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  1. Great idea for a thread. I like that box art build
  2. coronadlux

    CMs Mospeada

    Thanks. I will try to order today. I am still open to buying from someone from this group and in the U.S.
  3. coronadlux

    CMs Mospeada

    I am looking for the CMs Mospeada Ride armors. Broken or not. Shoot me a PM with what you may have and what price you are asking for. Pictures would be helpful if it's broken. Not looking for any particular figure, I just want to start my collection of Mospeada somewhere. I have 3 of the CMs stand alone figures. Thanks for looking
  4. I have both kits. Not directly from John, but the ones that pop up (rarely I might add) on Starship modeler website.
  5. You can also look for the 1/100 Arii kits. I have some in storage, but eBay always has a few.
  6. Admins, I put this in here because I'm hoping to generate for views and a possible lead. Feel free to move it and I apologize in advance if you do.
  7. Not for sale, but maybe someone local to the Los Angeles, area can help. I am looking to rent a 1/60 SV-51. It would be for a weekend. If this interests you, send me a message for more details.
  8. coronadlux


    This this project ever get completed?
  9. Wow. That's a lot of parts. Nonetheless, I'm still itching to print it.
  10. How many hours have you spent on it so far? This is awesome work.
  11. I have worked with more complex parts at work. Granted. We use 100k+ dollars metal printing machines. One particularly complex part has about a thousand tiny slots inside a manifold. It was printed with a DMLS printer.
  12. You can also commision someone nearby to print it for you. There are a few 3d printing Facebook groups that might help with that. Or a member on here. I like the #3 option myself.
  13. That is very cool. You do work fast. Where did the Valk come from?
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