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  1. Finally, my VF 171 EX came in from BigBadToyStore! Better late than never Now I have to save up for the armor parts for it.
  2. Thanks. BBTS was the only place I was able to secure a preorder for the VF 171 EX back in March. I will hold on to the preorder. I just hope they can fullfill the order and not cancel it. I really want this Valkyrie.
  3. I am still waiting to hear if BigBadToyStore will either fullfill my preorder or cancel it. I had preordered it back in March and I had a preorder end of June in my account. Now my preorder says 3rd quarter 2012. Does anyone think BBTS will get another shipment of the VF 171 EX in?
  4. It will be another tough preorder to obtain. Hopefully I will luck out and get it. I really like this paint scheme over Alto's.
  5. I looked at my preorder status for my VF 171 EX on BigBadToyStore and it changed from saying preorder June 2012 to preorder 3rd quarter 2012. Has anyone else who ordered from BigBadToyStore get a similar message when they checked their account order status?
  6. Thanks hkj711 for the information. This gives me a little more confidence that my preorder will be fullfilled, but as you mentioned we will have to wait and see if they can fullfill all of their preorders.
  7. I just checked my email and I did not get a Bigbadtoystore order confirmation for my VF 171 EX. I went to their site and they changed its status from pre order sold out to just sold out. I really hope my order will not be cancelled since this was the only place I was able to grab a pre order back in March.
  8. Has anyone heard if Bigbadtoystore will get any VF 171 EX in or if they cancelled anyone's preorder yet? I have a preorder for the VF 171 EX from Bigbadtoystore, which was the only place I was able to preorder back in March, and I have not heard back from them yet. I have read that Bigbadtoystore is late for those who preordered the reissue of the YF 29 so I am wondering if those who preordered the 171 EX will be in the same boat or if they will conduct a massive cancelation of all preorders?
  9. mnmskull1

    DX VF-25G

    I would really appreciate it if someone would be able to post a link to BigBadToyStore when their VF 25G preorder goes up. I can't seem to find the Bandai Japan Valkyrie link on their site and I am afraid I will miss out on this preorder. I REALLY want the VF 25G. Thanks.
  10. If and when the pre order for the VF 25G renewal goes live on BigBadToyStore, where would it be? I typed in Valkyries in the search and all I get is an item that is not macross. I then tried Bandai Japan and they do not have a category for valkyries any more. I would really appreciate it if someone could post the link to the VF 25G Renewal for BigBadToyStore when it goes live.
  11. Will the preorder for the VF 25G renewal be in June or July?
  12. mnmskull1

    SCOOP thread!

    I can not wait to finally get a DYRL VF 1A Cannon Fodder in 1/60 scale! I hope BigBadToyStore will have these for preorder soon. To bad Max's VF 1S is not in this current line up with the optional parts as I still need this valkyrie. Here is hoping for a possible Fall/Winter release
  13. Well at least I know you were not the one who out bidded me on the last one I found last year.
  14. You also have to consider with the DYRL if you want Hikaru's red VF 1S, Roy's yellow VF 1S, or Max's blue VF 1S. I have the "plus" edition of Hikaru's and Roy's and I highly recommend these if you have the opportunity to get one at a decent price. I am currently searching ebay for a new Max's VF 1S at a reasonable price, such as $120 or $130 shipping included (I am not counting on that though, but I can still hope). If you don't want the hassel of spending a lot of money for a VF 1S, then I suggest Roy's TV version and HobbyLink Japan is currently having a sale on it.
  15. I really want the VF 25G and I hope I can get a pre order from BigBadToyStore since I know HobbyLink Japan as well as AmiAmi will probably be long sold out by the time I get to the site. I also hope BigBadToyStore can fulfill all those pre orders for the VF 25G.
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