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  1. David Hingtgen

    DX VF-25 Renewal Series (Part III)

    The -25 is the best design since the -19. It's "the whole package"---styling, transformation, super packs, all 3 modes look good----has the best balance "of all things a valk can do" since the VF-1.
  2. David Hingtgen

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Bandai seems to use more and more superglue with every new DX mold. I think by the time we hit the VF-40 or so, it'll be ALL super-glue, no screws.
  3. David Hingtgen

    The Unlicensed Third Party Transformers Thread

    Thanks Mike----is the landing gear still "vertical" when viewed from the side, when it's like that? Or are they angled back to fit?
  4. David Hingtgen

    The Unlicensed Third Party Transformers Thread

    I'm a little late, but could I see a level, head-on shot of Slingshot with the gear down, and matching the real thing's dihedral angle? (as in, angle those wings DOWN!)
  5. David Hingtgen

    VF-25F Renewal

    The search function's kinda sucky---I bookmark/follow pretty much every thread that may 'fall off the first 2 pages', as they'll be hard to find via searching. Also, watch the gunpod---there's multiple hinges inside, and "separating and sliding forward" the barrel-halves are often a sticking point--literally. Open it very slowly and carefully the first time. Make it through the first time, and you should be good forever. Force it open because it seems stuck---has broken many a gunpod on the first attempt. If it doesn't want to open/move---try a different direction/location for a bit. Wiggle and pry it all around.
  6. David Hingtgen

    Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015

    Factories often don't seem to understand how to do "subtle" changes of color. You get stuff like "sample to final" 0D color....
  7. David Hingtgen

    Arcadia 1/60 Perfect Transformation VF-0D for 2015

    Exactly. I do not trust Arcadia at all, when it comes to "actual final release color" of a VF-0D. I will wait, until someone has it in-hand, to see what shade of blue it is. (though even if the blue is right, I suspect the belly will still be pure white, and not "DYRL grey" like it should be---that was also changed from the first-release sample, not just the blue upper surfaces, but the lower surface's main color too) (yes, I am still bitter about their 0D's coloring---I love that valk, AND it's scheme---and the sample pics were so perfect, with slate-blue and ghost-grey, then they gave us royal blue and snow-white...)
  8. David Hingtgen

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    I really hope there's a 3P "trans-orange with LED" replacement gun-barrel for Brunt. Still annoyed that the TR Trypticon doesn't have any lights. (and was so bummed when my G1's light burned out, so many years ago)
  9. David Hingtgen

    Life Size Papercraft Frejya

    I've only seen a few life-size papercraft figures before (and they weren't anime, though I figure anime characters are probably the most popular)----but I'll definitely second (third?) a flight-suit Mirage. Oddly, papercraft seems to be a skill I've lost over time---I was better when I was younger! Or maybe I just THINK I was, and I had lower standards or something. But I had done several kits "well enough that I was happy with the results" when I was like 10, but I've never really done anything since then, that I felt was to a high stadnard.
  10. David Hingtgen

    MΔ - VF-9

    With the red being that deep a shade as a base layer----someone should do a Mirage-colored one.
  11. David Hingtgen

    WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    If you can put together the SHE YF-19, I think that'll be plenty enough experience to handle a weapons pod.
  12. David Hingtgen

    Bandai DX VF-31

    "Preorder now or forever hold your peace". Chuck's is going to be THE hard one to get, long term, IMHO, due to likely having the smallest production run.* *of the main characters. 31A's are their own thing.
  13. David Hingtgen

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Le Hornette will last forever! CF-188A+++ in 2040! Or maybe buy some F-16A MLU's from somebody by then...