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  1. I sold off all my ET Legioss, when I got them back out of the box I looked at the legs in fighter mode and said "this is crap". Its crap for other reasons, but especially for that reason. They could have solved the aesthetic issue by simply making the wings bigger (and adding a mechanism to collapse them to compensate). Happy to have better representations of the Legioss.
  2. The fact the turrets don't rotate on the Andromeda is a disappointment IMO.
  3. From my watchings, the existence of Adam and Lilith on the same planet was problematic. Hence Kaoru's initial understanding, confusion and then realization of what the human's were trying to do. That's why I called it accidental that both moons are in the same place. https://evangelion.fandom.com/wiki/Seeds_of_Life "Due to an unspecified law set down by the First Ancestral Race, more than one Seed of Life cannot exist on the same planet. "
  4. Yeah, there's just references to things from Abrahamic religions (Adam, Lilith, angels/messengers, Dead Sea Scrolls, guf, etc) to make the story seem bigger/more conspiratorial. (As I understand it) All the story is in reality is that the Earth was seeded by some alien master race, accidentally twice (white moon/black moon). The aliens send forces (angels) to return to finish the job of eliminating people by merging all individuals into one soul (3rd impact). Humans want to control their own destinies so they create the evas (SEELE/NERV) to fight the alien messengers as well as to cont
  5. It's definitely going to go over 110, but much of it may be the controller.
  6. Before going on to the rebuild Rebuild films, watch Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. I think Death and Rebirth summarizes eps 1-24 and I think End of Evangelion re-tells episodes 25 and 26 in an action-format instead of all playing out in Shinji's head (whether to initiate the 3rd impact or not).
  7. Um, so looking at hlj version of the Hachette series, it looks like it goes up to issue 170 or so?
  8. Gotta say I'm not loving the red of the Zeta. Its not candy apple enough (except the wing root). I think that ET and CMS nailed a better color.
  9. I got the Dynaction Eva-01. Its big, nice heft and pretty darn cool. The chest is definitely not big/wide enough and the lower torso is maybe a bit too thick. The neck is missing the middle orange sections present in nearly every other representation of the Eva-01. Not sure why they made that design decision, but it is what it is. I'm happy to have it and for me its the definitive EVA toy/figure. Not sure if I'll get the 02. If I do, I might as well get the Threezero Patlabor 2&3 but I'm paring down my collection at the moment to only "important" things (including getting
  10. Not sure i want to get the 2/3 set or much less two of them. I have yet to see a comparison between the Threezero and the big Yamato, but would like to.
  11. Good stuff coming out of Korea. Watching Sweet Home on Netflix now. It's pretty fun.
  12. Glad things worked out and i have an extra issue 78, had to remove the AA assembly, including breaking super glue, the replacement is built but i need to buy a pin vise to remove old plastic before reassembly. May try to order whichever kit has the bottom row AA guns rather than drilling them out to fit on the new assembly. Also, issue 94 (i think that was it), WHAT THE HELL? Had to remove one of the main battery to put in a differemt base plate?
  13. Oh those MOTHERF@$#ERS! Pretty disappointing the main battery doesnt move via remote. They needed to do an SDF-1 Macross.
  14. Interestingly, in that Tenjin DYRL pic, Roy's AMM-1 missiles are both on a single pylon and the other 3 in skull squadron have 2 AMM-1 on 2 pylons. Roy's are accurate to the anime, so why are the others done incorrectly?
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