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  1. Not lost, shapeways need to review the product before it goes online, so maybe in a few days it will work
  2. I have put the landing gears and opening missile bays in a single file at shapeways for whoever want these upgrades for their resin kit (I do!). If you need anything else in white plastic, please ask me so I can put the replacement part on shapeways https://www.shapeways.com/product/MQ77KH6NW
  3. Hoho I did give it a thought, and at least I was thinking of making the inactive body which is stored in the Asuka II since it is a bit smaller
  4. Hi yeah, these display are unique and amazing. @derex3592 I would love to see more of that grey custom VF-31! I have just move in a new house and couldn’t unpack my Macross official boxes. I just realized that I could already fill a complete Detolf with my own customs figures!
  5. I am also thinking of making a few parts available on shapeways/stl version as upgrades. First thoughts for the landing gears because in resin they won’t sustain the weight of the ghost, so in plastic PA12, they will hold better for a permanent display. If you have any ideas, they are welcome as always, i would do my best!
  6. Hi guys, I wanted to thank warmly @valhary for his help in this project. He is taking over for the distribution of the resin kit because I have been very busy since 2020 (moving homes, new job, a lot of work in the house etc) and couldn’t even design a single part since a couple months. And I think he is great at promoting! Even I wouldn’t have done as well as he does @Bolt the material is described in the assembly Manuel and for the magnets, their dims are diameter 5mm x 3mm height. I have grabbed a few on eBay. I think they were N50 grade, but N35 would also work well, don’t worry.
  7. Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately the model is high def and I don’t know how I could make a simpler model of it.
  8. I would play chess everyday with such a board ;)) thanks for sharing and happy new year everyone!
  9. Amazing build, you have achieved a true master piece here!
  10. Xigfrid

    Junker Vf-25s Osma

    Hey if you don’t need the nose, I could grab it, otherwise I need the front gear traps if you want to sell and get some money back on the initial purchase price. Let me know
  11. These parts are looking great, the resin printers have a really nice finish imo! I didn’t know of these Vallejo paints, I should also check how good they are compared to the Tamiya TS and As spray cans
  12. There are a few skp files to grab on sketchup warehouse. I made some time ago the Beatrice tank from frontier.
  13. Ho! I could have sworn that the background was fake and photoshoped! Nice setup
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