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  1. Honestly I liked Office 2000 the best, and still have the disc for it. I only got Office 2010 because 2000 really didn't seem to like Win 7 64-bit.
  2. I'd be very very surprised if my company PC would "let synergy in". They really lock down their stuff. Anyways---well, as of yesterday, MS says my Office 2010 key on my home PC isn't a valid one. It's been valid for quite a few years, but multiple browser/reinstall attempts later---nope, it utterly refuses to acknowledge it. Can't install, can't open my spreadsheets. Sigh. Are the 'discount' copies of Office ever legit?
  3. DP isn't out of the question, but I currently have no DP cables. Laptop has no DP. So it's 6 of one, half-dozen of the other. (Laptop to docking station via USB-C, docking station and/or GPU to monitors via 2 DP or 2 HDMI cables) I don't think many, if any, software solutions will work. Company laptops have a good bit of encryption software etc, I don't even think you can drag-and-drop files with a physical direct ethernet connection to another PC... ::edit:: I mis-read that. So like, 2 DP cables running from GPU to monitors, and 2 HDMI cables running from docking station to monitors, and switching the monitor's input source as needed? That may work, let me check my GPU's ports.
  4. And making Pitch Meeting references is super-easy, barely an inconvenience.
  5. The problem isn't the laptop, so much as the desktop. Hooking the laptop to monitors is easy, it's "doing so, without degrading the desktop's connection to said monitors". I am actually currently leaning towards: Getting a docking station for the laptop, for the laptop to plug into. Docking station will be of a variety with twin HDMI outputs. As needed, I will disconnect monitor's HDMI cables from my GPU, and plug them into the HDMI ports of the docking station. Thus, the monitor end of the HDMI cables will always remain plugged in (because it's very hard to mess with the monitor's own ports), and the "source" end of the HDMI cables will be swapped around as needed between docking station and desktop-GPU. A docking station is needed due to laptop only having a single HDMI port, and can only support multiple monitors via its USB-C output. Not the best/easiest/cheapest solution, but the only one I can think of at the moment.
  6. I'm re-using my GTX 1080, and don't plan to upgrade that for a while, and since that's the most expensive component, I plan to do just mobo/RAM/CPU/SSD. Re-use power supply and main/storage HDD. It's not "new from scratch", but almost a new PC? Yes, I know AMD is the new hotness right now, but I still plan on an Intel CPU/mobo, if for no other reason that familiarity with setting things up. Anyways, docking station question, as googling around hasn't really gotten me the answer, or maybe what I want is impossible: So, two monitors at home, currently plugged directly into the desktop's GPU. And of course, my fave ergo-mouse and keyboard, plugged into desktop. Recently got a company laptop. Using single small laptop screen sucks for actual work. I would like to be able to "plug in my laptop to my existing stuff, to use my home monitors/mouse/keyboard/etc". Normally, this is the realm of a docking station----the mouse/keyboard should be fairly easy to accommodate that way---but what docking station has multiple display port or HDMI *inputs*, that my GPU can output to? 99% of docking stations seem to be "one USB-C from a laptop for input, then docking station outputs to multiple monitors via HDMI/DP cables". But, I don't know of any GPU that outputs via USB-C, nor many desktops that do either. How can my GTX 1080 "send video signals to a docking station" etc? In short---how can I "easily switch between my desktop and my laptop, to display on my pair of monitors?" Keeping in mind that USB video sucks, and would basically kill the point of having a dedicated GPU AFAIK, if my 1080's output was converted and sent over USB. There's plenty of 2-or-3-monitor-output docking stations, but none seem to be set up for "input from a gaming PC, with multiple cables coming from a GPU". Heck, I'd probably just manually plug and unplug everything (monitors, keyboard,) when needed if I could, but my laptop only has a single HDMI plug, so I can't plug in both monitors to it directly.
  7. I may need to build a new PC sooner than later----there seem to be a lot less barebones kits, CPU/RAM/mobo combos out there than there used to be----or am I just looking at the wrong places? Heck, historically I got a lot of my stuff from Newegg and NCSX----the former sucks now and the latter is gone. Also----any recent developments I should know about? (Like, a new Intel socket is coming soon and I'd be a fool to buy an LGA-1151 mobo right now)
  8. That reminds me---are the headlights SUPPOSED to be partly exposed on KITT, or did the custom front end just never quite fit right? (or does it line up nice when new, but sags/droops over time?)
  9. Erm, I believe the R/C 262 is a copy of the one at the Smithsonian, which is the one I saw.(I quick googled the serial number to check) Is there a very-similar-looking 262 at Evergreen?
  10. Nope, replica, sorry. (at least the Fw190A is) (though many of that batch of replicas do have some original, un-used, factory-fresh parts in them) I'm curious about the 4-bladed prop though---most replicas have a 3-blade one very similar to the original.
  11. I feel lucky to have seen an actual Fw190A-8. 90% of the few out there, are reproductions... Anyways:
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