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  1. I'm guessing 40000 YEN. Just about the same as or a tiny bit above the VF-0D. I don't think they can go much higher as the VF-0D was a brand new design. Plus they may be doing other schemes?
  2. It's strange that they seem to not put much love into this, when their Jeeg was supposed to be amazing.
  3. Please delete , got my answer!
  4. I have one on preorder but right now i'm decided not to go through with it unless i win a lottery - that i'm not playing anyhow. Of course that's what i said for the last 3 valks i got.
  5. Agree, get the 1D! It's already been re-issued, could happen again but i can tell you most are praying for other variants... :-)
  6. Dimis

    Help: Green 171ex

    Mine has been fine till now but i never transformed it. As other members said it could be fine but crack if you start pulling and pushing.
  7. VF-1 Roy TV, Roy Weathering, Hikaru weathering, Max weathering, Kaki weathering, J Mass, J Hikaru, D, A DYRL, Dark Bird. VF-X Elint, Ostrich if you count those. I have passed on some low priced M&M J and Virgin Road over the years and now kicking myself about it!
  8. Am i allowed to add the White Glint with V.O.B. from Armored Core? It's like a VF-27 Lucifer and an MSN-04II Nightingale had a baby and bleached it!
  9. They were not that expensive at release. This is just the Macross-equivalent scalper of LEGO you are seeing but in a much sicker version! I think this was $600 or something?
  10. But if the fans in Japan are able to get customer service and ultimately all are kept happy why would they be posting about issues?!? Look at Amazon. I am sure that everyone has had one bad experience by now, but they go out of their way to please their customers that it seems as though no one has ever encountered issues!
  11. I would buy the Ivanov again, and if they improved the CF colour a bit, creatively perhaps as they seem to have no objection in doing :-), i would get that too. Something like this perhaps!
  12. Well... this would certainly be the most challenging valk to date. Including previous Yamato releases. Plus you wouldn't be able to transform it without cutting yourself :-)
  13. Unless you are talking gerwalk... The SV-51 beats everything from Macross Frontier!
  14. It doesn't look like it's defective as in if you do this or that you are guaranteed to break it as with the Yamato VT-1 and Bandai's CF VF-171. The VF-19 too had that leg joint that if you clicked more than three time you broke it and they never changed that. I'm a fighter only guy so as long as it's not rattling when you pick it up...!
  15. They should be renewal judging from the tampo printing.
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