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  1. About half way through Locke and Key and the show is pissing me off. So many chances to take Sam out and they AVOID every one of them. Bad writing. The writer should not have presented those chances, so it wouldn't have felt like stupid tropes.
  2. Considering selling the dark ET Legioss. I think I'll keep the others.
  3. Seems like they haven't managed to get the arms to come together well in fighter. Only Gakken seems to have gotten that right.
  4. The paper clip did work. Had to find the right size.
  5. I think I'm through 49. The bridge light assembly is a PITA to put into the gray housing unit. I had to end up gluing fiber-optics INTO the cylindrical housings that go into the unit. And the lights are HELLA BRIGHT! 2nd pic to see light bleed (fix during build if you can).
  6. Bandai really sacrificed fighter for battroid (and mainly the legs at that). The Bandai is more akin to the Yamato 1/72 version. Overall I think the Yamato 1/60 looks better across all modes.
  7. Started picking up some of the Universe figs (Wing and Deathscythe). Only interested in a few series (Wing, 08th MS Team, 0080, 0083 mainly...possibly 0079). No interest in Unicorn. I think they hit the spot for $20. ABS, decent accessories, good size, solid build. I wish they were consistent in coloring the yellow within the series... the wing has gold accents and the deathscythe has yellow, but it's weapons are a nice silver. 3rd wave will have Sandrock, Strike (I think) and the Ez-8. I think they're really going for the right part of the US market, nostalgia for the Toonami-era shows particularly. I was considering getting the HCM Pro or Robot Spirits versions of the figures got a long time but these figures are cheaper, simpler and larger and in-store convenient. Not a fan of polystyrene either, so no gunpla for me. They're a total win for me (and the first gundams I've bought in nearly a decade).
  8. My only gripe about the movie is that it felt like it was already kinda done in Pitch Black and it was also done in The Silence.
  9. I liked season 2 a lot...until episode 8. Then IMO it turned to crap. Spoilers.... The mom creates a mutiny (for a good reason), it sorta works and they take the space ship into an atmosphere but it kinda fails also and then is allowed to walk off the bridge and get in a GM Ball to do something or.other (saving her kids or something? I got so annoyed I kinda stopped paying attention to exactly what was happening). Eps 9 and 10 were bad also, because they had to deal with what happened in 8. They save one alien which pisses off a bunch of other aliens? Then we suddenly get a villain? IMO It was JJ/Rian Star Wars level crap writing at that point. I'm hoping all the other Jupiters were destroyed by the alien ships and this show is done.
  10. Disappointing to be sure
  11. His law of surprise was intentionally vague. If they had found a coin previously but didn't know it...that might be what he gets... but they suddenly found out shes pregnant and he says "frakk". Cause destiny.
  12. Of the battle fortresses after DYRL, the only one I like is the Elysion. Not a fan of Battle 7 or the Quarter personally. I don't like the non-integrated main canon.
  13. Just noticed the DYRL cockpit doesn't have a HUD.
  14. You know, Bandai did a good job with the DX VF-1J Hikaru stand, why they decided to go with the regular DX stand for the rest of the releases boggles the mind. Its such an ugly stand for such a handsome product.
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