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  1. Merch is showing them going the catsuit-route. But it could be one of those magical cloths or amulets that morphs her at the end.
  2. Reminds me of Cal Kestis's line from the Fallen Order trailer. Don't stand out. Igniting his lightsaber would instantly ruin that. Heck, the instant Kanan Jarrus ignited his saber, that painted a big bullseye on him. Having a show where Obi-wan ignites his saber would attract an unhealthy amount of attention.
  3. We'll find out on Sunday. We only know he's been referred to as "Kingdom Come Bruce Wayne/Batman". Similarly, Brandon Routh's Superman is "Kingdom Come Superman" as well as "Superman Returns"-Superman (who also happens to be the Chris Reeves-Superman).
  4. IIRC, “Baby Yoda” was the production’s nickname for the puppet. Unfortunately, it stuck. Yes, it’s one of his species.
  5. Yes. Disney thought they could replicate the Marvel formula by tossing 2-4 movies out every year. But when Solo flopped at the box office and TLJ met with some serious backlash, that plan got crushed. With the success of The Mandalorian, it appears they want to leverage Disney+.
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