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  1. I actually have a 2018 Macbook Air for a work laptop, supplementing my work desktop. Honestly, I don't mind the 2 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. I haven't run into a situation where I actually need both ports active. It's lightweight, has a work-suitable screen and resolution (bonus points for being a 16:10 screen). Processor is fine for what I use it for. I would definitely trade it for a better keyboard, but I haven't had at situation where I've had to push this little thing that hard. iGPUs are good enough for every day tasks of web, email, or media consumption where you don't need a discrete graphics card. A Ryzen 4900HS vs a i5-1060NG7 is a hands-down win for Ryzen. But that's comparing 2 different classes of CPUs. The Ryzen is a 35W TDP designed for all-around use cases while the i5 is a 10W TDP designed for low wattage systems. Back to the thread at hand, I'm working at home currently so gaming is pretty much a no-go for a while.
  2. Yeah. You don't want to hear me rant about this...AGAIN. Game developers all think their customers all have gigabit internet or have the funds to get gigabit internet.
  3. Just to back up my statement, exhibit A from November 2019 Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy on ‘Rise of Skywalker’ and the Future of ‘Star Wars’ There's literally a treasure trove of material from pre-Disney, but you know, it's pre-Disney. Pre-people-with-actual-imaginations.
  4. They're not necessarily making more movies. They're making their own books to make movies out of. Cuz KOTOR and all the pre-Disney stuff are taboo Legends.
  5. They say it because it looks like 2 halves of a gun handle. Also, they note this from the comics:
  6. I kept wondering where they got that idea for the Bat-symbol, then it finally hit me, It's the original Bob Kane-symbol. Cool. So it is a ver 1.x suit. (yes, I'm using the Arkham-games notation) Here's another shot of the suit: It's the stunt double but now that I see it, it's not bad for the Ver. 1 suit. Except for the ears. Too thin. I would prefer fatter ears There's also an additional note about the suit
  7. Suit feels very Arkham Origins-like. Plates over an inner suit. Not sure if I like the collar. I would prefer collar-less. Now for the cowl...Has a very stitched look to it. Not sure I like all that cheek showing. If they added another .5" to each side, I think it would be better. Robert Pattison has that Wilson Bethel cheek & chin from Daredevil S3 from that suit. The suit is okay for a Ver 1/Ver 1.5-suit that this movie takes place in (This flick is supposed to occur during his 2nd year-ish. Gordon is only a detective or Lt., not a captain and definitely no commish)
  8. People can scream “actively being developed” all they want. Someone can attach all the names and faces they want. But until a studio greenlights it, books shooting venues, hires actors and crews, etc., it’s all vaporware.
  9. Yeah, literally had to look up those 2 episodes...and they're gone. Q, literally, has eternity to smack that "holier-than-thou" attitude out of humans.
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