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  1. Hi Shawn, My question is why the newly attached pictures are smaller than before? Is it because of the upgrade and is it going to be this way?
  2. I'm hoping Villenuve's new Dune will be as good as his 2049
  3. No, it's a Baidai DX toy
  4. Update on the first post: * Add VF171 EX * Update RVF171 EX The VF-171EX is the main fighter used by the NUNS in the later stage of the battle against Vajra. Compared with the ordinary VF-171, the EX model has enhanced firepower, electronics, protection and mobility to counter the continuous evolution of Vajra. Here shows Alto Saotome’s VF‐171EX before the final attack. It has a superpack with additional armor and weaponry, including 2 MDE (Micro Dimensional Eater) warhead missiles. VF-171EX in combat. It has an anti-Vajra 30mm quantum beam
  5. Update on the first post * Add J35 Draken The J35 Draken was a minor frontline fighter used by the Anti‐U.N Alliance (AUN) during the Unification Wars. It can intercept enemy aircrafts in all weathers and operate in harsh combat environments. The J35 is also a pioneer for both double delta wing design and Cobra maneuver. After the war, the design of J35 Draken eventually passed on to the Kingdom of Windermere’s SV‐262 Draken III variable fighter. The J35 armament includes 1 x 30 mm cannon, 2 x Rb24, and 2 x Rb28 air-to-air missiles.
  6. Hope these help This 1/72 Airfix is a well made kit. The mold is clean and fitment is good overall. It also has the option to build 1 of 3 configurations, a B.2 (bomber), SR.2 (recon), or K.2 (tanker). Be sure to check the provided reference sheets to use the right parts and decals while building. Extra resin pilots. This is the first time I've seen anything made in Belgium I used Hataka lacquer colors C262 for the top and A217 for the ventral (thanks to Scale Hanger’s video on Youtube). Also, Vallejo acrylic putty is quite useful for filling small
  7. Mine is the same, ugh >_<" I've been using "no step" and pilot names from other decal sheets and they are fine .
  8. Thanks man. I don't have a step by step, but I shared my thoughts about this model on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106 I'm trying to keep it simple here on the Macross Forum
  9. Add to the first post: * Handley Page Victor Strategic Bomber The Handley Page Victor was a strategic bomber for the U.N. during the Unification Wars. In addition to conventional bombing missions, the Victor can also carry a Blue Steel long-range missile for strategic nuclear strikes on the target. Near the end of war, some Victors were converted to aerial tankers. Below are Victors in the real world Royal Air Force. Front and bottom view If you're interested in more details: https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-1008
  10. No I don’t have. I just have the Inbit crabs from Moscato
  11. Update on the first post: * Add U.N. Marine Corps The U.N. Marine Corps served in the front line during the Unification Wars. They were seen in the prologue of Macross Zero, in desert camouflage and armed with M16A2 rifles. The toy is ⅙ USMC by Soldier Story and the model is 1/35 US Airborne by Dragon, both came from the series of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Here are the colors for the model. Tan (XF60 with XF2, 1:1), brown (XF64), pouches (XF13), Stinger missile (XF5), skin (XF15), and boots and rifles (X18). It’s also wo
  12. EastwindS2k

    Hi-Metal R

    I’ll buy them all
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