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  1. Wish someone could write a bot script to autobuy from the online retailers...
  2. The pic from the tamashii nations display certainly had the prototype showing removable leg covers. However I don’t see any promos talking abt it.. The supers only had a diagram which shows the internals... I hope bandai includes the pop off covers. Not difficult to implement and Yamcardia can certainly do it ...
  3. I think he expresses the excitement for all of us when receiving a macross release didnt know there was so much to talk abt missiles. it definitely ups the 1/48 coolness factor.. thanks for the post cf18..
  4. Seems it fits the old Yamato loosely..
  5. Ya got me lokinoel!
  6. Doh flipped pic! Thanks for pointing that out chronocidal! Wondering decades of looking at the lettering, and i missed it being flipped! Turns out its all noel's doing! I do wonder if the weight of the boosters on the back would inadvertently push the back panel down, but i think that's easily adjusted like you said. Didn't occur to me (or i didn't really check) that there was any issues with the back panel lowering down in my current 1J copy. In my mind, the round shape connecting the strike cannon always rotates the cannon, and no further bend is needed anywhere else on the pack. It is what it is.... Sigh wished it was a P-bandai for this one.
  7. Were the UNSpacy on the leg packs supposed to be backwards as per hase and yamcardia? I forget... I can vaguely remember the discussion before for the gunpod unspacy orientation but can’t recall if anything was discussed for the leg packs..
  8. Hikaru blasted the wallet, as the wallet dodged the circus. I.e. You can run but you can't hide from a fully tampoed 1/48 VF-1S blasting your wallet to smithereens. Ok. Ahem. Carry On.
  9. Seems to be the general idea. So basically everyone will have to buy 4 -5? sets of SSP, in anticipation if you want all your valks to be equipped. I mean would you trust bandai to release SSP's everytime there is a 1/48 VF-1 release? Sucky merchandising work bandai!
  10. I wonder if bandai will still release a TV style SP for the arms....there were schematics of it at TN 2018 .... Furthermore there is a 3D printed prototype hanging on the wall... or will it be in this SSP release....which i dont see it advertised or mentioned... Gah...bandai this is too much nickel and dime'ing like david mentioned
  11. Love love this show! Thanks for the renault posting...was looking for that...
  12. Ah the missile set release...yums!
  13. Other than the 171 CF, the other 171 variants did pretty well selling on their own, so i think a 171 voldor custom would do ok. Of course with the other hot potato releases, read 1/48 VF-1 releases, these wouldnt be a priority. Still I wouldnt mind if bandai did a release of it.
  14. Cause its 360 yen extra for the ejection seat tampo.
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