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  1. In my travels with a laptop, lightweight is definitely preferable. I don't normally game while traveling so a dedicated GPU is not on my radar. I use a 13" Macbook Pro for home and as backup to my desktop (It's basically a desktop lite). For my work laptop, I use a Macbook Air. That being said, get a Ryzen laptop, if you can find a good one. Performance-wise, it's a better value right now.
  2. Not sure about the older generations. Haswell-4th gen (4000-series) was probably the pinnacle back in 2013. My ITX box still uses a Haswell chip. 6th-gen Skylake chips was likely the next jump, but that's also where Intel goofed and started trending down. 2018 was where people were saying about Intel, "WTF". Intel, traditionally, overclocks well but that's all they had going for them after Skylake. When I last upgraded, I had the option to do 8th or 9th gen Coffee Lake. At the time, the difference between the 2 generations was negligible so I opted for 8th-generation.
  3. It's a thumbnail'd pic. Click on the pic to see the larger pic.
  4. So...3080 launch was a launch-crash-then-burn. Nvidia is using higher-end capacitors while some board-partners are using cheaper ones that are causing crash-to-desktop when the GPU reaches >2.0Ghz speeds. And the 3090...falling into the "not-really-worth-the-price-tag-unless-you-really-need-it"-category. I'm moving to "cautiously-optimistic" on that 3070 release in a couple of weeks.
  5. Only because this is life-sized Gunpla making noise on the interwebs... Japan's 60-Foot-Tall Gundam Robot Is Now Walking and Wreaking Havoc
  6. There’s your problem. You’re using IE. USE A MODERN BROWSER.
  7. They're better...if you compared it to the 1st generation RTX, not the gen 1.5 cards. I haven't seen all the big reviews yet but they seem to point to "card to woo all the non-1st adopters finally".
  8. Cuz of the helmet, a stunt guy could play the Mando through the whole show.
  9. Yeah, if you updated to Windows 10 May update (ver 2004), expect a bunch of issues. There was a big patch released in July and another big one released in August which resolved a nasty SSD constant defrag issue.
  10. AMD Announces Keynote Dates for Zen 3 and RX 6000 "Big Navi" (Tom's Hardware) We'll hear more about Zen 3 on October 8 and RX 6000 on October 28.
  11. The 3090 looks to be a replacement for the Titan-line of GPUs. Considering a Titan RTX will set you back $2000+, $1500 seems reasonable.
  12. At this point, we have a transaction dispute between 2 parties that does not need to be aired on this forum. Please take it to PM or email to resolve. Thank you. Back to a normal thread about toys.
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