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  1. FYI, It's not bots doing the split second purchases, it's running the purchasing page on script only. It's how a lot of the F5 sales get instantly sold out. This is a big issue with the products sold in Asian markets. 3A had a huge problem with it, holiday sales would be sold out in less than a minute. The Script users would have the page loaded, and checkout completed before your main page ever loaded I suspect the same thing is happening here. Bot's can't change the connection speed and site server hang ups. running with out site images... well there almost no serve lag time. They tried to combat it by only allowing verified emails and lowering amounts per customer, but the shop owners would just have multiple instances open.
  2. skullmilitia

    Macross figures

    LOL wth are these? 5 POA for 14$ blehhhh, Toynami once again showing that north american effort. courtesy of BBTS, That Ben is nightmare fuel.
  3. Just when I Thought I’d never spend 400$ on a single Arcadia purchase again.. to quote the great Harry.. ”just when I thought, you couldn’t do anything dumber, you go and do something like this...and totally redeem yourself!” RIP wallet
  4. watch that F5 crossfire boys!
  5. SH Vader and ANH Stormtroopers are up tonight too. Will be a lot of traffic.
  6. Mine finally showed up, best toy ever.
  7. It’s EMS
  8. Mine left Japan on 1/11, and hasn't had an update since. Hope this isnt RIP for my copy.
  9. Just a heads up for those of you who still have your VF-1J’s in route with EMS. The ports are closed thanks to the government showdown. We maybe waiting awhile for EMS deliveries
  10. skullmilitia

    Hi-Metal R

    Plastic quality is all dependent on price and type of base. The reason quality of plastic has gone down is due to cost and making it more enviornmentally friendly. Hence why lots of new North American toys are very Hollow and bendy. Japanese makers still use Chinese factories and the costs have risen roughly 80% just since 2003. So That’s why plastic quality suffers, for a better cost to of product to the consumer. Honestly it wont be shocking that one day soon, Die-cast might be cheaper than plastic. Who knows what kind of petroleum laws may come in the future with the global crises.
  11. Transformers has a HUGE market compared to Macross, especially Zero. Optimus Prime is an icon of the brand and pop culture across the planet. The SV from Zero is a tiny niche market of diehard fans. Pricing it higher than 350$ USD is retail suicide. 400 or more and it’ll be in HLJ’s in stock warehouse for 2 years.
  12. The IP infringement cases are after the identical mainline releases. In the Law for infringement the item has to “confuse” consumers with look a like product that can’t be distinguished by the common consumer. They are going after the exact replica knock offs, like the KO MP’s that are near impossible to tell the difference. It’s a lot harder to sue over character likeness and ideology of character figures. My Guess is, not much will change, there will still be upsized KO’s in the future, and 3rd party figures will still be able to create niche figures. Just the exact copy knockoffs will eventually get sorted out. Also, they literally only got 3 guys who were using Molds off the clock to make the Ko’s. It’s. Perverbial grain of sand on the beach. Good for Hasbro though.
  13. I think KO’s of long used molds with a decent market saturation (there’s plenty of yammys around, just over priced) will only force Arcadia to try harder to make product that can support a business. Bandai jumping into the VF market means they can’t just keep popping out the same 5 VF-1’s at 250$ a pop. These KO’s while stealing someone’s property, it does increase competition. Just like Transformers, the higher end KO’s lead to third party companies. Who in many cases design their own figures and transformations improving on designs. For now we may have KO VF’s but the money they make, and suddenly a prototype of a 1/60 VA-3 pops up, and people won’t be so closed off to these pop up makers.
  14. Finally got shipping notice. Can’t believe it’s this close!
  15. If these KO guys just made some regular old grey neutral aircraft schemes, that would be better.
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