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  1. Release date announced. Topic will be locked until Dec.15, 2017.
  2. And that's why we have an endless number or remakes coming out of Hollywood...Nostalgia crap. I have more choice words but I'll refrain. When I see the Jedi Interceptor fighter from Episode III, I can see it leading to being mass-produced as the TIE, but then by Episode 7, we're still stuck in that exact shape but now with a turret and giant cog wheels. They could have revisited the old design that gave the pilot more visibility or combining the best of TIE Advanced and TIE Interceptor into a unique package but no. Let's just stick a 2nd chair in there and keep the exact shape. Yes, that split-wing design definitely ruins the symmetry of the original T-65. I would like to say it followed design trends. Like cars, the prequel designs had a unique-ness to their design. As we moved closer to the OT, things became more industrial and less unique (IRL, cars started to look like boxes). Now the curvy look is back in cars but it follows a function-from-form. But I don't see that in that trend in this trilogy's designs. It's like design came to a hand-brake-jack-knife stop. I don't see that trend.
  3. The trailer says otherwise. But it's the last season anyways.
  4. I actually find that to be very depressing. At least Rogue One brought in new craft or 3 (Thank you Doug Chiang. At least one of the ILM alums has the balls to draw something new and still make it fit into this universe). It would be nice if they got rid of the Falcon and brought in something new. Hell, the designs in this new trilogy are, IMHO, all garbage cuz it looks all the same as Episodes 4-6. And I still can't like the 'Trooper-look. None look scary and the guns look like Nerf guns with the white with black parts. This old classic vs this
  5. Definitely with you on that one. And I only played the beta.
  6. They'll likely conclude the liberation of Lothal they've been running for the 4 seasons. They started with it and they should end with it. Seeing that Saw is showing up, they'll likely address his further split from the rest of the Alliance. Characters don't have to die, but they have to be put into a position where they cannot influence the story any longer. For example, Ahsoka. She lived but did not emerge back outside the temple after the fight with Vader and for the most part, her involvement in the story ended there. The same can happen to other characters where they choose a path that writes them out of the main story.
  7. Prepare for Thanos/Cable jokes.Or Purple-Mad-God/Cable jokes. Copyright.....
  8. And we have another Warcraft. Flops domestically. Makes up in foreign markets.
  9. It's still possible to break even, but over time.They'll likely (eventually) break even on the production costs, but marketing costs will likely be a sunken cost.
  10. It's probably worth a mention that some of the initial pics people posted of the warping didn't provide context. No mention of heat issues, just warping. So it could have been a manufacturing defect. It doesn't make it unusable, but it is a defect. I suspect it to be heat from the battery as well as the rest of electronics packed into the device. It's a gaming system. If one wants that kind of performance from such a small device, it's bound to generate heat which would warp the plastic over time. If it's a manufacturing defect, then the affected units should have some common factor which should separate them from the units that are not exhibiting signs. At least Nintendo is repairing/replacing the affected units.