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  1. An HD re-release of a GBA game I have no plan on getting for my Switch. M.E.H.
  2. More specifically, this show is supposed to lead into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is, as the title suggests, deals with the Marvel multiverse. Ms. Olsen has been casted into that movie so take what you will of that tidbit.
  3. Obviously this conversation is going off the rails so should any one of you bring this up again, we're just going to ban you.
  4. While some members here may be group owners of that Facebook group, MW is not affiliated with this Facebook group. Sorry but you will need to talk to that group's owners.
  5. Is that why the YouTube algorithm is flooding me with creepy-sexy-vampire-chick that grabs my player and shoves foot long claws nails into my chest videos?
  6. He can be spared, but being that doesn't nullify any future claim to the throne (even if he doesn't want it). In a trial-by-combat situation, to ensure any future claims are nullified, killing your opponent is preferable, but not required. True, the loser is disgraced but that doesn't stop them from coming back. Gideon isn't Mandalorian so exceptions could be made there.
  7. Probably thrown into the mix next season will be other Mandalorians challenging him. They're going to have to kill him if they want a claim to the throne. This is the way....it works.
  8. I think, given the background of the characters, the audience knows Wanda is in a false reality. My guess is since the previews didn't reveal much, the reality she's in is part of the surprise. Should they string people for too long? Probably not even if it's fun to do a parody of each decades' sitcoms.
  9. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. Or it's the nostalgia googles. You can see the ratings start dipping from the end of Smith, through Capaldi and straight into Ms. Whittaker's run. Take out the outliers and it started back in Tenet's run. TV shows just don't have that same stamina they use to.
  10. Just an update on where we stand on anyone planning to update their computers this year: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/gpu-shortages-worsen-cryptocurrency-coin-miners-ethereum TL;DR: Maybe Autumn 2021...Maybe consider last gen parts...
  11. Dead. Not dead. Now dead. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/tanya-roberts-james-bond-that-70s-show-dead-1234878064/
  12. Unfortunately, it takes a series to get to know these regenerations and for the writers to figure out the characters they have. When we get to a 2nd series with these characters, the audience and writers finally get comfortable with the characters and story. Ratings probably had a role to play. Who knows...
  13. Reports of a death may have been greatly exaggerated. https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/04/tanya-roberts-still-alive-rep-saying-shes-dead-70s-show-bond-girl/
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