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  1. Does anyone know if Arcadia or Bandai web exclusives can be purchased through the Buyee proxy (not auction)?
  2. Agreed, that does look cool! I would be interested in a custom Alaska Base valk. @Anasazi37 PM sent for a decals set.
  3. @ChristopherB, Congrats on those kits! Hope to see more pics once they arrive.
  4. So does anyone have an extra set of legs? AmiAmi is not offering to send me the replacement parts.
  5. It's a tight fit but it is possible to have him with the visor down and with hair if you install the visor in the down position.
  6. Here is the screenshot of my order page. The e-mail asked for the same amount. I might have to try again. Worst thing is I end up with two, but that's better than none. I have used them before to preorder the Minmay printed figure and they also took deposit as "Charge 1" and then asked for payment when the item was available.
  7. So is From Japan asking for the full payment? I tried it and got an e-mail asking only for the preorder amount. Am I doing this right?
  8. WOW! That looks amazing! I'm also interested, even as a kit if necessary. Nice work indeed!
  9. Wow! That is a beauty! Congratulations!
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