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  1. What is that destroid Cheyenne? A kit? A custom build?
  2. Ah, I actually liked Caprica, but it was slow by design. I haven't seen Blood and Chrome, keep meaning to buy it.
  3. I'm betting for steaming pile. I love the soundtrack and designs for 2004 Galactica, I doubt they can do better. I would have liked some prequel material, first cylon war, etc. The new series cannot take the same approach that the cylons were man-made, nor have skinjobs, its been done. Rebooting the original show would be the best approach, reptilian alien cylons, etc. The Galactica above doesn't make sense IMO. Why are the missing armor plates in the 2nd cylon war so generally symmetrical? That happened to all the missing weapons? Why are there un-armored parts of the engine nacelles?
  4. Finally checked my SV-51. They're symmetrical, I got lucky.
  5. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    Depends on the item. Not typically. But the VF-2SS Silvie, VF-1J Max and VF-4 pre-ordered out quickly IIRC. They're excellent toys though.
  6. That and I keep dropping the tiny clear pieces I've cut off the screw. Spent 10 minutes scouring the carpet.
  7. I haven't transformed the SV-51, will check it out tonight. Hmm, not sure if I'll go through with the VF-0D. Didn't the 0A come out AFTER the 0S and had the hip breakages? Bandai may have some factory flubs (HMR 1A leg armor comes to mind), but at least the toys are solid. This is a QC disaster.
  8. I had to get a new screwdriver during #28. There's a couple long screws that affix the upper bridge to the captain's bridge thing and they destroyed 2 mini philips head drivers. The replacement I got is bigger and works better (but i wish it was magnetized). I need to re-solder a wire that goes to the motor for the anchors, the glue came off and took a wire with it.
  9. Is it just me or is the SV-51 pilot smaller than other 1/60 pilots?
  10. So long as you're not buying up limited items, preventing others from buying them at normal prices, I have no problem with scalping to buy more WHEN the demand goes up. For instance, if you wanted to buy 20 Yamato VF-11B's when HLJ was trying to get rid of them under $200 and sell them later for $500, no problem with that. That's smart business. One could have done the same with the Arcadia VF-0S that HLJ had on sale for a couple months.
  11. If I had to guess, we won't have to "build" those Tiger II's. At worst, just those orange tail/funnel things.
  12. easnoddy

    Hi-Metal R

    A decent amount of HMR at Mandarake right now for under 10K yen. VE-1, VT-1, Defender, Spartan, VF-2SS Nexx. Man, we need some NEW HMR news.
  13. I did the discount coupon thing, 3.5%. Around $15 USD off, better than nothing I suppose.
  14. And I thought the SV-51y was a wallet buster. Did the NY preorder. Do they do points like other Japanese stores. If so, how TF do you access your account to view your point total?
  15. Can anyone translate? No idea what the little stamps they want you to attach. Any chance they ship to the states?
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