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  1. I would love to be able to create such a nice LEGO! You should share it with Kawamori!
  2. I am glad you like it! When I made this design, I let some room for improvements! The stripes were made with paint and masking: yellow first, masking sides and spray metallic grey. Then masking diagonal bands and spraying black.
  3. Hi guys, i have this little guy waiting for a new owner who would take care of him! This is a direct copy on my fully functional model of my ghost X-9 version 2, scaled down to 1:72. Only change: the tires are directly printed on the rims on this scale. SOLD
  4. Xigfrid

    MΔ - VF-9

    I am sorry for the breakage, your vf-9 looks so nice, I hope you will finish it soon
  5. That’s crazy! A figure figurine ! Or a figurine figure... go figure which figure is which :0)
  6. There have been a lot of finished projects lately! That’s a great trade off to the lack of new toys release. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Xigfrid

    MΔ - VF-9

    Your smoothing technic is amazing! Please share with us !! i have also a great news: I have found a tumbler in my new job and I will test it day and night to smooth my prints as soon as the situation come back to normal :))
  8. That’s great to share your method! I am still hesitant to use led stripe but this tutorial might convince me to tune up my detolfs thanks!
  9. I have used 2mm aluminum tubes for some time, you should try 3mm ones, they are light and will not bend easily!
  10. I just hope these packages will find their owners sooner than later. I have made a test at Shapeways, and seriously their prices are still ridiculous compared to nowadays print services. Anyway, I have put my Ghost X-9 there just for reference: 1x Ghost in white processed plastic WITHOUT SUPER PARTS : 270 USD 1x clear parts (canopy, eye and Sharon): 10 USD add the Norev car to obtain the rubber tires add shipping add sanding efforts add red painting This is all you get with @valhary for half the price. And never underestimate the sanding hassle with PA12! I don't expect any sales from Shapeways in the near future. If ever you come by a great print service locally let me know NB: it takes Shapeways a few days to review the model before putting it online. The models will appear there soon
  11. I hope so! The Mexican post never failed me before
  12. I will experiment eye combinaisons later !
  13. @Metal Man I can have a look, I doubt shapeways would be cheap anyway. Perhaps if you are ok with a version without the supers it can be affordable. I was playing lego with my kids and couldn’t resist to modify my ghost so it could have swappable colored eyes! Unfortunately the original eye hole was a bit to tight so I had to slightly adjust the LEGO antenna to fit in. No glue required for this mod!
  14. @tekering thanks a lot for everything but of info here Additionally, these figures are so sharp, there is no way I could imagine there was one or two hand painted in the lot!
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