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  1. Only because this is life-sized Gunpla making noise on the interwebs... Japan's 60-Foot-Tall Gundam Robot Is Now Walking and Wreaking Havoc
  2. There’s your problem. You’re using IE. USE A MODERN BROWSER.
  3. They're better...if you compared it to the 1st generation RTX, not the gen 1.5 cards. I haven't seen all the big reviews yet but they seem to point to "card to woo all the non-1st adopters finally".
  4. Cuz of the helmet, a stunt guy could play the Mando through the whole show.
  5. Yeah, if you updated to Windows 10 May update (ver 2004), expect a bunch of issues. There was a big patch released in July and another big one released in August which resolved a nasty SSD constant defrag issue.
  6. AMD Announces Keynote Dates for Zen 3 and RX 6000 "Big Navi" (Tom's Hardware) We'll hear more about Zen 3 on October 8 and RX 6000 on October 28.
  7. The 3090 looks to be a replacement for the Titan-line of GPUs. Considering a Titan RTX will set you back $2000+, $1500 seems reasonable.
  8. At this point, we have a transaction dispute between 2 parties that does not need to be aired on this forum. Please take it to PM or email to resolve. Thank you. Back to a normal thread about toys.
  9. Glad I didn’t upgrade on the RTX 20-series. ‘Definitely want to see the reviews on the 3070 and I definitely want the thermals and power usage on the 3080 & 3090.
  10. Team Red probably won't have an answer except a price drop. Considering the new power plug and the massive cooling on the 3080 & 3090 (not to mention the extra slot the 3090 takes up), I too would like to see AMD answer back with a better performance/watt and better efficiency to Nvidia. Yes, Nvidia is going to make a beast of a GPU, but if these things belch heat and consume power, how will that be better if the GPU is turning your system into a convection oven.
  11. Official 30-series (Kitchen) Launch presentation: Let's see how the 3070 stacks up in real-world. I notice the PCB on the 3080 is smaller and that 2nd front fan consumes the entire front.
  12. Reading the synopsis on Wikipedia and rewatching the trailers does nothing. I'm still confused.
  13. The leak also shows the 3090 with a new 12-pin power connector. So yeah, for that person who’s wallet is burning a hole in their pocket, you better have the PSU to back up that purchase.
  14. Reeves has stated that this Bruce Wayne/Batman duality takes inspiration from Darwyn Cooke's Batman: Ego, if you want to explore the Bruce/Bats relationship in this movie.
  15. Matt Reeves also confirming this is a "Year Two"-story while the HBO Gotham City PD series will take place during "Year One". Now if Robert Pattinson's Bat-voice strikes a different tone than his Bruce Wayne-voice, I'm sold.
  16. Gotham Knights gameplay footage. I wonder if it allows co-op play. That would actually be awesome. There a a bunch of Arkham Knight stealth takedown videos. Imagine 4 players stealth takedown montage of an entire map section.
  17. So has anyone tried MS Flight Simulator? Can anyone download (127 GB after the 532MB Steam client) or actually RUN MS Flight Simulator with all the bells and whistles (real-time air traffic, Bing maps data, etc)?
  18. Both rank fairly high for travelers in China. NordVPN appears to have more servers but ExpressVPN has speed. I don't use either but they're on my list when my current VPN subscription expires. If your ExpressVPN subscription is up, maybe it's worth a shot to try NordVPN.
  19. Can't say this wasn't expected. Intel Reorganizes In Wake of 7nm Woes; Chief Engineering Officer Murthy Renduchintala To Depart (Anandtech.com) I really hope AMD hammers home Ryzen 4th gen desktop.
  20. Intel, lately (I mean the past 10 to 15 years) have been releasing their next gen CPUs to mobile (laptops) first, then desktops. Performance-wise, Ryzen mobile CPUs have been the better bang for the buck. Single core performance favors Intel. Multi-core favors AMD. As for performance of Intel's mobile 10nm CPUs...only mild improvements. Performance was evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It wasn't like Ryzen 4000-series of mobile CPUs. It was
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