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  1. I’m sure I could use LibreOffice since it does use Office 2003’s UI except I’ve spent my entire employed life in the MS Office-space and its many many iterations on both Windows and Mac platforms that it’s virtually impossible for me to get away from it, even at home. At least LibreOffice will open your files until you get a new copy of MS Office.
  2. One can never know. OEM licenses are floating out there in bulk and MS are invalidating the pirated keys. Office 2010 is EOL’d in October so it’s time to upgrade. Either Office 2016/2019, Office 365, or go free with LibreOffice.
  3. Thought finale fight was lackluster. Loved the Ezra Miller-Flash cameo. We are now one big multiversal-DC family. Props. While I don't see Lex being a continuous baddie on Superman's show next year, I think he'll be hopping in and out from time to time. I think they want to focus on the familial-aspect of Clark and Lois raising their boys (Super-Sons is/was a fun comic watching Jon Kent and Damian Wayne interact and I hope they bring in Damian to that show at some point). As for how they'll all interact, I imagine it will be "Get out of my city. NOW." When Batwoman premiered last year, that was her attitude. I imagine they will want to keep it that way. Not to mention the headache of guest stars and costumes flying out the the filming cities (Black Lightning is filmed in Atlanta/Atlanta-area, Batwoman does their outdoor shots in Chicago). I do hope to see more JSA and Infinity Inc. (i.e. Jon-Whesley Shipp/Jay Garrick-Flash) on Stargirl.
  4. Yeah. Most monitors have secondary inputs. As for a KVM, you would just need to use the KM-part of a KVM switch.
  5. Question: Is DisplayPort out of the question? A 1080 should have DP connections. You can reserve HDMI for the laptop.
  6. And LG is releasing a 27" 4K IPS 144Hz (overclock to 160Hz) monitor I'm actually interested in. Dammit. More CES stuff. I was thinking about a NUC but now....I think I need to think more about it. Yeah, not sure now. Does the laptop have a Thunderbolt 3 port (looks like a USB-C port)? There are plenty of Thunderbolt 3 docks out there. I'm not sure there's a good winner-take-all solution out there for what you want to do. Let me think about this.
  7. Nope. Last series writing was in the awful-territory. The only good episode last year was "Demons of the Punjab". "Spyfall, pt 2" was like day-&-night compared to all of Series 11. But since Series 11 was so bad, this was about a normal episode. Nothing against a female doctor, but the writing has just been dreadful.
  8. Nuggets of information is in the dialog. The opening crawl gets us to where we need to be when we start the movie. After which, both the OT and PT threw in nuggets of info around the movie. The Mandalorian or any sane movie or TV show does this and it's perfectly fine. Wonderful. Jar Jar Abrams hates this cuz he loves his mystery boxes. It has to be a exposition bomb or nothing at all (i.e. it's stupid merchandise material). I should not need to look at merchandise to answer my questions. Do we need to know VF stats to enjoy a Macross show? No. They're nice nuggets but not necessary to the story. If there's a significant element, it's thrown out during the course of the show. Abrams' style? Nope. It's going to be a truth-bomb or chirping crickets on information like that. Star Trek Discovery? The problem there and with many shows is that there are too many characters and not enough episodes or vice versa. I had this problem with Netflix Marvel shows and normal TV shows. Sometimes their runs ran too long or too short for the number of characters in there. Discovery's problem too many characters and not enough episodes. They need to find a happy medium. Disney Wars, thanks to Abrams, falls out of that happy medium when he stuffed these movies with characters that are there for the sake of being there and have no business being there.
  9. And that's where Disney Wars has failed. If anything requires looking at secondary media (read Merchandise), they've lost me. Or on the flip side, explain more than I need to know *cough*Solo*/cough*, ya lost me. Why in bloody hell did they need to do this or that? The Visual Guide explains it. And yet with The Mandalorian, it explained everything I needed to know without having to rely on merchandise. The only merchandise of value is freakin' Baby Yoda.
  10. CES is this week. Here's the schedule. Really, Intel? 14++ nm? Your 10nm mobile chips aren't ready yet?
  11. "Buying Likes" is, unfortunately, too easy for anyone and anything. MetaCritic appears to show less of a disparity between "critic" reviews vs "audience" reviews so that does beg the question with RT. But this has long been an issue with sites that allow user posting. Putting any faith behind a system which can be easily spoofed is misguided.
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