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  1. I have both kits. Not directly from John, but the ones that pop up (rarely I might add) on Starship modeler website.
  2. You can also look for the 1/100 Arii kits. I have some in storage, but eBay always has a few.
  3. Admins, I put this in here because I'm hoping to generate for views and a possible lead. Feel free to move it and I apologize in advance if you do.
  4. Not for sale, but maybe someone local to the Los Angeles, area can help. I am looking to rent a 1/60 SV-51. It would be for a weekend. If this interests you, send me a message for more details.
  5. coronadlux


    This this project ever get completed?
  6. Wow. That's a lot of parts. Nonetheless, I'm still itching to print it.
  7. How many hours have you spent on it so far? This is awesome work.
  8. I have worked with more complex parts at work. Granted. We use 100k+ dollars metal printing machines. One particularly complex part has about a thousand tiny slots inside a manifold. It was printed with a DMLS printer.
  9. You can also commision someone nearby to print it for you. There are a few 3d printing Facebook groups that might help with that. Or a member on here. I like the #3 option myself.
  10. That is very cool. You do work fast. Where did the Valk come from?
  11. Before you buy one, go to the Facebook group and read some of the comments. I've had great experience with mine. A few complaints, but those were human error on my part. You'll need some alcohol to clean the prints and lots of paper towels. The sample resin you'll get is brittle, but you can buy the Siraya blu resin. It's more flexible and is more akin to the plastic model kits you can buy.
  12. That's a heck of a lot of parts, but it will make it more of a colored snap fit. I have 2 printers, my work horse is a MP Mini Select my wife got me a few years ago. The other one is a 2 month old anycubic photon resin printer. I use this one for the smaller detailed stuff.
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