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  1. The metallic accents look nice, and it seems to self level quiet nicely too!
  2. That’s a huge project and I like your 3D design. Glad to see more and more 3D projects.
  3. Nice finish! I like this little project and you made it so great!
  4. I second that you are an hero doing all this!
  5. That’s looking great @Jasonc, reminds me strawberries marmelade !yammy
  6. Great scaling with the figure. This is always a great satisfaction when our ideas come to live !
  7. Woah amazing set! I love it
  8. That’s an impressive project and great 3D skills !
  9. Impressive Meltran collection!
  10. I would love to be able to create such a nice LEGO! You should share it with Kawamori!
  11. I am glad you like it! When I made this design, I let some room for improvements! The stripes were made with paint and masking: yellow first, masking sides and spray metallic grey. Then masking diagonal bands and spraying black.
  12. Hi guys, i have this little guy waiting for a new owner who would take care of him! This is a direct copy on my fully functional model of my ghost X-9 version 2, scaled down to 1:72. Only change: the tires are directly printed on the rims on this scale. SOLD
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