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  1. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Advanced version or the last updated variant naming .....ie Super siegfried (?)..that would be similar to the super tomcat... or have an Advanced tactical fighter designation somewhere...Advanced Siegfried....vf-31ATF(X?)....sounds nice
  2. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Ooooh..Am liking this, looks like the old 31A bulked up. As for the large guns underwing, thats a pretty distinctive form factor to remember by. Will see the final product but its a nice variant to me.. So this version cant be still called the 31A right? 31A-W? W for windermerean?
  3. ...................... this is what happens when there is a lapse in macross toy releases ...the toy shots are quite creative...who would have known one day we would get toys that are so detailed... either way, toys and photography always mix....tho there was a photography thread too but i recalled it fell silent after a while?
  4. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Khyron approves! Now onward!! HMR glaug pose with vf-1 and regult HMRs?
  5. That so called stabilized zoom shld be the norm of any seen in the wild videos.. Talk abt checking out every detail...
  6. haha tq! but i must say i am nothing compared to the gurus in here... may the mighty macross handkerchief and all merch related collector reign supreme...
  7. When I read the title of this thread, I tot there were going to be some live song and dance performances during PO nites...like macross delta zettai ...live!!! my bad! Next March/April could be possible PO territory...
  8. Well the traditional way of dealing with megathreads is ....to lock it past nn number of pages, and then open a new megathread and name it part 2! In this case, the nuclear option for mods is to lock this thread. However as a twist, instead of generating another similar named part 2 thread, rename the new threads; i.e. 1/48 Bandai DX VF-1J TV hikaru thread, 1/48 Bandai DX VF-1A Max thread, 1/48 Bandai DX VF-1A DYRL kakizaki thread and a VF-1S TV Roy thread. Something to that effect. Of course the VF-1J TV hikaru thread would be empty, since its old, but maybe the mods can
  9. Auntie sheryl and ranka are babysitting the walkure young uns.. Grandma Minmay is avoiding everyone and staying at home cos of the risk of the var....
  10. sticker shock! ...in a positive way alas it be but a fantasy...
  11. seti88

    Macross figures

    They be faxing the important documents to HQ...like weekly valk replacement parts report...
  12. wowsers!
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