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  1. Both rank fairly high for travelers in China. NordVPN appears to have more servers but ExpressVPN has speed. I don't use either but they're on my list when my current VPN subscription expires. If your ExpressVPN subscription is up, maybe it's worth a shot to try NordVPN.
  2. Can't say this wasn't expected. Intel Reorganizes In Wake of 7nm Woes; Chief Engineering Officer Murthy Renduchintala To Depart (Anandtech.com) I really hope AMD hammers home Ryzen 4th gen desktop.
  3. Intel, lately (I mean the past 10 to 15 years) have been releasing their next gen CPUs to mobile (laptops) first, then desktops. Performance-wise, Ryzen mobile CPUs have been the better bang for the buck. Single core performance favors Intel. Multi-core favors AMD. As for performance of Intel's mobile 10nm CPUs...only mild improvements. Performance was evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It wasn't like Ryzen 4000-series of mobile CPUs. It was
  4. I only watched the Halo Infinite trailer. Meh. I’ll look at the rest of the presentation later.
  5. *facepalm* O Intel. "7nm CPU products push out ~6 months-...12 months delay of 7nm process yield"
  6. Officially announced today, new APU chips: https://www.amd.com/en/processors/ryzen-with-graphics And a "Pro"-lineup: https://www.amd.com/en/ryzen-pro I'll be waiting to see the benchmarks for these APUs (namely the non-"Pro" set). I need a new ITX build.
  7. So let me get this straight, bigger company reject's guy's offer to make a product so guy throws a hissy fit and makes said product anyways. M'kay. Grow-up. Move on.
  8. Yeah, I can’t say I’m interested. Maybe if they were introduced a season earlier, I might have more interest.
  9. I only know the magnification reading, i.e. 8x25 = 8x Zoom at 25mm objective view. 10x42 = 10x zoom at 42mm objective view.
  10. Many companies are having a rough year thanks to the pandemic. If they had profit last year but a loss this year, I wouldn't say "Oh noes! ". There has to be a defined trend. Have they been trending downward for a few years now? Yes? Then there's a problem. No? Then meh.
  11. I can use the MX Anywhere ( I have one for my laptop), but it's not a long-term mouse. If I need a mouse while mobile, my MX Anywhere will do. Just don't ask me to use it for 8-9 hours/day. Same. While disappointed, I feel and see Apple's growing frustration with Intel. I would have liked to see Apple go with AMD (they already use AMD graphics) but given the roller coaster AMD went on to get to Ryzen CPUs and the Zen architecture to where they are, I understand Apple's desire to go their own way seeing that an iPad CPU can match a mobile x86 CPU. Intel's minor gains year after year have not helped them maintain a dominant position. The continuous round of Skylake-refreshes did them no good. Intel makes good looking gaming (read single-threaded) CPUs but once you move to multi-threaded performance (where workstations live), AMD looks better. One other note from this weekend caught my eye was the leaked benchmarks of the Intel Core i7-1165G7 "Tiger Lake" mobile CPUs. On par or better than Ryzen 4700U. But the Ryzen 4700U has been out for a few months now and Tiger Lake is due out mid-2020. And AMD's CPUs will likely still be cheaper for the performance you get. I wish Apple stuck around on the x86 platform, but jeez Intel, if 4th gen desktop Ryzen looks good, even I'll leave you.
  12. Comfy, yes. For my hand (that's the disclaimer). My larger hand leads me to larger mice. The G703 (and 403/603) is probably the smallest for my hand with the G900 (which I also have) at the farther end of that spectrum. Thankfully, working from home for the past few months gave me a chance to drive it outside of gaming. The right-hand hump of the G703/403/603 shape was more comfy for long-term use. The lack of hump for the G900/903 shape is fine for short-term use but full work-day use had me going back to something more ergo-ly shaped. Your mileage may vary.
  13. I have a G703 and the shape is definitely like the Mamba or Deathadder to me, but with less sharp angle changes and slightly smaller.
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