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  1. You have reached the next level! Really nice model indeed
  2. Xigfrid

    MΔ - VF-9

    I have tried to follow all the advices and when back to grey primer then white primer, masking and spraying TS-8 lacquer red with an airbrush. I have to say that I LOVE airbrushing (my double action system at 30$ Including the pump is just 100 times better than spraying directly from the can). This is only the third time I use it and I think I have mastered it now.
  3. Xigfrid

    MΔ - VF-9

    The bleedings appeared when I tried to prime white over a red gundam marker that I have airbrushed in the wrong place. I think the primer can was finished and there was too much solvent and it reacted with the red! I think I will start over, removing the paint and apply grey primer first, then go white everywhere and red with proper disassembly and masking. Does anyone already painted his VF-9 ? I would love to see a finished one, that would motivate me a lot
  4. It was almost completed, but with time it got “outdated”. I really need to revise the model with the latest tolerance and techniques.
  5. Hi, I have already made 3D models of the bigger missiles. The main difference with the 1:60 ones is that the 1:72 would not be able to be removed and you would have to make your own pylon. The 1:72 use two 1mm diameter holes for the attachment and will be printed in FUD. Just leave me a PM with the missiles you want and I will let you know if they are good to print or not
  6. Xigfrid

    MΔ - VF-9

    Hi yeah, great advices there. To be honest, that’s the first time I am trying an airbrush and the Gundam marker airbrush system, and still learning how to master both. I wanted to paint it fast with few masking but the Gundam airbrush wasn’t as precise as expected compared to the airbrush. Well lesson learnt and painting over a white area is even more merciless!
  7. Xigfrid

    MΔ - VF-9

    Why am I so bad at painting... here I am with my first copy. This is so difficult to paint white other red that any mistake may take you back to primer
  8. Thanks guys for the support!
  9. Well this is very well executed, you have further improved the original kit!
  10. You probably can browse a war hammer forum and ask a custom paint job there.
  11. Thanks! Actually the inside is going to be a nightmare to paint I really like Zero. If I understand well, the action takes place just a few years before the sdfm1 arrival. It is a time of warfare between the Russian conglomerate and the UN army and both factions are looking for the human bird technology that was discovered by a scientist(the old man in a wheeled chair) dozen years before during an exploration of the Mayan island. The mad scientist wants to erase the humanity that seems too corrupted, this is why he allied with the Arnachists and try to wake up the human bird that he knows it could be cataclysmic. On the other hand, the UN army have already discovered and secretly transporting the human bird body in its aircraft carrier. During a mission, Shin is shot down on his F14 by Nora in its SV, rescued by Sarah Nome and then recruited by the aircraft carrier that was around there. As a rare survivor of a fight against a variable fighter, Shin is recruited by Roy Focker to learn how to pilot the first VF, the VF-0. During the attack of the aircraft carrier, an okto (transforming submarine into terrestrial tank) found the human bird head, also known as the treasure of the Mayans. Thanks to shin, the head is saved from the submarine but Nora attacks Shin and they both loose and the head is lost in the forest again. They then incinerate the forest to find the head, in vain In last ressort, the mad scientist catches Sarah and have her to sing to retrieve the head. Unfortunately only a flying rock and Roy come to the rescue. They got away in the jungle once again and find the Human bird head at last. But the Russian were around and they grab the head together with the 2 girls, and bring everything into their headquarters: a giant submarine. This is the moment when Roy and Shin go rogue and go to the rescue of their respective girls in their armored VF-0. Shin find Sarah but got shot in front of her, she got really mad and sing for the head. The head reunite with its body and the Human bird is awaken, Sarah as a ‘peace guardian’ is asked if the humans have turn into a peaceful spiecie. As a negative answer leads to the humanity destruction, the human bird begins to fire on every fighting vehicles with folding-space shoots, including Nora, Roy, DD and Shin. Nora and DD die fighting it, Shin managed to reach Sarah thanks to his love for her. At last moment, Sarah is obliged to suicide to avoid a nuclear catastroph by space-folding-traveling together with the nuclear blasts shot by the UN Monster from the aircraft carrier. The end. Thanks for the compliments, I am now using an Italian printer who uses HP4210 printer and they also have a really nice smoothing process. He is very specialized so he doesn’t make clear plastics or white SLS but the prices are cheaper than shapeways and the quality is really better. So I keep working with him as much as possible.
  12. The outside hasn’t changed a lot, it just got a bit smoother. But the interior is much more detailed now. I will post more pictures once I begin the painting.
  13. Ho my! That was a 4 years old model! This is probably VF-0D PF announce that decided me to revise this model, with a full opening mode and a more accurate head sculpt. The Human bird head is available in 3D print direct order from me. More info can be found a my 'newly made' Facebook page.
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