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  1. JMO...Trek is dead until they are off CBS all access and drop the SJW narrative. Trek was always a progressive and forward-thinking show. Then they got all in your face about it and decided to fleece the fans. I'm personally done with ST and SW, but I hope ST can get it back on the rails of telling interesting, smart science fiction about conflict resolution.
  2. Does the Medicom suck as much as the Perfect Grade Eva?
  3. Yes. it almost assuredly WILL break. The shoulder hinge on the V1's as well as other parts were prone to breakage.
  4. IMO the Spartan is around the same level (at 2/3 the price). HMR did what they could with the Defender, but its just not a very versatile mech. However, the Dougrams are about 1/60 scale whereas the Macross ones are ~1/100 scale. Love the little guys though, resisting any army building with them. They need to finish Dougram line. Only around 10 to go.
  5. I'm going to display them as : Hikaru 1S (Fighter) - Hikaru 1J (Gerwalk) - Max 1A (Battroid)
  6. $20.99? Wish I'd known about that. Would like to replace my Malay/Indonsian bootleg.
  7. Over a long period I've been watching Dougram. The main problem with the show is its SO SLOW. Got to episode 53 I think and after around 10-15 episodes of not much happening, STUFF IS FINALLY happening. Ironfoots make their appearance and the first combat armor battle. I think this show could be remade in 13 episodes, 26 episodes max and it would be epic.
  8. I like the Max the best. Something about that blue.
  9. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    I have the 3 Dougrams. Xabungle designs put me off as they're on the verge of being super robots (as opposed to mecha). I'm trying to keep my collection focused, so I have to really like the anime.
  10. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    Jeez. 2 and a half months with ZERO HMR on the horizon... I may have to check out Xabungle on blu ray and consider getting into that line.
  11. 35K on Mandarake.
  12. Also, with 8 eps, there doesn't feel like any filler garbage like the Netflix MCU stuff. I enjoyed The Umbrella Academy a lot also.
  13. I hope everyone enjoys the trans/Hurley relationship. O_o BSG and The Expanse are currently my top 2 favorite live-action sci-fi epics.
  14. The CMS dark Legioss are the best of that line. Much stiffer joints. I like them. They're better than the ET legioss.
  15. Its like a rave inside those cockpits.
  16. I'm on the anime accurate lighter green side of the fence. Still need that CMS Iota version.
  17. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    Nexx is $120 shipped on Amazon. Good price.
  18. I think I'm about half way through it. It feels long and drawn out with a "spaceship crisis of the week" in each episode while muddling along with some sort of plot about aliens and a probe that landed on earth. Meanwhile exploiting seemingly every Star Trek trope. At the point I'm at, I'm betting the writers haven't even figured out the backstory for the aliens yet. Hell, they even used the Wrath-of-Khan-Spock-sacrifices-himself-to-save-the-ship situation. They had already done alien-virus-puts-the-crew-in-jeopardy and ship-falling-into-the-sun. We're getting very unoriginal material unfortunately. It should have been a movie with a single plot. Watch Prospect on Amazon Prime instead, better flick.
  19. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    There's still a LONG way to go with just the first 4-1 Macross properties (I don't think there's anywhere else to go with FB2012 other than possibly the 3 hero VF-4's they've already shown). There's at least 8 mechs in each of SDF, DYRL and II as of yet unmade. But considering that the enemy mecha and destroids dont sell well initially they need to space those out. It's time for them to release an N-Ger or Q-Rau. Hopefully they preview their next 3-4 Macross releases in the line at Tamashii nations.
  20. I enjoyed it. Homelander rules.
  21. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    So no HMR at Wonderfest or whatever happened this weekend?
  22. 0J !Was about to ask if this was going to be PF only l release like the VE-1...?
  23. Mospeada 2083, very interesting. Im thinking they're going for a Yamaro 2099 style reboot. I would rather they use these sentinel Mospeada versions rather than the new reimagining image they showed.
  24. They absolutely should have done that, release the gray 22 for Delta and then get BW permission to release the 21 with the NETFC tampos and such.
  25. Got him. Hopefully at the next major convention Bandai unveils another release in the Dougram line. I'm hopeful for the Blockhead or Bushman next.
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