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  1. Yes I got to say out of the other 3 super valkyries i have seen your's is a complete jewel.
  2. Like I said if there's at least one picture and an existing pice that belon to it than it can be true.
  3. Yes you do have then all, but theirs some thing so far only you have that gives away a slight difference that there's a chance you a the others have what can be a second version of the Takatoku Henkei Type Super Valkyrie.
  4. Maybe there is one more pice to hunt down if there's a pice of it than it does exist.
  5. Thank you Varitech for posting the instructions sheet they are really going to come out handy for me, I really appreciate it a lot.
  6. I would really appreciate it if you do that Varitech.
  7. Hello there i'm posting here to see if some one can help me in scaning and posting or e-mailing me the instrucion sheet of a 1/48 scale mospeada legioss model kit a few weeks back i got a gobot Leader-1 model kit whick is a transforming legioss figther, i'm only missing the instrucion sheet to build the kit. Thanks to any help.
  8. In the back ground of one of the pic. of the VF-0D you can see some thing about a mini SDF-1 any one know what it is?
  9. Hey takatoys that's a great henkei type SDF-1 still in its blister I have one like that too, only that your blister got the Tatsunoko Productions logo that lets me thinking that Mark of Japan in 1984 not only own the molds of Takatoku but also had a license of Macross that maybe why Italy Mark include the original sticker sheets.
  10. Yes that's it, so its only one guy's build ?
  11. Can any one tell me about this one bad ass looking Dorvack transformable model kit I think it's 1/100 scale or my be 1/144, where can you get it and what can it cost ?
  12. Yes Roy's VF-1S is the only type I mostly go for and it got to de transformable. still with this preference is sill hard to collect all its imitations types.
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