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  1. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    CDJapan is legit, no worries. I get packages from them weekly. Sometimes it takes them a few days to ship out. Patience.
  2. Just goes to show what hot garbage Toynami is.
  3. I've got my VF100's VF-25g on my desk right now. I like it better than the DX v1 VF-25g I had.
  4. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    @sh9000 ...you had to go and show that pic again. My wallet just whimpered. I LOVE the Max. Such a perfect color blue, if only the HMR VF-1 was that color instead of weird diffused blue-grey we got. The Fokker looks great also and I'll get the Milia for completeness (that red is a lot more striking also).
  5. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    Hopefully they sort of keep the multiple series going. Would be cool if Bandai treated M2 and 2012 like different series like they do Dougram/Xabungle. SDFM: 4+ enemy mechs, 3 destroids, at least 7 primary valkyrie recolors, TV Super armor, various non-transformable planes. DYRL: 3 QRau, 3 primary VF-1's, NGer, M2: I wouldnt mind a few more TWE recolors of the 2SS, the 2J, SNN valkyrie, 3 Marduk mecha and the 4 destroids released over a few year period. FB2012: Not very far to go with this line other than the recolors we have already seen. M0 has at least 9 designs (4 VF-0's, 3 SV-51's, 2 destroids?, reactive armor set combo). Then there's Delta (12+ valkyries, 3+ Zentran), Frontier (15+ super valkyries, 4 armor set combos, 3 QRare, Vajra), Plus (3 valkyries, ghost, Zentran), and 7 (like 20+ possibilities). There's a lot of space for Bandai to move here while keeping us fans happy. I'd like to see 4+ Macross releases per year though.
  6. This movie needed to take place before the 2016 reboot (prequel), include ALL the monsters/demons from that game (no weak SFX budget), and needs to end with the marine on the table the way the 2016 game begins. Would tie things together and would be really cool. But they didnt/wont, because Hollywood and the franchise owners are stupid.
  7. I fell asleep for a bit in the theater during this. It was so slow. Cute enough film. I've actually been falling asleep in a lot of kids movies at the theater (Lego Batman, Pooh, Mary Poppins, Teen Titans Go, Lego Movie 2). But not at all in Jurassic and Marvel films. Are the kids movies this boring or am I becoming selectively narcoleptic?
  8. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    I will buy this non-Macross item. Its ridiculous that we've had to wait this long for it and it wasn't a legit Japanese company that made it for us. Instead we get all the Lolli figures. For the record the Kitz Concept Hikaru looks pretty sweet also. I hope both of these companies are successful and continue these lines. Kamjin, Milia, Exodol, etc...would be fantastic.
  9. Is this a restock I wonder? Hlj limiting orders to 20, did they get a lot of stock? Or was that the default for this the last time. That price point is pretty high...
  10. Expired 2 hours after the post, not 4. Oh well, they could have had some business.
  11. I like the Robot Spirits Macross, VF100's, Revoltechs and even GN-U Dou's, though my collections of each are far from complete.
  12. I guess I'll see what i didnt get after issue 110. Then hit up Buyee for what I'm missing. Kinda sucks, since subscription isn't an option for those outside Japan. Another reason i hate Star Blazers nearly as much as i do Robotech. Its a bit of a catch-22 though, since i wouldn't know about it or possibly be into it had i not seen Star Blazers as a kid. Does anyone know if the Funimation versions of 2199 put Yamato/Kodai in the subs or Argo/Wildstar? That would be a deal-breaker. Regardless, easily the best Yamato kit ever IMO, surprised it was Hachette and not Bandai doing this. Huge, diecast, electronic. SoC on steriods. I'm hopeful it fearures a strong skeleton.
  13. These could be so much better. But the prices are RIDICULOUS. You could get a Marvel legends figure for that price. The morphers were better than this.
  14. I don't hate the VF100's. As long as they're inexpensive they're ok toys. All 3 modes look good. Be prepared to spend about 15 minutes partsforming between modes though. Checkout the ziploc bag of parts... In battroid with Revoltech VF-1.
  15. These are cheap, non-poseable. Low investment, high profit. F**k Robotech and Toynami.
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