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  1. 0D arrived. How TF do you guys open the rear landing gear doors? There are no gaps...why?
  2. I would buy 3 DX VF-11B. Hopefully if Bandai do it they make full-sized tailfins/stabilizers that fold in half before folding into the legs. This was a failing of the Yamato. The huge stabilizers are iconic on the VF-11.
  3. They must not think much of all their preorder business.
  4. CD Japan and DHL have beenb really good once I switched to that route. Generally non-Macross stuff though. Jeez, NY UPS shipping for TV SP is $65 to the US...
  5. Just got ripped off by NY for UPS shipping to the states for my 0D and 2 SSP. Nearly $100 more than I originally paid for EMS. I won't be using NY again until the pandemic is done.
  6. I'll wait also. I think all of the DXs are available cheaper now than when I bought them. Same with most other toys. Only a few cost more later.
  7. Not a robotech fan anymore, but I enjoy Southern Cross. I will get this JUST for the Armored version. Don't care about the uniform figure.
  8. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    The HMR Dougrams are about 1/55-1/60 scale (based on the size of the pilots). HMR Macross are of course closer to 1/90-1/100. I really wish Bandai would have kept releasing HMR Dougram line.
  9. My shipping method is EMS to the US.
  10. My 0D is prepping for shipment from NY. No word on my 2 SSP's...
  11. The remote control idea is pretty cool. Lights sounds and primary and secondary batteries rotate. I did verify everything works and took the batteries out. Thankfully Hachette is up to issue 74/110. So about 70% complete.
  12. Hopefully those diaclone figures are better than the Sentinel pilot. That one is sculpted garbage. It falls apart in your hands constantly. Other than that, fighter mode is choice! Mine will stay that way. If the other 2 iterations get made I'll buy one for each mode.
  13. Well, the ET legs don't collapse even remotely correctly in fighter. 1/40 sounds pretty accurate overall.
  14. Off ebay? If so that was me. It's solid and cool, but since I'm building the Hachette, I just didn't see a need to keep both. Let me know if you have any questions. I still have the BPX-01, even though it's plastic, I really dig it.
  15. I don't hate the ET Legioss, it was just overpriced. The Toynami however was garbage. Mainly because of the materials they used. Also, Toynami got the colors wrong, but Aoshima corrected it. Can someone comment on the Sentinel Legioss stand which uses a simulated tread connector? Perhaps someone can create a connector based on the Sentinel stand which connects to the tread like the Toynami method?
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