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  1. Bandai DX VF-31

    I think also buying extra armor packs for the 31A in case that it never going to Ben released... as we see in the picture, the tips of the armor pack are light grey instead of red, that means that the dedicated 31A armor pack should be in the pipe but could never be released such as VF-25A and YF-29 Roid armor packs.
  2. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    I don't really understand the issues you are facing right now, but as soon as I will receive the booster, it should be clearer. If by then you haven't figured out a solution, I will try to have a look too.
  3. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Hi @Jaustin89, I was wondering if the model available on shapeways is good to order or if you want to make small changes before I place an order. Concerning the Super pack, I am 99% that the VF-25G released it super pack together with the "new technology/enhanced" fold booster, and that they folded together in a losange shape and they stayed in orbit until the VF-25F took it to come back to Frontier, giving us the joice of having a red VF-25F equipped with the blue super packs. I remember telling me that it would be nice to have an adapter to hold the fold booster together with Michael Super pack just like it was shown in the episode.
  4. Bandai DX VF-31

    I can’t stop thinking that the white/red color schem was chosen only for easier sale purposes, this so far from Arad VF-31 color schem
  5. Bandai DX VF-31

    That’s a super pack for once! Too bad that the pod doesn’t fold back but that won’t worry me that much. I just hope that this armored Pack is as light as feather and that it can be displayed easily without the need of plastic reinforcements and display stand for battroid
  6. My Very Own Premium Finish Valkyries

    Your Vf-0S is truly beautiful, and this thread is inspiring! It got me to buy some decals to detail up my destroid and if everything goes well I can continue on my VF-0S too
  7. Destroids

    I have been working on the Cheyenne II (Frontier and Delta) and it is complete minus the "missile launcher pods". The Cheyenne II have been greatly improved over the first version Cheyenne that was in service during Macross Zero. The Cheyenne II has a nuclear motor, reworked shoulder, bigger rotating guns, equipped with a removable large canon attached down the hands. It also can also be equipped with missile launcher on top of its shoulder, the leg design has been modernized to move more on the wheels than walking. The good part for this project is that the Cheyenne II has most of its articulations the same as my previous project the Workroid, so I could concentrate only on the lines. The Work Destroid and the Cheyenne I will be the next ones and I also plan to make a few upgrades on my current version of the Workroid. Enjoy!
  8. I did order and just recieved a few painted deck crew figures (Fujimi plastic set) to get them on my also new TSM carrier deck. The figures are really bigger than the stated 1:72 scale, between 1:60 and 1:55 I would say and the carrier deck was a bit warp, but that wasn’t a deal breaker. I am very happy with both and the new display perspectives !
  9. YF-25 Prophecy Paladin project

    That’d great! I can’t wait to receive my copy and I now have to decide if I need a second YF-25 or not...
  10. Destroids

    I wished I had more time to spend on this one, unfortunately I have been busy with other projects and gathering more references from the delta scramble game. A few extracts show that you can actually play the Cheyenne II ! Exciting! But it is still on the bench, don't worry
  11. VF-25 renewal fold booster adapter

    Well well, that convinced to order one from Japan @Jaustin89 I think I would prefer that you make the Shapeways model a bit thicker so it can be sand down to size, instead of buffing with nail polish. As soon as I got my fold booster I will order the adapter.
  12. @spanner that paint job on these cars are top notch, I wish someday we have metallic paint for our macross toys too
  13. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    Added the Speaker Pod assembly guide
  14. @ivorysniper thanks for the pictures and taking the time to share these missiles. I don't really like these ACSWS 1D and 1A, they should be pretty easy to make though, i could try them someday. Asm-91 looks just like the "HMM" from the YF-19 armament, which are already available in my shop in 1:60 and 1:72 scales. Perhaps I should revise a bit my design to make them more streamline. MPBMS aren't they already available through the Vf-171 armor parts?
  15. 1/60 Arcadia VF-0B & VF-0C Conversions

    I won't for sure!
  16. 1/60 Arcadia VF-0B & VF-0C Conversions

    Sorry for necro-upping this thread, but I had to share this TSMWAC001 carrier Deck Base 1 (from TSM model Wing Collection, also represented by Herpa in Europe). It is an expensive deal but it worths all the pennies. To display it, I had Wmkjr amazing VF-0B custom.
  17. M+ Drone Fighter 3D Printing Project Request

    The Mini figures are from an European manufacturer: Preiser, they are from a pack of 6 in 1:72 scale but they are of the same size of Isamu and the real painting job is much better than their picture. https://www.1001modelkits.com/small-scale-soldiers/77161-preiser-pr72409-pilots-and-ground-staff-germ--4041032724096.html I am waiting for the ground crew from TSM, they look even greater
  18. M+ Drone Fighter 3D Printing Project Request

    I too had the gun broken this week-end, since it broke just at the root of the sliding rail, there is no way I can drill and glue it back. I have a WSF replacement part for it so I don't really worry about that but in order to replace the part, I have to open the model and release the black part... that I just glued! Well I will wait until it really bugs me without the gun to repair it
  19. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    For the speaker pod yes, wsf for the shell, WSF-polished if you really hate sanding 3-pass and want only 2-pass. FUD for the inside is enough to me, I have also put FED as an option because this is a material that is often requested. Don't forget to rinse FUD/FED in 75% water+ 25% dish washing soap to get rid of the excess of wax. I didn't wash mine mind you ;P
  20. YF-25 Prophecy Paladin project

    Also if you consider WSF premium, you should look into HP WSF they are at the same price and HP will need a kit more sanding but the details would be top notch
  21. YF-25 Prophecy Paladin project

    You can enlarge them up to 1,1mm radius/2.1mm diameter and you will be good for WSF. I personally prefer WSF for its strength over FUD or FXD, specially for transforming toy!
  22. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    Oups i was speaking of the 1:60´s DX ones , since they come with an horrible metallic paint, they are crying for a complete repaint!
  23. Valkyrie Canopy Masks - See First Post

    I missed that thread ! If I can provide you a dwg file for VF-31 canopy cut would you be willing to make these too ?
  24. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    @Sanity is Optional thanks and I am waiting for your next pod too ! @valhary What is Ozma doing in Delta ? I can't believe I never saw this version, please share more in MP @seti88 many thanks @kajnrig 1:72 scale was accepted by shapeways, however, just to make sure I slightly modified the sprues so they are larger and don't got rejected. Here is the link to the WSF parts : http://shpws.me/PrOw the FUD parts http://shpws.me/PrOl