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  1. nautilus

    Arcadia Offices.

    Now I cannot get the VF-9 out of my head.... In Go Faster Red. Never knew I wanted one so much till now...
  2. nautilus

    Arcadia Offices.

    Aye, and T-Rex have been responsible for some real gems the last few years. If they are brought in by Arcadia to handle a TV SDF-1, I'd have it despite any reservations on cost.
  3. nautilus

    Arcadia Offices.

    I wish I had something hopeful, or rational to add there, but I cannot disagree. if a normal 1/3000 TV version toy did show up at the same price as the Movie version, I'd think about it, but then consider what could be had for the money.
  4. nautilus

    Arcadia Offices.

    Now that is something I had not considered.... Arcadia doing Seigfried's Flagship? Just take my money.
  5. nautilus

    Arcadia Offices.

    A view inside the Arcadia offices on Forbes. Perhaps more Megazone the MACROSS, but still nice to hear what the designers have to say. https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2017/09/08/arcadia-talks-about-how-it-makes-the-best-macross-and-megazone-23-toys-out-there/#47206ecfe974
  6. nautilus

    Wonder Festival Winter 2017

    By all that is holy... I knew I was making an error not blowing off work and going into Wonderfest. I'll wager all the VF-1S went in a heartbeat. Ah well.... You snooze, you lose, I suppose.
  7. Put the ruddy melon down and ask some questions then... Golden opportunity wasted!
  8. nautilus

    1/48 boss pod....

    I can't find a better reaction, so I'll Spartacus this plea for the QR.
  9. nautilus

    1/32nd Captian's BEAST build

    The cup. She has been filled.
  10. nautilus

    Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Been a weird winter, but now that it is over, the modelling begins again. However, the clock is being turned back to rescue an eFX Nautilus from the scrap pile. Not a model, but when it was donated to the collection it was in a bit of a state. I have enjoyed repainting this one, as it has been a favourite for years.
  11. nautilus

    v2 1/72nd scale Monstar.

    Oh yes.... One Valk, please.
  12. nautilus

    v2 1/72nd scale Monstar.

    Is dat sum 1/24 valk action in the background? Just pop that in the post to me, Mike. I don't think you'll miss it much....
  13. nautilus

    1/48 enemy pilot figure

    No worries, Mike. Take your time. I am in no real rush...
  14. nautilus

    1/60 Yamato VF-4G Web-Exclusive Toy

    I'll take that bet - though I won't put a timetable on it.