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  1. Yeah my 0A had a leg pop off. Fixed it with the your documentation of the issue, if i remember, and added it to the maintenance guide. Leg issue was more widespread than the 0d, yes, but i gathered there were folks who didnt have any leg problems with the 0A at all too. Pity, as the 0A color is awesome with its light blue/grey-ish scheme! Saburo's pics as always! https://www.flickr.com/photos/projektzerothree/24035050572
  2. kakizaki for me to complete the squad pls...
  3. Max exiting the hanger is da bomb! good stuff!
  4. The 21 has the ability to eject limbs! Its not a parts-former, its a gimmick.
  5. The YF-21 design relies on a far bit of anime magic, so am ok with bandai's take on it. In fact, am sort of glad bandai has a design direction on some of the valks, ie beefy valks.
  6. It doesn't need to. Just referencing the fact that its not going to be R rated.
  7. Ah the sign of a true collector! Valk sniffing!
  8. No reason to be concerned. They have come through every order of mine. And didn't ban me or anything even as i forgot/decided not to pay for a pre-order. Caveat was i was a reliable buyer as well.
  9. Very nice video! kudos jenius!
  10. Bringing 2 SWORDS to a gunfight. I wonder how the DX vf-1 would look like decked out in samurai gear...
  11. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Forgot to add that inflation comes into the pricing as well....I wish i took care of my copy better.... But back to the 31A...seems like the price is looking for a bottom...so.... how low can you go...
  12. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    i still remember the price of this beaut...abt 3-4k yen back then. Will never know of course.....its all a gamble.....Ie demand v supply..with a dash of macrossaddiction!
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