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  1. What software do you use to model? I am trying to figure out if I should take some college courses or learn on my own
  2. I'd be interested in the CAD model. If it's available as an STL to print even better.
  3. I've got time. Work has be busy and I find it hard to put anything together right now.
  4. Finally home after a work trip. Glad to see my 2 boxes arrived safe and sound.
  5. I'd say, keep 2 of each and sell the rest. That way y ou keep 1 mint inside box, and you can display the other.
  6. Hey VT, do you mind posting, or pm me the instructions for the launch arm. I lost mine somewhere during my 3 house moves.
  7. Here's my take, I'm no expert either. Some poses, if not all, do look like they came out of a fashion magazine. Rick Hunter meeting Roy for example. Another is Claudia on the bridge while the attack is on, she is standing with her hand on her hip as if she got to the end of a fashion runway. Another is when Minmei is shown running. It's as if someone was told to pose like they were running without running. The inking is way too thick. It makes, for example, Minmei's hair look all nappy and dirty, almost like a homeless person's hair. No navy personnel would wear stripper shoes to work. The story is different. Roy went from somewhat of a big brother we all wants to have, to a brother who's disowned his family. Rick escaped from prison (the brig) and stole a car (military aircraft.) So now he's your typical felon... As Captain said, if it was a different title, maybe I'd want to read more. But no matter how great the story is. If the art doesn't follow suit, then it just plain kills it. I had high hopes for the art, considering the Artgerm cover and other variants. What's the point of an awesome cover if the Meche doesn't even match!
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