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  1. Assuming Hyperthreading is turned off. Either way, anyone planning upgrades could probably stick with a cheaper Sky Lake-CPU. Kaby Lake-CPUs should only be a "if you want to spend the money"-deal.
  2. Keep in mind, many PC games, especially the FPSs are console ports. To pick on the favorite stereotype, CoD on PC in recent releases has been plagued with limited video options and some bad input issues (namely mouse input) which have had no signs of resolution. If you were turned off by Wolfenstein, might I suggest Doom.
  3. I think every game is a "mobile" game. The primary console is the mobile unit. The dock appears to be a charging unit/TV pass-through unit. The whole gimmick behind the switch is play on the go and then continue playing at home on your TV.
  4. IIRC, Rebels takes place 5 years before Ep 4 (at the start of the series).
  5. Did you try this?
  6. I think it has less to do with that and more with ruining the immersion. They could have dressed it up to look less like an ACOG from today. Alien is suppose to be set in the future so we would expect it to look less like something from today. But they didn't try. The AR-15 posted earlier was just a AR-15. The AUG is just an AUG with stuff on it. The M-41A pulse rifle looks nothing like the Thompson SMG that it was based off of. Han Solo's Star Wars DL-44 hides the C96 Mauser it was based off of.
  7. I'm gonna echo Graham's sentiment of the props. I miss the dress up. Take this pic from the weekend: ] It's a AUG with ACOG scope, folding grip, flashlight attachment. If I dug around I could probably find out what barrel shroud that is. It's like movie makers don't even try to make future guns look different.
  8. Well... I'm sure that ending will
  9. My current rig is a Haswell system. With those Kaby Lake benchmarks, I'm also thinking of stretching that upgrade from mid-2017 to late 2017 myself. Likely upgrade other aging components until all I need are a new CPU/motherboard/RAM combo.
  10. Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake review: Is the desktop CPU dead? The Intel Core i7-7700K (91W) Review: The New Out-of-the-box Performance Champion Hmmm...Well, this opens a few options for my upgrade plans if Kaby Lake-CPUs are only marginally better than Sky Lake-CPUs.
  11. I don't believe there is. The new forum software is designed to be more mobile friendly as more people rely on their mobile devices as their primary web browser. Therefore, most features which previously were exclusive to desktop are now available in mobile. I would suggest changing themes to the White-Blue theme as this has resolved some of rendering issues with the default theme.
  12. Part of me is glad I haven't watched it or even plan on watching it. jenius and jvmacross, would you 2 like a room? Arguing about each other's criticisms is like talking to a wall and sucks all the fun out of the room. It's just a freakin' movie. You can both stop or I can just ban the both of you to remove some of the stupidity out of this thread. Seriously, it's just a freakin' movie. Consider yourselves warned.
  13. If you are having problems with the dark blue theme, I would highly suggest switching to the WhiteBlue theme. This seems to cause less browser rendering issues. Yes, it is a browser issue. The mobile site uses the same theme as the desktop site. The new version of IPB now merges the 2 versions for a more seamless experience.