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  1. easnoddy

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    SDF-1 has low flow.
  2. Literally EVERY shape is wrong (gun, legs, every polygon in the arms, front of tank too small, lights too far forward, feet/legs WAY too big, proportions are OFF EVERYWHERE). They should build the wire-frame from the anime or line-art, and go from there.
  3. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    They should keep mixing it up. One destroid, an N-Ger and another valkyrie in between.
  4. easnoddy

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    While I love this toy, I can't believe Bandai is trying to charge $40 USD for 12 missile packs. The Missles, TV hands, pilot and fast packs should all be in one package for around $100 USD.
  5. easnoddy

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Got mine! Holy hell, there is NO comparison between the DX and the Yamato 1/48. The weight is VERY satisfying. The amount of molded detail and tampo printing is fantastic. The special stand is fantastic compared to the normal DX stands.
  6. It would have been pretty trivial for Matchbox to add the 3rd mode, the only thing that needs to move is the legs (and rotate the hip armor that prevents it) and movable feet. Probably $5 more in joints on the toy. I'm not talking about a fully accurate transformation either...just SOMETHING. The could have left the main tank cannon and those leg stabilizers off and it still would have been good.
  7. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    I wonder why Bandai went with a lighter blue tint on the canopy of HMR Nexx 2SS than with Silvie...?
  8. easnoddy

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Right, but this is a pretty brazen work by a Chinese company which will be licensed under Robotech (thats the understanding I have). The Masterpiece garbage was a bit different (and was garbage). No doubt KitzConcept will be producing this kind of stuff even when the 2021 loss of rights rolls around.
  9. easnoddy

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Gotta say, that seam on the nosecone is pretty ugly. Good luck to them. I kinda wonder how Big West feels about all this...
  10. If this is realized, I am IN! IN! IN!!!!
  11. easnoddy


    I had 3 open PO's. The payment request and cancellation went to my spam folder. Only when i saw the Jota was released did i realize it. I simply reordered the Jota and HMR Nexx on amiami. Will see what happens when the dark Legioss comes out.
  12. easnoddy


    Wait, WTH? I had a preorder with amiami for the Jota Legioss and HMR Nexx and I cannot find that order on their site ANYWHERE...it simply disappeared. WTH? Amiami messages are going to my spam folder (and the order was cancelled)????
  13. easnoddy

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    Based on prices, I think the smartest move after the SV-51 would be the VF-11 series. VF-11B, VF-11C, Milia, VF-11B VF-X, etc. The B & C are pretty pricey online.
  14. easnoddy

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Personally I hate the detachable legs on my Yamato 22S. They come off/shift too easily
  15. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    While I'd buy it to support the line, I for one hope that fugly anti-valkyrie never gets made. Maybe its just the anime though. I don't hate this model... https://www.e2046.com/product/17491