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  1. Looking for Moscato's 1/72 resin kits Thanks.
  2. I wish a premium version of: VF11B VF11C VF-X VF0A mass production VF1A mass production VF1J (with armor) TV Hikaru
  3. I also got my replacement parts, thanks HLJ!
  4. Actually other shows have weird behaved characters too. For example, nearly everyone in the First Order is either pissed off or screaming when they were on screen. Maybe this is the new trend.
  5. IMHO, Delta characters often don't make sense. Freya for example, ran away from her planet without a feasible plan. She also charged to a frenzy Regult (which was firing on her) and started singing, or jumped off a ship in mid air to sing a song... Characters' behavior should make sense. Delta characters often got excited for no reason, it's like they are doped or something. The next movie title: Macross Delta Zettai Live!!!!!! Go figure.
  6. HLJ just shipped the replacement parts, +1 to them
  7. Good work! What kind of display stand is that?
  8. HLJ is expecting the spare parts and will ship to customers in mid-October free of charge.
  9. Which is the "official" Anti-U.N. logo in the story? Is the one in Zero just for a terrorist group? in Macross in Macross Zero
  10. Okay lol I guess M7 is too far off from my expectation of Macross, it's like going to a Chinese restaurant and they serve you burritos with rock n'roll
  11. No I actually watched 20 some episodes with normal, then suddenly realized that watching in 2x is better because the plot is just ridiculous.
  12. I had to watch M7 with 2x speed because I felt bad when watching in normal. Guess M7 is not my kind of show.
  13. Does the defective part actually impede functions? Mine seems ok
  14. How did you you panel line the VF-0? Capillary effect won't work on those. I used Gundam marker and Tamiya X20 thinner but it's a tedious process.
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