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  1. Sounds about right. Well if you want more rationalisation, it will feel right at home into a gbp.
  2. Haha am the opposite, not feeling the 1S for some strange reason.. now bring on kakizaki 1A bandai!!!
  3. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Tamashii nations has an area for hi metal, so answer is no. HMR is not dead. Now whether that is macross HMR or not...but still too early to say. Wait a month to find out!
  4. It kinda is am afraid. But I did have a chuckle at how the show tried to top itself as the gore scenes progressed...it tried to out rambo itself!
  5. Am surprised there isn’t a godfather gif? or perhaps it’s still too early in the game hehe..
  6. Guessed as much. Looking at the custom makes me want to YouTube sewing videos and do one myself... who am I kidding...
  7. Well there is a unicorn in the movie... Saw it yesterday, acting was nothing to shout about, literally a splatter fest towards the end...
  8. My only wish for the PF is at that price point, i wish there was something more than just the tampo. Maybe throw in a customised stand, extra missiles or something. For the 0D, at least the panel line and weathering is added value.
  9. whoa...That doesn't look like the old yamato uniform?...or is it?
  10. If someone comes up with a zentradi uniform to fit max, that would be a bestseller!
  11. are we talking about the PF release itself? Or are we discussing the fact that there is a non-PF and a PF version?
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