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    Hi-Metal R

    Agreed......unfortunately. As their ROBOT魂 displays have shown over the years (attached), many hopefuls never make it to actual releases. But it sure is fun and gets you all tingly when they pop up at events like this and the "what ifs" begin.....

    Hi-Metal R

    Heh.....actually on their site....haven't seen it anywhere else http://tamashii.jp/column/39/

    Hi-Metal R

    Search didn't show any shot of the little darling hiding behind the VE-1. ......or did I miss it?
  4. Brought over from the Gundam Figure Thread via joppewo ... Thanks for the pic! Not only Byg-Zam.....But that back row has (l-r): Gouf, Gucannon, Desert Zaku, G-3 Gundam and Char's Rick Dom. Front row has a GM under the BZ. Nice!
  5. BANDAI ROBOT魂 (DAMASHII) Releases - General 2009 R-042 VF-25F Super Messiah (Alto Saotome Custom) - Macross Frontier - (11/2009) - MSRP 2800円 R-043 Queadluun-Rea (Klan Klang Custom) - Macross Frontier - (11/2009) - MSRP 3200円 R-046 VF-25G Super Messiah (Michael Blanc Custom) - Macross Frontier - (12/2009) - MSRP 2800円 ROBOT魂 (DAMASHII) Releases - Limited/Exclusive 2010 R-SP Queadluun-Rea (Pixie Squadron Use) - Macross Frontier - (3/2010) - 3360円 TAMASHII WEB SHOP - Same as Klans Q-Rea, but in Pixie Squadron colors. Inlcudes pilots Raramia
  6. BANDAI 1/60 DX Chogokin Releases - Limited/Exclusive 2009 Super Parts for VF-25F (Alto Saotome Custom) (4/2009) TAMASHII WEB SHOP -- Exclusive release sold through the Tamashii Web Shop. First ordering period began on November 25, 2008 and the Second occurred from January 27, 2009 to March 2, 2009. Super Parts for VF-25S Messiah (Ozma Lee Custom) (4/2009) TAMASHII WEB SHOP -- Exclusive release sold through the Tamashii Web Shop from January 27, 2009 to March 2, 2009. Ghost & Weapons Set for RVF-25 Messiah (Luca Angeloni Custom) (7/2009) - 5250円 SPECI

    SCOOP thread!

    Ladies & Gentlemen, The nail has just been hit on the head!
  8. Try searching on that...and good luck! Here's a thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/archive/index.php/t-117085.html But pretty much they say the blade emits energy not heat and so on.....they can be adapted to underwater use....a deleted scene in EP I about Obi-Wan's shorting out..... You can then expand the discussion to blasters under water, I guess.....but these are probably better-suited for the technology thread. Sorry, man. Back to the series and another question........ At that rate of speed, you'd think they would skip across the water for a few hundred meters after jumping! TH
  9. Hopefully, more than 5!! HOLY FRAK!!!! Man, the animation keeps getting better and better!
  10. Meh...tried the whole thumbnail thing, but I caused the posts to wig-out.....more TCW pics.... Toys R Us Exclusive - Stealth Ops Clone Trooper aka Commander Blackout: ARC Commander Blitz from "Defend Kamino" Battle Pack: Cad Bane in Disguise from "Cad Bane's Escape" Battle Pack: Clone Trooper Kix from "The Hunt for Grievous" Battle Pack: Clone Trooper Scythe and Clone Trooper Gearshift from rumored 2-Pack, Republic AV-7 Mobile Cannon, Y-Wing Scout Bomber with Clone Trooper Pilot (aka Warthog), Mandolorian Gunship/Fighter (possible design?):
  11. eBay auctions with new The Clone Wars are all over the place along with some other (somewhat) new info: Clone Commander Jet: Saesee Tiin: Plo Koon (Cold Weather Gear): Kit Fisto (Cold Weather Gear): ARF Trooper (Kamino):
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