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  1. I had two different Heines and both look great, I never saw any discrepancies in color between any of them
  2. Well, just wake up and thanks to you guys mangaed to order it from HLJ
  3. So the Eva 02 goes on sale this weekend? I missed the preorder on this one
  4. It was an option, send the wrong one after receiving the new Destiny I proposed a discount on the new set, paying shipping and taxes (again) for it and keep the old one
  5. Well, hats off to AmiAmi customer service, they sent me the right Destiny after paying another shipping fee while keeping the wrong one
  6. Thanks guys, finally got one at HLJ The "bad" part was that I had a 20% off cupon that didnt bother to use, I focused on gettin the order ASAP
  7. In case anyone is looking for a Crossbone its up on HLJ https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-crossbone-gundam-x1-bans55153
  8. They didnt say anything on the item description outside of the box listed as B And just got their E-mail acknowledging the problem, they said "we are checking with our logistic department"
  9. So I ordered a Full set of the Destiny with the wings of light from AmiAmi Aaaand they put the old Destiny with the set!!! It was pre-owned but the description didnt say anything about it Just waiting on their reply but some kind of reimburse would be in order, or am I being too naive with their customer service?
  10. That Astraea its on sale already, the Test Pack its open for preorders
  11. Great price for those of you on the US And I just got a big haul from Mandarake and HLJ
  12. Nice price on the 00 Raiser But Im hopeful to see it a little bit lower on Mandarake, the new taxes here in Mexico are a pain in the ass for collectors
  13. Maybe its just me but it seems to be a lot of repaints for the Metal Build line Wich its not a bad thing, those Evas look nice but may as well let them pass, Im more interested in the new Croosbones X2
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