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  1. Sopranos, matrix and lotr for me!
  2. For that price, one would think there would be after sales part replacement services. funny story, after i clicked on the link and saw optimus, i tot, say that's a steal of a price for that size and detail. Was calculating the exchange rate, when i noticed the price was only for a pre-order booking. oh well....
  3. Something makes me believe you would get 3 1/35 roys. And put one on a center throne surrounded by smaller valks. No shortage of lineart for valk internals, so a macross ultimetal style with open hatches could work. Bandai needs to put some effort into that, seeing how they missed the boat on the 1/48 Super and strike part internals. Open hatched valk certainly would be a shelf presence on its own, and bandai could sell another range of hangar parts for diorama.
  4. Call it the bandai tease cross fingers and toes that it’s still on the cards!
  5. who needs the actual roy DX with these around. This is another way of securing a roy VF-1s. Be interesting to see how the yellow of the upcoming roy DX fits in with these! Further if these customs still retained hikaru’s name on the canopy side, it could also represent the booby duck vf-1s in the goodbye girl episode! nice! edit: *tho the point of whether the booby duck valk in ep24 was already assigned to hikaru or not is debatable perhaps?*
  6. Does anyone have any history/info on this image? Stuck in my mind for the longest time and probably compelled me to prefer the packs with kites over the strike packs... Any macross historians?
  7. They most likely get it from another scalper. So you get double scalped so to speak.
  8. Hows the closet space coming along? From one old man to another, i hear ya. Hard to imagine macross toys are still going stronger and pricier still. Still, viewing it as a marathon not a sprint. I might not get all of em, but if i am collecting some i really like, am ok missing out on a few favs. Do i wish it was easier to get at MSRP, and i wouldnt pay for scalper prices? Hell yeah. But i also understand am not here to tell folks what to do with their money. Luckily, not everyone has a money printing machine (unlike the fed), and the prices eventually settle back NEAR MSRP. Down the rabbit hole we go! I cant tell what attracts me to roy's valk. Is it the yellow scheme??Or merely skull leader designation. I mean i could have gotten hikaru's 1S and be done with a 1S, but somehow i still go for roy's ride. Thanks for posting that nostalgic image. Brings back the feels bigtime. Grateful for being part of it when other kids may not have been able to get one.
  9. The emotion i get from this PO attempt so far is, actually i wanted to say frustration, but after going through so many PO's, i realised its more of boredom. Waiting to see if it turns to jubilation.
  10. Is roy's veritech valkyrie fighter still available a msrp?
  11. Gee hope that wasn’t a hard to get item in HLJ’s Pw. That would be just a horrible feeling. i do wonder how AE can store things, what seems indefinitely. There must a holding cost to it. Even if it’s their own place, the cost is the lost opportunity to rent/use the warehouse for other activities.
  12. Longest I had stuff in their warehouse was over a year apart. Although it seemed fine, I didn’t want to push my luck letting in sit in their warehouse too long. You never know what might happen . but yeah AE hasn’t let me down past decade been using them..
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