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  1. Will the next Macross be the last Macross? No. Will the next Macross be Kawamori's last Macross? Maybe. Possibly. Depends. Retirement just left and is heading to his place. Everyone knows this day is inevitable. Hell, it's coming for all of us.
  2. Again, HG still retains the merch rights to SDFM and DYRL. Any product using those designs still have to contend with HG. HG won’t stop BW from allowing sequel merch from coming over. HG still have a say on SDFM and DYRL goods. DX VF-31 with English booklets? Come on in. You’ll still pay enough to make you regret it, more or less. But that has more to do with the niche market surrounding such collectibles.
  3. Again, this will not change because of this agreement. You still need to get your ass into the queue.
  4. It just means HG won't stop them. Who Kitz Concept negotiates with is entirely up to them. But HG won't stand in the way. That's all this means.
  5. Yeah....collectibles. Sorry, but I see no changes. Why? It's got nothing to do with legality. It's economics. The product is a niche item. It's expensive to produce and market. And with the market size being small to begin with..sorry. But at least you there's a chance you can get the product, unlike those of us in PCMR (PC-Master Race) who can't even get in the queue just to get a $500 PCB with an oversized fan&heatsink on it. And PCMR is a much bigger audience than the >$100 collectibles audience.
  6. *Watch this space* over the next few months. I think there will be some TM amendments made. My take is this is essentially a "stay-in-your-lane" agreement. Nothing changes with SDFM and DYRL?. FASA? SDFM and DYRL? merch? No change. Those are done deals. RT live action movie? BW will not file any lawsuit as soon as it places a foot on Japanese soil. Likewise, HG will not make a move on II, Plus, 7, Zero, Frontier, Delta, maybe even VF-X games, etc. touching US soil. As long as there is some money changing hands (likely). BW can finally get some sweet-sweet US money into their pockets
  7. As a dead guy Lost on an island once said, “The most...important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people. That's why all of you are here. ” That’s as good of any reason why I don’t need to see these characters again.
  8. Since Joel Edgerton and Bonnie Piesse are coming back, I guess we'll see Uncle Owen objecting to Obi-wan trying to give papa's lightsaber to Luke to avoid going on "some damn fool idealistic crusade". Probably just a wild dream, but Indira Varma has the shape of Satine's face in that cover shot.
  9. Every “director’s cut” will always be longer or different because it’s closer to what the director wants. Now that I have watched this, yes it is significantly better than the Whedon-cut. I would have walked out of the theater much happier with the Synder-cut. It’s not without its flaws, but I came out more satisfied than with the Whedon-cut.
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