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  1. So when do preorders slate to be opening?
  2. Finally got my order in at HLJ! hope you all can get one in.
  3. https://hlj.com/dx-chogokin-vf-1a-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-use-bans56722?utm_source=My+Figure&utm_medium=PROD&utm_campaign=My+Figure incase anyone was looking for HLJ
  4. Hikaru1234567890

    Hi-Metal R

    So how did you take it apart? cause I'm seeing some areas i dare not sand with out taking it apart.
  5. Hikaru1234567890

    Hi-Metal R

    Has anyone attempted to take their VF-4 apart and Flat Coat it? Im thinking about doing it, as I've done it with my other HMR releases.
  6. Hikaru1234567890

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah ill let you know when i get my answer back from them!
  7. Hikaru1234567890

    Hi-Metal R

    Requesting Ami Ami to take cancel my two orders on thew VF-4 as i am having to take out the funds i saved up for my appartment.
  8. So I decided to follow takas example of a more detailed cockpit, and I really think it looks amazing! Also Taka, where did you get that HUD decal?
  9. Does this kit have any poseability?
  10. Do you by chance make the Pilots?? cause i would like to get a male figure if possible.
  11. HAs anyone gotten there shipment notice from NY? Or they still holding out for a bit.
  12. Has anyone tried using a 1/48 Hasegawa pilot? I'm curious cause I want to use the DYRL pilot figure with this.
  13. Anyone know what it means on Nippon Yassin for "waiting for customer reply"? i paid for everything including the extra 660 Yen for the shipping fiasco. but will it hold my order for a while or is than an email i have to wait on to reply for?
  14. Hikaru1234567890

    Hi-Metal R

    F***ing god, Never want to use AmiAmi or HLJ ever again with there s**tty site revamps. But managed to snag 2 from AmiAmi...
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