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  1. What’d you use for your panel lining? Looks clean
  2. Clicked your link a half hour ago. Turns out there was another one listed (Pre-owned ITEM:A/BOX:B)DX Chogokin Movie VF-1S Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijyou Custom) "Macross: Do You Remember Love?"(Released) Unit price 25,980 Picked it up, my first VF-1, first 1/48 I’ve owned. Thank you for posting this!
  3. How much was shipping on it from Mandrake?
  4. Anyone have an idea when the next pre-orders could be? I wanted a Hikaru, but honestly it's going for a 100+ over the original price. Hard to justify it.
  5. Would you be interested in a trade of a metal Build EVA-01 for the 02?
  6. It's a brand new Macross Delta 1/50 VF-31S Siegfried that was piloted by Arad Molders. I paid a shiny penny for it a year ago and unfortunately due to circumstances I have to unload it and another one I listed. All seals on it, unused mint, no damage anywhere on box, and will be shipped with protection because regrettably this was hard to let go. Asking for 500 shipped and payment through Paypal/Venmo
  7. Complete in box, transformed once and left in box. Can provide more pictures as well 200 shipped. Venmo/paypal preferred.
  8. I have zero faith I'll stop at one, hoping to nab one of these and the Roy, and if the VF-1A continues to drop in price as it has been, that could be a huge maybe
  9. If no one else has claimed, I am interested. I haven't had a chance to get a 1/48 VF-1 yet, or any classic Macross in general and this would be a great starter
  10. I really should've chosen my words a lot more carefully. lol, Jenius, I'm digging the review.
  11. I'm curious how everyone feels about the YF-29's having to push out the waist joint for it to be in its robot mode? I find it really finicky and unstable. I'm eyeing it side by side to my VF-19 Advance and I feel like it may have just spoiled every other veritech for me. Do any have the clean lines that it does in the VF-25, YF-29 line? Or is it just that gorgeous.
  12. Anyone interested in a VF-19 Advance and couldn't get one? Jungle has a decent price on one. http://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/?page_id=121&id=1275258
  13. Zaid

    Advice Needed

    Where would you even get a VF-25S from at a reasonable price? I've got a VF-19 Advance and absolutely love it, but a VF-25S would be the one Frontier Valk I'd hanker for, and have had no luck finding at a decent price. But you really can't go wrong with either. The VF-19 is a must have in my opinion because it has that modernized design, yet still a classic look.
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