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  1. Oh, that sucks. I've been using Tamiya Extra thin cement. It's worked very well thus far. I will probably work to put paper between panels to help reduce light bleed this weekend.
  2. Agreed it shouldn't cost so much. But SO MUCH is wasted on packaging/materials for each piece. I'd say the Yamato is definitely a $1K+ kit even if it was in a single box. Just so much diecast and very limited release. I'm over 1/3 completed now and she certainly is a beauty. Still need to have a couple hours to fix a couple small things.
  3. Interesting, so Chief Hopper was kidnapped by the Soviets in 1985, taken to Russia where after being exposed to some inter-dimensional energy he gains super powers and becomes Red Guardian. Then we see Eleven work her way into the MCU.
  4. If they say so. Regarding the pilot size...heres a comparison of the 1/48 DX Max pilot vs an HMR Dougram pilot. I think the HMR Dougrams are around 1/60 scale. Does anyone have a Yamato 1/48 pilot to compare to the DX?
  5. Disagreed about the ET being in any way better than the HMR. One exception...its bigger. Its truly a terrible toy. The Bandai DX Macross7 toys (1995) are much better toys than the ET VF-2.
  6. Interesting that Bandai did this with the HMR and the DX. I guess the TV VF-1 is a different size than the DYRL VF-1.
  7. No info from NY for me yet. Bad form considering they marked up their own product. As long as they refund my preorder money, I'm good. Did they refund people for the VF-31A fiasco? If not I'll be in contact with AMEX.
  8. With NY, always choose to pay in yen. In USD they wanted $497. After my 3.5% discount I paid $432. The yen vs dollar savings was like $50 USD.
  9. Yeah, I was surprised by the NY payment request also. I guess ive always paid up front for their preorders.
  10. I don't remember what happened in the 2014 version either. We're getting into Godzilla territory now where every sequel is a direct sequel to the original movie.
  11. Or perhaps the 011 will be included in the TV fast packs release. (ugh)
  12. IIRC the ET Legioss is not 1/48, its FAR too big for that scale. More like 1/35 or something, similar to the old Gakken but maybe a bit smaller. The Sentinel's legs are so much shorter than the Toynami or CMS in fighter mode, that was one of the main problems with the CMS. I assume the Toynami has a similar issue. The connection to the boom from the Tread needs to be VERY strong (as well the Tread to its boom). If that's done correctly, it would be a great product.
  13. IMO the stand needs to be white. That connection piece to the Legioss is a copy of the Tread's connector boom. AND ITS HOLDING THE LEGIOSS!!! This gives a lot of hope that: 1 - They are planning a Tread and have already worked out the connection (its not an afterthought like it was with CMS and Toynami) 2 - The Legioss and Tread will hold together securely with the connector arm like in the anime Hoorah!
  14. Either they didn't have many left or a lot of people were reading this thread...it was $50 on Amazon last week. I would have definitely bit the bullet for $25! I went ahead and picked up Xabungle and The Wings of Honneamise on clearance though. Would have liked to snag the Patlabor and Ideon sets at the same time...
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