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  1. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    It helps to post the whole document as opposed to little snippets that people cut out as it fills the context. Not to mention they keep typing "Harmony Gold", "Tatsunoko" or "Big West" which while isn't wrong, is unusual with regards to legal briefs.
  2. Teen Titans TV Series

    I'll wait till they finish post-production before commenting. Cuz Robin, Hawk & Dove looks fine And I the Starfire actress sat through a VFX scan. https://twitter.com/TheAnnaDiop/status/918528954801168384/
  3. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    As I said... Never say never in the world of business. March 2021 is still ~3 years away. Lawsuits between business partners is nothing new and doesn't stop them from continuing a business relationship. As I've mentioned, this thread is about someone not paying someone, the 2 parties hashing out a fair payment plan, then actually paying that set payment. We just happen to have gotten a nice backstory for how we got here. It's not about yanking or losing any license. No one is yanking or losing anything. "Expire" and "renewal" are the only words which apply here. They still have plenty of time to renew if they want to renew. On the flip side, this is a very good time for Tatsunoko to reign in its IPs worldwide. Japan does know there is a market for their goods outside of Japan. They are free to reign in everything and do it themselves or do so in a manner that benefits themelves greater than this relationship with HG.
  4. Anyways..... How is Far Cry 5? I may consider it when it goes on sale on Steam.
  5. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Let me cause them to bleed temporarily. Here's the 2nd cover to this month's issue. If you want to read it, go google it and you'll find it. Easily. Then you'll probably get nauseous, severe abdominal pains, temporary blindness, just to name a few symptoms.
  6. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Really...Just google "free comics" or "read comics online" and puke to your hearts content. Can someone explain why Rick is wearing goggles under his face shield? And did Roy just de-age himself or something? Cuz that computer reconstruction of his "smile-you're-on-candid-camera"-moment removed the lines from his face.
  7. Thanks. I initially started spec'ing out at 10TB drives but the price x4 of those caused several spit-takes which caused me to go to 8TB, then stopping at 6TB. Concerning SHR/RAID-5, I was initially planning on that but, yeah, maybe SHR-2/RAID-6 might be the safer route.
  8. Home NAS question. For anyone using a QNAP or Synology NAS, what's been your experience with these devices? While I'm 95% sure which device I want and what size drives I want, I want to know what/how your experience with these devices has been in general. How long have you had one? What's your drive failure rate? Gripes. Positives where you’re glad you went this route. Thanks.
  9. Robotech by Titan Comics

    The next issue isn't due out till March 21. Here's the cover:
  10. And that’s one less show for me to be concerned with. That wrapped up nicely.
  11. 1) The only morons I see are the backers. Let’s face it, Kickstarter has made venture capitalism easy and made people sidestep the hard work of investing: research. 2) Yeah, nothing on that front. 3) There’s no publicity to be made here. This is just another half-assed KS project. I see nothing that substantial that would qualify as fraud. I see oceans of incompetence though. Yeah, not worth Pro Bono.
  12. Nope. It's never late. Reading back to 2015's posts in this very thread, we knew they blew $1.5 million just making Wave 1 figures. So it's not like people didn't know. I'm going to agree and say it's probably not worth it to file a lawsuit. The attorney fees alone will outweigh any reward. It doesn't mean they can't try but they will not get that much after the the lawyers are done.
  13. That was when there was still a picture to go with the thread. Context. Unfortunately, that pic got lost to the ages. And I should probably lock this thread since it's been years since this thing was available.
  14. Non-Descriptive Topic Titles. Please do not create topics with non-descriptive or misleading titles. Forum staff may rename topics with inappropriate titles. "Robotech" wasn't a very descriptive title.