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  1. Update on the first post *Add YF29 30th Anniversary Panel line, masking and coating. I bought those VF100 from HLJ when they were on sale last year. Oh my, they have so many loose parts and it’s worse than I imagined When Valkyrie meets Quebley
  2. Ah thanks. I like it, hopefully they will release the Mig 29 one day
  3. That’s a repaint of a Calibre Wing’s F14 right? If so good work
  4. Great work! I’m panel lining a standard one and my progress is slow. After seeing yours, maybe I’ll add glowing paint too. Do you matte coat before or after applying the glowing paint? Also do glowing paints need thinner?
  5. He said get to the choppa! lol
  6. Update on first post * Add NUNS Special Forces EX‐Gear The NUNS Special Forces EX‐Gears appeared in the Macross Frontier movie. They were used against the cyborgs coup d'etat led by Grace O’connor. In addition to the unexpected plot twist, I was intrigued by EX‐Gear’s military camouflage. This is the base toy that I have for a while. Judging by design, it’s the worst Bandai toy that I have handled. It has limited articulation, bad parts connection, greasy plastic surface, and loose joints. The first step is to degrease the surface with 91% isopropyl alcohol and then apply primer. Beware that alcohol will remove the existing paints, but that’s not a problem because this toy will be completely painted over. This camouflage is a pain because it has 4 different colors and that means a lot of masking. The colors I used are Mr. Hobby 97, 315, 35, and a custom blue from Tamiya acrylics. The decals are done, the last step is matte coating with Tamiya TS80. This is it, have fun!
  7. Maybe Shoji Kawamori like the F104 too, as he designed the SV-154 Svärd in the Macross Delta. I just wish there's a DX version '
  8. None so far. They should be ok if not exposed in direct sun light.
  9. Update on first post * Add VF041H Yellow Belmont * Add F104G The F104 Starfighter is special to me. I grew up during the Cold War in Taiwan and the ROCAF (Republic of China Airforce) and many other free world countries deployed a large number of F104s at that time. The F104 remained in service with ROCAF until 1998, and finally retired from the Italian Air Force in 2004. The F104 has poor reliability, but it also has distinctive look and sound so I always want to build a model of it. In the world of Macross, it’s conceivable that many F104s were still active during the Unification Wars. I bought this 1/48 Hasegawa kit a while back. It’s not difficult, but harder to build than a Gunpla. The quality is fine but missing parts like a pilot figure, weapons, and pylons. I bought those separately and they cost more than the base kit. Additionally, I bought new decals because the original was useless due to aging, ugh. I tested the color before airbrushing. I chose Mr. Hobby 73 mixed with white and leveling thinner. The ratio is 1:1:2.5 and I think it’s good enough to look like the real F104s. The rest are pictures while building the kit, prime, paint, decal, and wash etc. Here is the result. I like it and I hope the same for you, have fun
  10. Nice! Love that shading works. Also painting those landing gears must take you a while but it's really good
  11. Update on the first post: * Add VE1 Elint Seeker * Add SF3A Lancer II * Add SF3A Super Lancer II If I am a pilot in the Macross universe, I’ll probably fly the SF3A because it’s non transformable and designed for hit-and-run missions, that suits a simple and timid person like me. It’s too bad that SF3A only appeared briefly in episode 1 of Macross. This 1/60 kit doesn’t have many pieces, but resin needs to be processed before assembly so it has a long build time. A resin piece may need to be clipped, trimmed, cooked, patched, and repeatedly sanded. I decided to make a super Lancer after seeing this cool drawing (kudos to the artist). It reminds me of the Stark Jegan captain in Gundam UC. After test fitting with my toys, I purchased a set of fast pack and began to modify the parts. I made an antenna extension with epoxy putty because the stock piece is too short with the fast pack. The thickness is slightly increased to compensate for the additional length. Mounting boosters on the Lancer is a challenge due to their weight. I heated the dorsal piece and then carved out 2 cavities for connecting joints. The Homedepot white paint works surprisingly well on resins. It’s inexpensive and has good coverage. Just spray carefully because the nozzle was made for larger objects. I trimmed the adapter and then glued it with 2 arm armors. Later, the armors will be mounted on the SF3A’s ventral section like the concept art. I also added extra weapons to make it more “cool”. Now this little fighter may have a glorious day like Roy! The included decals were not enough for this project so I used a few extras. This is it. Have fun and be safe to you all
  12. Bought the Yamato VF19S from Actar with no issue. He’s a good seller
  13. I watched the video, amazing work! Thanks for the link
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