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  1. Gundam is awakening...first a giant moving robot statue...and then...lets see...ultimate extreme MG perhaps?
  2. On the other extreme end of the spectrum, i would really like to see HMR take on MFrontier... Seeing how more complicated Frontier's valk transformations are tho, that might bump up the cost significantly. A nice excuse for bandai to push the HMR pricing level, if so. And on the super extreme end of things, maybe moving controlled destroids....? Dammit bandai, so many good ideas to push macross merch....
  3. Hearing the silent screams of a million err... macross fanboiis...
  4. Last word on it was that kawamori-san and tenjin-san saw the 3rd(?) draft of the prototype and requested another review. That was a year ago before the world took a giant sickleave. If there was any progress, some news would probably leak from now till end Oct next month... However on release dates, i cant remember if bandai has PO's open during November/December. If they dont, then the only probable PO annoucement this year would be next week-ish at the beginning of Oct.
  5. HMR Tomahawk and Phalanx...its been 5 yrs since it was teased. Looking at the edge of vapourware...
  6. Brownie with UNSPACY fast packs ..
  7. I would love bandai's take on a VF-11! But thats gotta wait till after the 21. And am not sure if bandai will continue doing M+ valks after the 21... if ever the 21 will be out??
  8. There is a tolmekian fig?! Wow I missed that one..gratz! I wonder if revo will cover other characters too?
  9. bandai, moar moar hard to get and expensive vf-1's pls!!
  10. let’s see ...will there be a YF-21 or GBP or something new to be teased within these 2-3 weeks?
  11. Quality markings and panel lining. Was there any other customisations? You got them skilz!
  12. Bandai, zip up your air intakes....they are showing...
  13. Gee now i saw the comparison of the trailers, the new one is really missing the deep blue spice eyes! The baron harkonnen looks too buff dammit! And the old worm looks more menacing and sci-fi ish! Not a rant, anyway thrilled there is a dune movie.
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