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  1. MΔ - VF-9

    Hey arbit thanks I too hope it would be under the 150$ mark. The transformation is based on the line art, I had almost everything working as intended except for the bottom stabilizer fins that would be fixed, the hands will rotate instead of sliding out and the landing gears. I am not finished yet so I am working on small details and final design at the same time. I didn’t know there was a new “create shell tool”. Last time I tried it, it was 2 years ago and the shell would have large holes (10mm large) that couldn’t hold small parts such as fingers or landing gears parts. I need to check that
  2. The more I see from this Elvis valk, te more I want a DX version of it really nice assembly!
  3. Macross Collection Display Thread

    I have ordered a few custom bases from Costal kits I did ask a special 1:60 scale and custom cut to fit in a detolf. I am very happy with. The guys were very helpful when you contact them by email. I know they have a set of 4 tiles that makes a complete carrier launch deck and if you have your own high definition deck image they even can print them.
  4. MΔ - VF-9

    @Urashiman I am glad to meet you because I have been using your paper model a lot for the panel lines. I have also tried to use your model (orthogonal projections) as reference because it was almost identical to the latest line art but it didn’t really took into consideration that the VF-9 is a very small plane so even if the true line art is very streamlined, I couldn’t use it to scale well with an Arcadia VF-1. And from there I had to trick the dimensions even further to obtain a good looking battroid you HD model looks really good! I am sure if you finish it and print it in FUD (High détail plastic) it will look incredible together with an Hasegawa VF-1, keep the hard work if you can afford it.
  5. MΔ - VF-9

    Well in fighter and gerwalk the 2 first portions of the wings are self sustained (as described in the line art) and the last portion is less critical and should be easily handle with a simple pin The wing design is not finalized yet, because I keep it for the last moment. My favorite solution would be using magnets for fighter and battroid modes but I have a few alternatives such as using pins with an elastic or copper wires. But i am very confident that it will be easy to have them straight.
  6. MΔ - VF-9

    Considering the small size, I hope around 150$, but the there are 2 parts to be printed separately: the clear canopy and the seat+interior details. These can rise the price significantly. I will be able to tell once I begin to upload the parts at shapeways.
  7. MΔ - VF-9

    Hi guys, I have been busy last days (couple months... in fact) with a very challenging design from Macross Delta: the VF-9, aka Cutlass. This is a small fighter designed to support the VF-1 in mission. Guess what ? It is even shorter than a VF-1. I tried my best to make a great looking transforming toy in all three modes for the 1:60 scale, printable in WSF (SLS nylon powder). So far, I am pretty confident that I will soon have something printable. 90% of the model is good to go using M1.7x6mm, M1.7x10mm screws and 1mm diameter rods. I need to refine the design of a few parts such as the Head, the right shoulder and the vertical stabilizers. I also need to decide if it can have retractable or swap-able landing gears. The battroid mode should have sufficient articulation to compare with an Arcadia VF-1, I just hope all the joints will be tight enough. A few pictures !
  8. Hi @Sildani, I know that @Sanity is Optional is working on a clip to hold the 25 gunpod, perhaps he can try if it holds the 171 gunpod once done ?
  9. Hi @Mommar, if the second print is far worse than the first you should send them an email about it with pictures. They will reprint it for you if the defect is obvious.
  10. YF-25 Prophecy Paladin project

    Thank you both for the instructions, I will try to get some time to assemble and paint it but I have been very busy lately with 3D modeling.
  11. FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    It looks like it would be a big add on ! I am looking forward for the 1:60 ones
  12. It looks like the back of the head that snapped off when you tried to pull it out. I don’t know if it is supposed to detach or not though but no big deal anyway just glue it back
  13. That ET VF-2SS looks really awesome now, very nice job!
  14. 06Qc_VF9.jpg

  15. 06Q_VF9.jpg