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  1. I almost choked when I saw the price. 130$ without the margin of the store, it is abused ...
  2. WF2013夏!アルカディアブース会場限定にて「ノンスケール ゴル・ボドルザー」を数量限定販売! 価格は¥12,800、サイズは約11cmとなります! 小ぶりですが迫力のある商品です!是非お買い求め下さい! ※数量限定販売の為、早期完売の場合は何卒ご了承くださいませ。 WF2013 summer! The limited quantity sold "non-scale Gol Bodoruza" at Arcadia booth hall limitation! ¥ 12,800, the price will be about 11cm in size! It is small-sized, but is a product with the force! Please buy it! ※ For a limited quantity sale, but approve the case of sold out early.
  3. It's fortress Gorg Bodolle Zer Class, Macross DYRL ver.
  4. 【☆アルカディアブース物販情報第1弾☆】 此方のアイテムを販売いたします!さて・・・ここでクイズです、此方は何でしょうか?答えは明日公開予定です! Arcadia on Twitter translate.google.com : We sell items of [☆ Arcadia Booth product sales information the first bullet ☆] this one! This is a quiz here ... Well, this one What? The answer is coming tomorrow!
  5. Sorry, but no. 25 is the opening of pre-sales on Tamashii Web Shop. For shops like Nippon Yasan or Anime Export, they should begin the day of the update Tamashii Web Shop, 7/24. Yes, it will be a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive. We see the Bandai Collector Shop logo in the YF-29, which indicates a sale only on this site. At least for the Japanese. We can find it on sites like Nippon Yasan, Big In Japan or Anime Export. But more expensive than the official price.
  6. Unless I am mistaken, it is the same pictures that I've posted (#108)
  7. VF-27γ Lucifer with Super Parts Set - Release date : 08/10/2013 Tamashii Nations
  8. Sorry, but it's too late. Pre-orders are finished since May 8, 2013
  9. Reissue DX Chogokin VF-25F Alto Saotome Custom Renewal ver - Release date : 20 July 2013 Tamashii Nations
  10. In general they agree, but they cancel other pre-orders in progress. Ok, I misunderstood, sorry
  11. The reissue of the VF-25F in July has been known since the end of March http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=36536&page=51#entry1031921 And reservations are closed since early April
  12. Yes, they come from the Arcadia site: http://arcadia.ac/macross30th/diary/02/index.php http://arcadia.ac/macross30th/diary/03/index.php
  13. Dark_Ghost

    Macross figures

    My review : http://imgbox.com/g/f3mVUMpSk0
  14. Dark_Ghost

    Macross figures

    Arrived today : Banpresto SQ Lynn Minmay costume x crossover ! 2 photos speeds done. I would do a more complete review tomorrow ^ ^
  15. If we look more closely, it is the ghost at 1400 yen unit. It is not so expensive.
  16. This is the price on the Tamashi Web Shop for Japanese only. For residents outside of Japan it will cost more expensive.
  17. I know they had been shown, I posted photos of Amiami, but despite this, some still had doubts. Now things are clear
  18. It is confirmed there has options parts ^^
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