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  1. These parts are looking great, the resin printers have a really nice finish imo! I didn’t know of these Vallejo paints, I should also check how good they are compared to the Tamiya TS and As spray cans
  2. There are a few skp files to grab on sketchup warehouse. I made some time ago the Beatrice tank from frontier.
  3. Ho! I could have sworn that the background was fake and photoshoped! Nice setup
  4. Thanks! As you see this is still/always wip... haha
  5. I am waiting a gundam base to take more pictures of this FAE bomb. Until then, I will cramp it with the other Macross Zero stuffs!
  6. Thanks guys! @Mommar esthetically this V2 is very similar to tte first version. The main changes are the 1) more compact/efficient landing gears mechanism, 2) front clear widow shape, 3) slight changes to global shape peculiarly on the bottom stabilizer which has been enlarged. 4) every moving mechanisms have been reviewed to be enhanced to be more solid and long lasting (bottom stab, missile traps, wings and Sharon seat). 5) super parts have been shaped more ala Tenshin illustration instead of based on the line art and use magnets now. I plan to make a video soon too!
  7. Primer looks ok, next steps will be to prime in white to have a lighter red finish.
  8. I am pretty sure that Captain said that his legios was 1/32 scale. But the box art says 1:48 scale indeed. I hope @captain america can confirm, because I am also interested
  9. That looks awesome You found a nice custom maker!
  10. It still unclear how this Ghost X-9 will be released. Since I invested in a air brush, I can do the painting, but preparing (sanding/primer x3 times) takes too much efforts to be enjoyable when done multiple times. If I find a professional sandblasting service, open to sanding plastic parts instead of dental apparels, that would be a different story! If @valhary can make resin copy from a sanded/primed/clean set, then problems should be solved and the ghost could be a resin set. I am also investigating Chinese manufacturers to see if there is one which would be interested to make a toy/plastic kit out of it, and that would be the ideal solution!
  11. Amongst all your models for the competition, this one is my favorite, I love the details on the built
  12. @Chronocidal is right: the prototypes are printed in MJF technology from HP. The base material is PA12 which is the same material for SLS. Only the color is different, SLS uses white plastic and MJF use black plastic.
  13. That video is awesome! And after watching this, my conclusion is that I would be happy if the nose got a few tweaks: a bit longer, and a complete rework of the shape.
  14. Ho!! That’s hot news indeed! I will grab 2 if I can I was also betting on a fire valk, perhaps in the next 6 months
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