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  1. I just found A-10 on screen, unbelievable!
  2. Update to the first post: * Add A-10 Thunderbolt II The A-10 (nicknamed Warthog) was a close air support attack aircraft for the U.N. It was widely used against the Anti-U.N. ground units during the Unification Wars. The A-10 carries a massive number of weapons. Here it shows a 30mm GAU-8 autocannon, 12 MK-82 general purpose bombs, 2 GBU-10 laser-guided bombs, 4 AGM-65 anti-armor missiles, 2 AIM-9L air-to-air missiles, and an ALQ-119 ECM pod. The A-10s are well known for their survivability. Many A-10s were heavily damaged on the
  3. Please re-open soon!
  4. I have both and they are identical. One cannot tell the difference if they were mixed
  5. EastwindS2k

    Hi-Metal R

    That's a monsta! Good CG
  6. Update to the first post: * Add F-14 S-Type Kai * Add Anti-U.N. Naval Infantry The F-14 S-Type is a test fighter modified by Shinsei Industries for the U.N. It has a specialized paint composition that claims to be able to reduce its RCS signal by 70%. It also has a GU-11 gun pod which later became a standard weapon for the VF-1s. Some may question its canonicity. To me, it’s ok as long as it respects the source material and is not too far stretched (as opposed to the new Treks, ugh). Also Kawamori has a somewhat vague attitude on things to be
  7. Bought ES11D from ce25254, good seller!
  8. EastwindS2k

    Macross figures

    yes! and... Sharon! Sharon! Sharon!
  9. Update on the first post: * Add VF-4G Commander Type Gerwalk Battroid. Its distinctive head design came from the VF-4 master file. I used Tamiya gray panel liner, TS-80 matte coat, and Gaia 047 for a slight canopy tint. Have fun and happy Lunar New Year everyone! https://www.facebook.com/Bryans-Macross-Workshop-100854188399106
  10. Update to the first post: * Add PWS-0S Reactive Armor The PWS-0X reactive armor was developed for close-range high-intensity combat. It provides additional protection and firepower for the VF-0 fighters. With opened missile bays. The armament includes 50 micro missiles and 6 high-explosive grenades. On screen with Roy Focker, Macross Zero episode 3 A quasi premium finished ver. The kit is panel lined and matte coated. Water-slide decals were also used on the manual suggested spots, plus some warning marks.
  11. I like the season 2. I wish the storm troopers were stronger and more threatening in the show
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