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  1. Hehe, anyone who's seen a Formula 1 or other racecar from the 60's - 70's--back when aluminum monocoques were beginning to become the standard--without its bodywork will appreciate the "similarity." Actually, that's not really a fair comparison. This guy looks like he's actually got more protection...
  2. The thing that always "horrified" me about that movie was the ending. Even as a kid, I realized: in order for Maximillian to accommodate/save Dr. Reinhardt, there would have to have been some, er, hasty amputation(s).
  3. Speaking of Stallone's sequels...this one never gets old for me. Hah! Old. Just think, though: none of this would have been possible, if Stallone had stuck to the original book ending.
  4. Wow. Just. Wow. That is awesome! I can only think of the epic stop-motion animation battles that could--nay, should be made with such an impressive fleet.
  5. Aw, man.... Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda has passed, age 70. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/motorsports/f1-great-and-aviation-entrepreneur-niki-lauda-dies-at-70/ar-AABFeqU?OCID=ansmsnnews11
  6. Hehe, so they took the "Superman is a dick" theme, and cranked it up to 11... This one may be worth checking out. Saw the newest trailer; man, that bit with the fluorescent bulbs was cringe-tastic. All I could think was: Man, I dunno about the kid, but that waitress is effin' hard core; how is she not freakin' the fu** out?! Pretty sure I'd be like: OMG! OMG! Don't touch it! WTF! WTF! Fuuuuuuuuuuu!
  7. So how long before more super-soldiers start showing up in the MCU? We know the Russians and Americans have managed some degree of success in re-creating a serum to enhance soldiers. The Russians managed to do it with Bucky, and even upped the output somewhat with the 5 sleeper-soldiers--before Zemo kills 'em in their sleep. Was there any reason given for their not trying to create more? Also, AFAIK I think the significance of Gen. Ross having "dusted off" the super soldier program to give Emil Blonsky his enhancements in 2008's The Incredible Hulk has gone largely understated. In his first one-on-one with the Hulk, we see that Blonsky's moving at clearly increased speed, agility [and presumably strength] levels that appear to approach--but probably not equal--those of Steve Rogers. It isn't until he forces Dr. Sterns to use the serum synthesized from Banner's blood that he turns into the Abomination. You tellin' me Ross only secured enough material for one test run? Oh yeah, wait.... I can see how that might make Ross consider the test a failure.
  8. I too initially had a knee-jerk reaction to Cap's side-mission when I first saw it. I thought: this is so un-Captain America-like that this is gonna piss people off to no end. At first blush, it does seem to trivialize all the sentiments and ideals he professed to believe in and stand for in all the films that had come before. What happened to "I'm with you 'til the end," eh? The character of Captain America--no, Steve Rogers, the man behind the shield--is supposed to embody all that we should aspire to be as Americans [or citizens of one's respective country, I suppose]. This is like he's turning his back on all of that.... But when I gave it some more reflection, I conceded to myself: man, you need to lighten up a bit, eh? This is still the story of a mortal man, albeit a man augmented by the effects of super-soldier serum and all the benefits thereof. But with that in mind: even if the serum helps slow his aging process [is that ever implied/established in the MCU?], he's still not going to be able to soldier on and "fight the good fight" forever. Eventually he would have to hang up his helmet and uniform, Just how does someone bring closure to that part of their life, especially after sacrificing so much for it? Audiences have spent the better part of a decade rooting for Cap, no doubt thinking and wishing that if any one Avenger could just catch a break, it ought to be him, right? ed: on a side note, I loved the elevator scene, was definitely worth a chuckle. I got the impression that it was meant as a nod to a significant event from the comics, but also their way of saying: look, this is about as close as we're gonna get to that little "blemish" on the Captain's shield.
  9. The Russos appear to have thoroughly enjoyed their opening of a great big ol' Sam's Club-sized can o' worms and tossing it right onto the middle of the dining room table, then walking right on out of the dinner party... From all the is-it-an-alternate-timeline-or-a-different-reality mumbo jumbo; to permanently maiming the Hulk; to the arguably un-characteristic ending for Cap; there are some aspects to this film that history and critical discussion may not be at all kind to.
  10. Well, hell. Like in the other link above, Joe Russo's interview pretty much takes my little theory about the true meaning of Strange's gesture to Tony in the final battle, and: (at least, as far as concerning just who the only one who could stop Thanos was, anyways) other linky here: https://www.looper.com/151745/joe-russo-reveals-the-true-hero-of-endgame/ Turns out, the true hero of Endgame wasn't one of the "heroes" after all? Ain't that a bi**h! And my daughter totally caught that in the moment in the theater. She was like: "hey, wait! So the only reason he was able to get out was because of that...." and I was like: shush! we don't want to miss anything! Turns out, she caught it alright--and I totally missed [the significance of] it at the time!
  11. Ditto. We can see Quill's searching for her [coordinates?] on the ship's control screen before everybody else comes on board at the end of Endgame. My money says they'll definitely be "searching for Spock." With all the bru ha ha over J. Gunn's earlier dismissal, the discontent that it caused, with cast members rallying to his support [D. Bautista seemed 'bout ready to start burning some bridges, eh?], I just hope it doesn't/hasn't altered the chemistry between cast & crew that helped make the earlier movies so successful.
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