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  1. Thought it was OK. I give shows a a little bit of time for writers to figure out their actors and and how they work with their characters. I do like the slow approach to the Batsuit morphing into the Batwoman suit. They better say that the Wayne Tower Batcave is only Batbunker.
  2. It’s the hair. The wig they put on Brent Spiner looks off. They should have adjusted it. i hope the called up John Eaves and Mike Okuda to work on the Federation ships.
  3. Oh you kids and your short series.
  4. Don’t mess with the furball.
  5. He doesn’t know????? That overgrown teddy bear is from Robotech: Sentinels.
  6. I know I've bought a few bits and pieces from them but as for anything serious? Nah. Pricing and returns are better on Amazon. Or I shop on B&H or I'm lucky enough go to a local shop.
  7. Looks like a VF-27 and a Sv-262 had a love child.
  8. It would be hilarious if Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl shares a scene with them and calls Erica Durance’s Lois “Mom” (Ms. Durance played Supergirl’s mother back in Season 3).
  9. Even back in the 80s (or perhaps early 90s), they couldn't find someone who could draw properly. You could fit an entire hand on the right interior (his right interior) of that helmet.
  10. All VFs, post-2040, have a Pin-point barrier system as standard equipment. The VF-25, VF-31 Kairos and YF-29 have pin-point barrier systems.
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