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  1. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks for the link valhary. Finally, a clear under fuselage shot for the 31e! Although still missing how it looks like from the side with wheels down. edit: posted! Really liking the fuselage sleekness from the side (apart from that gap behind the cockpit), and glad the radome seems nicely tucked in and not really breaking the silhouette too much... and also unfolding radome..
  2. p-bandai release! Guitar fast pack!! Ooo wouldnt basara want one!
  3. Oh yeah recall seeing that at earlier in the year...but i was under the impression that it wasnt weathered... Because due to Mr K's recent twitter pic, i think it showed a hint of weathering. Also the prototype shown earlier in the year seemed to be like the initial prototype seen years ago... Hmm...probably wait till next week to find out... thanks for that reminder, almost forgot abt it!
  4. They did? Wonderfest summer is next sunday...unless you are talking abt the shanghai one...any links?
  5. Hehe you just coined PF+...will see if you are correct when the reveal comes if it indeed is another level of finish. If its true that bandai is making them lessen the pricing, this would be a nice release to start on. Nevertheless, am bracing for a 40k yen plus sticker shock on this babe...
  6. Oh yeah baby bring it! 1. Wonder why Bandai postponed the pre-order? 2. Those lower leg missile pods..hmmm.....transferable to the VF-0 Reactive armor perhaps...
  7. Man, an elvis draken valk in fighter mode would be awesome with gold trim against white. Put it with all the other white valks, and can imagine it looks like the king of the valks!
  8. Proof is when they release i suppose. Would be more than annoying, if was a 2nd round of blue grey prototype but dark blue release again... Fortunately there isn't any pre-order madness for arcadia.. The tease of this version seems more than a regular PF? The other PF's weren't weathered i think. Bracing for the sticker shock, they would probably show it next week in time for WFest summer...
  9. Maybe Arcadia will make you happy and make the actual release blue You never know right?
  10. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    For a moment there i thought there was a new release! very nicely done...
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble folks....but the current 1/48 strike/super parts have already set the bottom at 8800 yen....
  12. That’s mighty impressive! Bravo! Half expecting it to fly off after engaging burners! Love the small touches to the sequence of lights! Won’t spoil the video here...
  13. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Tho if you think abt it a once a month DX would probably put the scalpers off So no more DX preorder madness unless of course the scalpers are run by triads with loads of cash
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