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  1. I'm going to be a nattering nabob of negativity as well and throw more shade on the show. Picard definitely felt like a sequel to Nemesis, in that both are bad and depressing. So I guess it has that going for it unlike the Star Wars sequels which took a previously happy ending and crushed it. I wasn't stricken so harshly by what I saw. It was more of a "Oh this again." feeling. Everything in this show about Data was weird and creepy. Which is not how I wanted to remember the character (or Picard for that matter). Oh well.
  2. If I watch any future Star Wars movie it'll be at home. Not paying theater prices for any of that again.
  3. Agreed. Just want to address that question about the phasers. In episode two Picard's Romulan Tal Shiar helpers did note that Jean-Luc would be a target for whomever killed Dajh. It would make sense for them to put phasers everywhere.
  4. Do we really need f-bombs in a series associated with The Next Generation? They should have kept that to Discovery, and preferably not there either. Guess they're really trying to get that Tarantino edgy angle going somehow.
  5. The only other time its happened that I've seen like this is for season 8 of Game of Thrones and the same reaction happened. Nobody could believe the leaks since they were so bad, yet as every episode was released they kept being proven true. It was quite the scene.
  6. I did back the R-Type Final 2 Kickstarter on day one. Its not often, or ever these days, that a high profile shooter like this comes out.
  7. Wow. What a mess. So I basically spent close to $200 for a PS3 Macross mini-game in a foreign language. I certainly am not getting the movie I thought I was paying for. Soon as it comes in the disc goes on ebay. I'll keep the rest of it.
  8. I ordered from CDJapan with a credit card. So I don't think I could cancel if I wanted to. Which I don't. However I may ebay the disc and keep the limited edition extras once it comes in.
  9. I thought I remembered love, but apparently my memory has been altered.
  10. Oh that's just wonderful. They are editing their films decades later like George Lucas. The censoring of the violence in the retail release also sounds more likely now. All without having the option of viewing the earlier edits I imagine.
  11. I sincerely hope Bandai doesn't censor this movie for the final release.
  12. Was finally watching some of the set today and looked at the Special disc. I have a few questions as to what I'm looking at. There is an intro-less combined episode 1 and 2 and several variations of the opening and ending. Can anybody translate what the menu is stating about them? Apparently Blu-ray menus are difficult to screen-capture. So I had to resort to a shot from my cell-phone.
  13. I imagine there will need to be some re-timing. At least for when the subtitles start. The rest should theoretically line up afterward. In any case it won't take as long to get some subs for DYRL than it will for the TV series.
  14. Long time lurker here. Got the collectors BD set in Friday. Never had the Perfect Memory book before. If this is shrunk down from a larger version then this one couldn't be too much smaller. Now I wait for some kind of fan-subbing to be done and then figure out how to rip these things to something like an MKV that would hold everything.
  15. If you want to deinterlace youtube videos you first have to download them in some manner like keepvid.com or a browser plugin to your hard drive. Then you have to play the video in a media player that will deinterlace. I always use Media Player Classic Home Cinema and FFDshow for codecs. FFDshow allows you to force deinterlacing even if the video isn't actually interlaced.
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