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  1. Old skool on 'roids… Me likey. But I wanna see people start putting some G-Tech meters on-the-dash of some of these restomods though--see how much of a quantitative difference the modern addons make.
  2. Thank you, good sir, for keeping us so entertained.... All hail Ming!
  3. Finally, a "more perfect" Mospeada replica bike--from Harley Davidson?!? , Did a bit of a double-take when I happened upon this pic. The H-D "Pan-America' ADV bike appears to be slated for 2020 release. With some aesthetic changes to the front windscreen; rear of the seat; the exhaust pipe.... , The US-spec version will have a big ol' 1250 cc engine stuffed in its frame. But what if it were optimized for light weight and handling, with something like a 500 cc powerplant, eh?
  4. Many thanks for the link. Yes, I suppose Alan Moore's thoughts on where the characters' arcs should go are pretty much irrelevant, as he intimated that he's effectively divorced himself from those earlier works. Still, I can't help but wonder: how much will his thoughts and feelings on the superhero genre have changed or evolved in the 25+ years between writing Watchmen and that interview? i.e. It begs the question: just how much "Birth of a Nation" is in that original incarnation of H.J., eh?
  5. Okay, so I was thinking about trying to check this series out. Then I happened upon a review article on ep 6, "This Extraordinary Being." Apparently, this episode has an surprise reveal, that changes the legacy of a major original character from the comic. Nah. Y'all can miss me wit that bullsh*t. At first blush, this seems like an attempt at doing something outlandish and nonsensical just for shock value, and to generate clicks/views. No wonder Alan Moore wants (Hollywood) people to leave his sh*t alone.
  6. Hehe, anyone who's seen a Formula 1 or other racecar from the 60's - 70's--back when aluminum monocoques were beginning to become the standard--without its bodywork will appreciate the "similarity." Actually, that's not really a fair comparison. This guy looks like he's actually got more protection...
  7. The thing that always "horrified" me about that movie was the ending. Even as a kid, I realized: in order for Maximillian to accommodate/save Dr. Reinhardt, there would have to have been some, er, hasty amputation(s).
  8. Speaking of Stallone's sequels...this one never gets old for me. Hah! Old. Just think, though: none of this would have been possible, if Stallone had stuck to the original book ending.
  9. Wow. Just. Wow. That is awesome! I can only think of the epic stop-motion animation battles that could--nay, should be made with such an impressive fleet.
  10. Aw, man.... Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda has passed, age 70. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/motorsports/f1-great-and-aviation-entrepreneur-niki-lauda-dies-at-70/ar-AABFeqU?OCID=ansmsnnews11
  11. Hehe, so they took the "Superman is a dick" theme, and cranked it up to 11... This one may be worth checking out. Saw the newest trailer; man, that bit with the fluorescent bulbs was cringe-tastic. All I could think was: Man, I dunno about the kid, but that waitress is effin' hard core; how is she not freakin' the fu** out?! Pretty sure I'd be like: OMG! OMG! Don't touch it! WTF! WTF! Fuuuuuuuuuuu!
  12. So how long before more super-soldiers start showing up in the MCU? We know the Russians and Americans have managed some degree of success in re-creating a serum to enhance soldiers. The Russians managed to do it with Bucky, and even upped the output somewhat with the 5 sleeper-soldiers--before Zemo kills 'em in their sleep. Was there any reason given for their not trying to create more? Also, AFAIK I think the significance of Gen. Ross having "dusted off" the super soldier program to give Emil Blonsky his enhancements in 2008's The Incredible Hulk has gone largely understated. In his first one-on-one with the Hulk, we see that Blonsky's moving at clearly increased speed, agility [and presumably strength] levels that appear to approach--but probably not equal--those of Steve Rogers. It isn't until he forces Dr. Sterns to use the serum synthesized from Banner's blood that he turns into the Abomination. You tellin' me Ross only secured enough material for one test run? Oh yeah, wait.... I can see how that might make Ross consider the test a failure.
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