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  1. Robotech by Titan Comics

    It was never good to begin with.
  2. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    Wing was done in the 4:3-days, i.e., the days before widescreen became the norm. There should be large vertical bars. I’d check YouTube to see it’s any better. Concerning Heero, that’s what makes him loveable, if you love deadpan psychopaths with giant robots with really big guns. He still out does Setsuna “I-am-Gundam” F. Seiei from Gundam 00.
  3. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    As my doctors say, you’re getting old. Just wait till you go to the doctor for injuries that don’t heal as fast or that you use to laugh off. Or the best one, a wear-&-tear injury.
  4. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    Saji Crossroad's roll in S1 was forgettable and I never could sympathize with his character. As he gained a more substantial role in S2, my opinion of him was cemented in S1 so I could never connect with his roll in S2. Yes, he was Louise's counterpoint, but it never felt strong enough. When compared to Setsuna & Marina, Saji & Louise needed more work for me to sympathize with. A lot more.
  5. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    I know. But like I said, you should have watched when it originally aired. It took a special redo of the last episode, 4 compilation movies and finally the HD remaster to fix just the horribly animated and pacing issues. And it didn't even fix the story. The HD remaster makes this show remotely palatable (and it is still bad) compared to the original airing. If you watch the original airing, it would have made Macross Delta's original airing look great. And imagine sitting through it for entire year. One episode/week instead of binge watching.
  6. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    You should have seen this when it originally aired. Your complaints would have taken on a whole new level. And now that you're there... That girl has dem crazy-eyes. Her Lacus-obsession took fandom to a whole new meaning. And when you look at it that way, it takes that little incident in Athrun's bed to fatal attraction-levels.
  7. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    *clap clap* He's the result of mankind's dream and future. *evil laugh* And he must vanish! Muhahahahahah! (you'll get to there later)
  8. Meltdown is Intel-specific, but affects some ARM CPUs. Spectre affects all manufacturers. Both vulnerabilities affect the same speculative execution process but Spectre requires more user involvement. Meltdown requires less user interaction and essentially, brute-forces its way. Spectre and Meltdown can be mitigated with a software patch to the OS but Meltdown requires a fix to the microcode on top of the OS patch. Both still requires a user to actually run the malicious code.
  9. By the time I actually put money down, I'm sure Ryzen updates will be out. AMD hasn't clearly stated which generation is truly affected. Ryzen CPUs are vulnerable to the Spectre variants but can be patched at the OS level and are unaffected by Meltdown. AMD didn't clearly state if FX and their older CPUs are affected by both Spectre and Meltdown whereas all Intel CPUs since, at least, Ivy Bridge are affected by both exploits.
  10. Try recreating the boot media to do the clean install. The media may be non-bootable so when the system sees it, it won't boot. ------------------------ Rant: This crap with Intel...Maybe it is time I jumped back on the AMD-wagon after a 15-year hiatus.