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  1. Got a similar response ... which is a little odd, given that it's already been shipped to me and I sent them photos of it.
  2. Too much Life of Boris and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game trilogy. We'll see what HLJ says, since I just contacted them and attached some photos of my defective foot. Oy Blin!
  3. More than likely ... I just inspected mine and noticed mine was slightly pointing more than the other; opened it up and gently retraced the feet from the fuselage. CYKA got a defective one.
  4. Got my shipment of two of the three new OWL-One-SP armors. I can confirm they come in almost a similar packaging box inside of a larger brown box from FEXT. Have yet to open them yet, but got a combo of 01-02 to mix-n-math and put on the 35th anniversary Hi-Metal.
  5. Shhhhhh ... just visited their site 8/13/19 12:00 EST and noticed there are preorders for OWL-ONE-SP0[123]. Too bad SP01 doesn't come with with a mini-gun arm or a fastpack cannon.
  6. jodokast

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Wow... $1K, that's some nice markup by NY; fortunately I just received mine in the mail today.
  7. jodokast

    Bandai DX VF-31

    NY must have just gotten some more in stock, as they just updated my 1x order from 10/15/2017 for the VF-31A Kairos. Dang, that certainly took it's sweet time. Lesson learned, don't use paypal for preorder items b/c of their refund policy of 180 days from purchase.
  8. Let me know when they manage to clone the Delta VF-31A Kairos .... Damn you Bandi & Nippon-Yassan! Actually, weren't there some KO weapon sets with the reactive missiles and what not? Are those still only on Taobao or have they show up else where?
  9. jodokast

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Sadly this is true ... I know I've sent them four emails, throughout 2018, just inquiring if they have more in stock and even asked if a full refund was possible. Mentioned I'd wait patiently until they got more in stock; guess it's time to be more forceful and let them know others are getting orders fulfilled. Do they know people communicate on MacrossWorld and various other forums?
  10. jodokast

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Let's hope so, I just contacted them with a 2nd email attempting to get a status update, since it has been a year since I originally paid. All I've gotten is a reply of "we'll contact dispatch to see if we've gotten any kairos in". This was for a single Kairos ordered on 10/15 ... sigh. Should I order from NY in the future, let's just say I hope I won't make the mistake of using Paypal again.
  11. jodokast

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Add me to the list of waiting... #491504 2017-10-15 03:45:39 Pre-order - Payment OK
  12. jodokast

    Hi-Metal R

    So whoare the "EXPLOSIONS" from sh9000's pictures made by, and where can I find some?
  13. So wait ... when does this go on pre-order? All I ask, is save me one.
  14. jodokast

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Am I one of the few people who just can't get into the "hero" valks in this series? I never really liked the YF-19 or the YF-29 in terms of design. The 31 is too close to this except for the 31A, which is awesome in my opinon. Guess it will be nothing but cannon fodders for me this go around ... guess that leaves more for you guys.
  15. Wowza ... that's a beaut! Good thing I sold my old VF-0S and bought the new one. Now I've got something old and something new ... (old vf-0a with ghost, and upcoming reactive)
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