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  1. I think, given the background of the characters, the audience knows Wanda is in a false reality. My guess is since the previews didn't reveal much, the reality she's in is part of the surprise. Should they string people for too long? Probably not even if it's fun to do a parody of each decades' sitcoms.
  2. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. Or it's the nostalgia googles. You can see the ratings start dipping from the end of Smith, through Capaldi and straight into Ms. Whittaker's run. Take out the outliers and it started back in Tenet's run. TV shows just don't have that same stamina they use to.
  3. Just an update on where we stand on anyone planning to update their computers this year: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/gpu-shortages-worsen-cryptocurrency-coin-miners-ethereum TL;DR: Maybe Autumn 2021...Maybe consider last gen parts...
  4. Dead. Not dead. Now dead. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/tanya-roberts-james-bond-that-70s-show-dead-1234878064/
  5. Unfortunately, it takes a series to get to know these regenerations and for the writers to figure out the characters they have. When we get to a 2nd series with these characters, the audience and writers finally get comfortable with the characters and story. Ratings probably had a role to play. Who knows...
  6. Reports of a death may have been greatly exaggerated. https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/04/tanya-roberts-still-alive-rep-saying-shes-dead-70s-show-bond-girl/
  7. Hence one of the reasons why I have no real hopes for this flick. As for the whole streaming vs. theater issue, until the situation calms down enough for theaters to pack it in like the can of sardines it was (which means late 2021/likely 2022), good luck with theater releases. Cuz we'll be streaming more for most of 2021 at this rate. Back to our regularly scheduled whining thread.
  8. Cut the chatter kids. Do I have any hopes for this movie? No. Is it because of Patty Jenkins? No. And while I haven't watched WW84 yet, directors have good and bad movies. I just feel the premise for this movie has been done to death. Old guy (Wedge) culls the herd of pilots to have his cream-of-the-crop group of hotshots. Top Gun, the comedy version Hot Shots!, that Apache helicopter movie, S.W.A.T., countless other movies that also follow this premise. I don't care what era it's set in, I don't find the premise enticing enough. It's that premise of movie, but in the Star Wars-universe.
  9. Why is there an air-fryer in a NUC??? Granted it's a great use of airflow and excess heat, but really....why is there an air fryer in a NUC?
  10. That was a gawd awful scene. They were basically doing the equivalent of banging sticks or baseball bats at each other. Cinematic swordplay is, unfortunately, a lost art in western cinema. While this episode's hallway scene was good, it was wasn't as good as Rogue One's hallway hack&slash scene. That's cuz his mouth wasn't moving right. Just like Tarkin in Rogue One, there was something wrong to trip your fake person detector. The deep fake posted above does a better job on the face but the mouth....still off.
  11. I will agree in principal. I think the season does get bogged down by the fan service, namely from the legacy characters who are now or will be getting spinoffs; the "backdoor pilots". This show, in its measly 2 seasons, still puts the entire even-garbage-looks-better-sequel trilogy to shame and on less money overall. I would like to see a shift away from the "I help you, you help me"-stories though. That's getting way to repetitive. Filler episodes were annoying, especially at the start of the season. Good episode, good season finale, OK season. Season 3 needs to up the game now.
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