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  1. azrael

    The Doctor Who Thread

    Like I said, Tennant's Doctor started this "Ginger"-gag before Smith's Doctor. Where it referenced before Tennant, well...
  2. azrael

    The Doctor Who Thread

    David Tennant's Doctor started "Ginger"-comment before Matt Smith's Doctor did when he regenerated and asked if he was a Ginger. Nice opening titles. Shame they didn't keep the silhouette but then again, Jodie doesn't have the crossed eye-brows and Scottish glare of Calpadi.
  3. azrael

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    Netflix Knocks Out ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’, No Season 3 For Martial Arts Series Terrible 1st season. Make-up season 2 not enough to save it. Disney could pick it up and move it to their streaming service.
  4. The UN really need some First Contact protocols. Though granted, humanity had a freakin spaceship dropped on our laps. At least no one on that said craft was alive to show us how to use it and we still hadn't left our solar system by the time someone made first contact with us... Having a freakin colony fleet just come to a planet without some investigation of the native life must have caused Windermere to leapfrog a few centuries of social development.
  5. And Intel decides to match AMD with 9th gen CPUs and Z390 boards...which are just Coffee Lake refreshes, which, as one article put it, "was already a rehash of Kaby Lake, which was an update to Skylake. So we are on Skylake Refresh Refresh Refresh". So I might as well toss the 8700k out of the picture.
  6. azrael

    Star Trek: Discovery

    According to the SDCC trailer, he was on leave. Logic says shaving is irrelevant while on leave.
  7. azrael

    The Doctor Who Thread

    I'm waiting for her "I am The Doctor"-moment. Seeing as the antagonist this week wasn't quite the big-threat, it might be awhile....
  8. I’m going to second that. You are much better off looking for a 1070 or a 1080 (probably on sale). A 980 or 970 would also be a better choice. Since it sounds like you are trying to save money, the RTX 2070/2080 is likely not on your radar.
  9. Option 1: Like you said, future-proofing. PS4 end-of-life is ~2021 and PS5 is expected around that time. But I would expect games by that time to need at least the PS4 Pro to run. Option 2: The budget option. Nothing wrong about this one. If you don't get that much play time anymore, do you really want to shell out for a PS4 Pro?
  10. azrael

    DC Aquaman

  11. The White-Blue theme has issues with embedding topics. Switch to the Dark theme to correct the issue.
  12. Hey hey hey. I'm sure your grandpa had questionable fashion choices by today's standards in his youth. And grandma might have been obnoxious when she was young too. JJ is a good ideas-man. After that, I can't say his productions have turned into spectacular works once they leave his head, however.
  13. All they needed was a little push... So I guess I'm now a Russian or Chinese troll who is interfering just because I was one of the 1st here to come out hating this flick (and the last one). I find this study's focus on Twitter to be short-sighted. Tweets are relatively easy to mine data, but what about forums, Facebook, Reddit, etc.. Simply, this paper has de-legitimized actual complaints from real people about the movie and I take offense to that because now these types of excuses will be used elsewhere when people disagree. Social media trolls may have exacerbated the issue to weird levels (like Kelly Marie Tran closing her Instagram account), but the dislike for this movie is legitimate.