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  1. louiev12

    Macross VR

    Personally it would be nice if it was a cockpit sim or a ride. Cockpit ride in the VF-11 !? That would be cool !. Though come to think of it a ride around the sdf-1 dyrl sounds really good too . The rings of Saturn idea? Nice !.
  2. louiev12

    Macross VR

    Macross VR announced at the walkure concert . What do you think ? What do you think it will be ?
  3. Macross zero would be great as a (almost) exact live action movie !..
  4. I have a question for the speaker podcast guy,s. Doe,s the treatment say or describe if the alien,s use mecha, and if so what they look like? .
  5. HI ! Has anyone seen concept or design art, from the proposed macross live action move. The one i believe,they were calling macross : final outpost : earth ??
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