblock, Scarlett. Getting rid of the infamous "Allspark blue" paint would help, IMHO.
  12. Most freebies show up "fairly early in the build", so if you want them---order now...
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