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  1. Us airliner fans have already BEEN saying that. Twin-engine widebody? Twin-engine narrowbody? T-tailed regional jet? There's 100% of the current production. (asides from the last few 747-8 and A380's to trickle out...)
  2. Basically---a ton of minifigs and "misc" parts are made in China. But the core plates/bricks/slopes/cones/tiles, all the "normal" LEGO pieces, are not made in China----there's many other factories (Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, etc) that do that----LEGO keeps most of the essential bits "close to home".
  3. Should have gone with the Star Trek: Excelsior series back when it had a decent chance of happening. (hey, they got the whole ST6 cast back for VOY...)
  4. LEGO has reissued like 0.001% of their sets. And that's not one of them. There are no "factory extras" from LEGO. As for quality--varies. Some are awful, some are 90-95% as good as the originals. None are equal to the real thing. Check out the many "Lepin" reviews on Youtube, for some comparisons. (They are/were the main direct KO of Lego sets--assume that a lot of the sets on ebay are from them, even if not named as such). For that price/seller rating, I'd be concerned that it's not even a KO, but more likely to get "beads in an envelope" when/if your package arrives. Bootleg sets are cheaper than the real thing's MSRP, but not THAT cheap.
  5. Decaling 101: Do not apply a decal over a matte surface.
  6. The latest pics I saw (looked like actual test-shot, not painted sample) of HG Sandrock looked REALLY blue. Terrible, IMHO. I'd have accepted most anything from "Deathscythe navy" to "Tallgeese dark grey" (though would of course prefer pure black, but Bandai pretty much doesn't ever mold true black)----but it looked almost purple-indigo to me. Will have to paint the whole thing if that's the actual molded color.
  7. Hoping VF-22 shows up in Delta again, maybe a DX -21/22.... Or heck, just give us more VF-31A's. Any scheme, with or without FAST packs. Just more 31A's!
  8. Yeah---make all the missile hatches a generic grey, and leave the OTHER colored bits as the "color-matching accent". But having every single missile-hatch be color-coordinated to the pilot, is just overkill. Even Max and Milia 1J's, who STARTED the color-coded-to-the-pilot thing, didn't go that overboard.
  9. Compared to the Yamato version, the Bandai fold booster is a much more vivid green---I'd look at "general/gaming/railroad" colors, not military/camo colors.
  10. I believe it's true, based on the few number of B/D Tomcats I've been able to get close enough to, to inspect the vane area, to try to confirm it. Most museums have A's, and the few D's on display tend to be 'roped off'. I don't know of any B's around nowadays. As for roll control: Tomcats mainly use their tailplanes to roll. The spoilers are only supplemental, and only when the wings are out. When the wings are back, the spoilers never raise, it's purely tailplane movement. WAY too many F-14 sims/games, use only spoilers, all the time, or use spoilers+tailplanes, all the time. It really should be tailplanes all the time, and sometimes add in spoilers. Nozzles: this goes for all jets that can adjust it: Open at idle. As throttle increases, the nozzle tightens closed, up to "full military (non-burner) power". Then, once you go into afterburner, it starts to open up again. So basically the opposite of how a lot of games do it. Open "at the extremes" (idle, and full burner) and closed "near the mid-point" (full throttle but no burner).
  11. Glove vanes are nice (still present in 7 IIRC), but getting the primary roll controls and nozzle movements wrong more than counters that little detail.
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