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  1. I mean, it is passable. It’s like someone decided to make SD work in a non-deformed setting.
  2. A corporation like Sony backing a little Kickstarter project. LOL. Silly child.
  3. They tried that a long time ago and were shot down.
  4. Judging by the reactions...Feature set favors Nvidia. Price/Performance is favoring AMD now. I'll probably look at the RTX 2070 Super myself but it seems budget options would favor RX 5700 now.
  5. So AMD as released 3rd gen Ryzen and RX 5700 today..... Unfortunately, I'm not updating my main system since I just updated but my secondary box is due to an update. Looks like I'm updating that box to Team Green (or is it Team Red).
  6. And likely through that licensing, get a share of the profits from merchandise sales.
  7. Only in the UK. Whatever was in effect before the announcement is still in effect after the announcement. We're exactly in the same spot we were before the announcement.
  8. So what? I mentioned before in this thread the biggest example is Apple using Samsung parts while they were suing each other. And Apple is still using Samsung parts. Suing for unpaid fees could be a way of saying "I'm bumping up licensing fees". And HG still paid for the rights. And we're exactly where we've been for the past 34 years; importing our hobby.
  9. So now that nothing will change within Kawamori's or hell, even my lifetime.
  10. They're laughing to the bank. They get money for doing pretty much doing nothing.
  11. Did I not warn you anything can happen? You kids were drumming up the hype when anything could happen between 2018 and 2021 and something did. Let this be a lesson.
  12. Race aside... Given Ms. Bailey’s credentials, are they doing a full musical?
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