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  1. Hmmm....why is arcadia releasing this at this time....all it would take is a one shot announcement of a GBP DX from bandai to sink this.... Or maybe they are banking on the price of a valk+GBP armor set giving the bandai DX GBP set a run for the money..
  2. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    I wonder if bandai is saving that space for...errr....the 15th/20th/25th anniversary of frontier?
  3. Of course i wouldn't like it to have a long delay (even christmas would be pushing the envelope of tolerance), but under the circumstances, consumers dont have much of a choice. As long as it arrives, and no store credit shenanigans pls!
  4. Ok sit back and wait. I suppose my HMR VF-4 from N-Y has a chance to be a christmas present to my self this year.
  5. NY is gonna be busy shipping the HMR VF-4 so you folks gotta wait for them to clear that backlog.... *j'king...
  6. ah right. Tot you were going with a roy theme.
  7. Throw in an Arcadia vf-0 Roy while waiting for the DX....heheh
  8. Posted on the other section, but in case folks don’t visit there...and it’s DX specific so here it is ....
  9. Are you covering all scales? A HMR roy would be nice somewhere. If it was me tho, i would go for a valk evolution...ie VF-0 till VF-31..not vf-1S per se... btw, the VF-0 roy would also be nice somewhere, but i suppose you just want to stick with the VF-1S roy..
  10. Well, we got our answer to what is next from bandai...vf-1 DX kaki in august....which leaves....4 months of the year ie 4 slots left? And if the yf-21 and GBP are on track for this year...that leaves 2 slots... Probably the 21 and GBP are the only ones left this year, as even 2 additional near christmas may be too cramped for releases... My wallet thanks bandai!
  11. Whats with displaying the TV 1J and 1A on the same page as DYRL kaki? Why not use the DYRL Hikkie to be displayed with?
  12. Oh this is gonna appreciated so well with your family during quarantine!
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