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  1. @Chronocidal I have never seen FDM prints as good as this one, I wish they were considering how cheap ABS material is. I was told that my HMM missiles were missing on my shop. I remembered not being happy with the model and removing them from the shop. But since I totally forgot to update them. Hopefully they haven't missed too long, they are now back in my shop in a smaller form with more surface details. The new HMM, 58mm long down from 66mm.
  2. FDM will never be good for toy or anything besides prototyping. Even the temperature the classic material (PLA / ABS) can support is very low. I have once tried the hardest material PETG through FDM printers, and they had a hard time making my prints. Not even mentioning the nightmare and time I spent of removing these sprues myself! Resin printers may be hard to clean and kept clean, I don't really know well these because I usually order my High resolution prints from a professional print service. I know they use Formlab printers which use Resin in cartridges. I have heard of an esoteric printer from French Pollen.am, I need to visit them someday to check the quality of their products
  3. Together with @valhary , we want to sell high definition copies (resin) of these missiles. Shapeways price policy has gone insane this last year ...
  4. Thanks! I like these when printed in high resolution. Btw if you can make the pylon in a semi-flex plastic, then you can insert fully the missiles into the tabs.
  5. If you mean the female side of the hardpoint, I do have a working one that I used in my VF-9 wings. It works well with the DX YF-19 missiles set. I can share with you the model if you want but this is a fixed position (no rotation like the VF-1 HP) much like the VF-31
  6. Ho, I have given up on the Bandai DX VF-1 line for the moment and haven’t ordered the missile set. I would be out of the game on this request sorry.
  7. That’s great to see your progress. And I can’t wait the surprises that will be revealed by someone making a custom out of a custom print.
  8. that looks pretty heavy loaded, just as much as my detolfs!
  9. I am in for rather an 1J, just for the sake of making a custom and have less paint to remove. But to be honest, having a PF with strike parts for just a little 37$ more, I would grab this one
  10. Well your cad work looks top notch, if you are using your own printer I would say that this is very promising considering you will get more and more used to the printer performances and what to tweak next time
  11. Xigfrid

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    If I were you, I would give a try to Tamyia spray AS-9 (dark green) or AS-14 (olive green) on both front and back pylons. Just sand gently the acrylic paint before applying the spray can.
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