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  1. i have episdoe 1. it should be done in a day or two. once dyrl is done Ali Thanks! Can't wait for it to get done.
  2. i was wondering..........is there one for macross zero?
  3. more pics of the ass side.......i mean backside
  4. See: http://manuals.macrossmecha.org/vf1/valkyrie_fuel.html (includes unofficial specifications by MAT/Masahiro Chiba) Note that the diagram has the label of "Sub Compressor/Rectification Fan"--this is because it the second turbine fan set. on the diagram, i don't see any turbine rotors. so what drives the compressors?
  5. that's what i was thinking, coz the turbine rotors drives the compressor spools. at least that's what i learned in A&P school.
  6. i have a quick question, is there two types of engine on the plane on the schematic? and another question i have is, why are they referring to number 22 and 50 as turbine blades? as far as i know turbine blades are always located at the rear end of the engine.
  7. Well... it's $U.S. 129.99 + 30.00 for shipping (worldwide from Honkong)... Found that one on eBay... there are two left. But I don't know if the seller is trustworthy... everything seems to be alright up to now. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&category=16467 six, it's cheap. but if you look at her negative feedback........she packs em cheap also. just bubble wrap???no box??feedbak page
  8. for anyone interested, someone is selling the transformable BANDAI SD VF-1S STRIKE, VE-1 ELINT and ARMORED VF-1J on Ebay ---------->CLICK HERE<------------
  9. is it me or is the shipping and handling a tad bit much? just a tad. lol. CLICK ME
  10. here's one from hlj...........
  11. this smells like a scam..........CLICK HERE!!! if you look at his feedback, he only BUYS BOOKS.
  12. try ebay. blackaces is selling some. http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?View...&sort=3&rows=50
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