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  1. This was the last 00 Raiser, the new one comes with the camo pattern and a "lighter" blue Found this picture on Facebook
  2. I took that last picture, wanted to take a few more but I was in a bit of a hurry
  3. This weekend we had a little expo called Unboxing Toy Convention here in Mexico and a few guys from a gunpla-focused group called GundaMX put together a little diorama with some Valks, I took a few pictures and decided to share them here
  4. Good news for me, DAM the official mexican distributor of Bandai has announced the upcoming release of the Eva 02 here in Mexico The price is to be determined but it seems around 250 USD, a bit more that ordering from HLJ but way less that some resalers
  5. This is gettin weird, I get the popularity but HLJ has been selling some items VERY fast
  6. I dont think thats the right link, with the DX was the same, you could never get to the product page with that type of link
  7. Nothing was like the preorder of the DX VF-1 And the Eva wasnt that hard, I managed to get one both times, original launch and reissue
  8. New rumor Leaked news : MB Freedom 2.0 from Future of MB of Gundam Seed .... below the MB freedom 2.0 there’s a drawing of MB Justice ... Gundam 00 will be GN ARMS
  9. My mistake, I tought the preorder began last night based on a NY tweet But it seems it begins today
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