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  1. Update to the first post: * Add PWS-0S Reactive Armor The PWS-0X reactive armor was developed for close-range high-intensity combat. It provides additional protection and firepower for the VF-0 fighters. With opened missile bays. The armament includes 50 micro missiles and 6 high-explosive grenades. On screen with Roy Focker, Macross Zero episode 3 A quasi premium finished ver. The kit is panel lined and matte coated. Water-slide decals were also used on the manual suggested spots, plus some warning marks.
  2. I like the season 2. I wish the storm troopers were stronger and more threatening in the show
  3. Update to the first post: * Add MiG-29 early type The MiG-29 (NATO codename: Fulcrum) was a fighter used by the Anti-UN (AUN) throughout the Unification Wars. Because the war deteriorated badly for the AUN, some late type MiG-29s were enhanced with additional canards, flares, electronics, and weaponry. However, they were still outmatched by the large number of U.N. drones in battle. The power of the MiG 29 comes from two Klimov RD-33 turbofan engines, each with a maximum afterburning thrust of 81.3 kN The MiG-29 standard armament
  4. Might be a bit late but hope this helps
  5. Update to the first post: * Add VF-11B Thunderbolt VF-11 Thunderbolt was the successor to the VF-4 Lightning III variable fighter. VF-11 was versatile for both atmospheric and space missions, therefore it was vastly deployed as fleet escort and planetary defense fighters throughout the 2030s. The VF-11 has a beautiful design, and it looks suitable as a mass production fighter. I referenced Hasegawa's 1/72 and added some panel lines and water slide decals. On screen, Macross Plus episode 1 Atmospheric flight mode. By t
  6. Update to the first post * Add VF-0D Shin Kudo VF-0D is a two-seater version of the VF-0A variable fighter. Compared to the 0A, the 0D has canards and bigger wings for improved performance, but its combat radius was still relatively short because of the conventional EFG-127 turbine engines. The VF-0D can also carry a variety of weaponry, including former NATO spec missiles and bombs. Here is Lt. Shin Kudo and Lt. Edgar LaSalle’s customized blue VF-0D. This is a great product from Arcadia. Some may dislike the bleeded panel lines and inverted
  7. To me it was when Max told Hikaru that he's going to get married
  8. Update to the first post: * Add S-3 Viking The S-3 Viking was a carrier-based anti-submarine aircraft used by the U.N. in the Unification Wars. The S-3 equipped with advanced electronics and sonar to detect and against the large number of Anti-U.N. submarines. With a buddy-fueling system, the S-3 could increase the range of other aircrafts, especially helpful to the first generation non-thermonuclear engine VF-0 variable fighters. The S-3 Viking in the real world U.S. Navy. It carries a crew of four. S-3 Viking on screen. Macross
  9. Update on the first post: * Add YF25 Prophecy YF-25 is an experimental variable fighter developed by Shinsei Industries on the basis of YF-24. Only a small number of YF-25s were manufactured in 2058 and used to test various new sensors and systems such as EX-Gear. Later, in response to the threat of Vajra, YF-25 was also tested with different enhancements such as Paladin and Tornado packs. I had an idea of a YF-25 with a tornado pack. After research, I found CrossAir's work and it convinced me to complete the idea. You can see his wonderful YF-25
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