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  1. urm, i'm kinda interested to see his work, but for some reason. i can't view the images... dunno what's wrong... some help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. it's too awesome! a macross shrine, a 1:1 scale vf-25, 3 life sized macross idols, these are too much... although i can just gaze at them via internet only... don't have the money to go there...
  3. iswarakitt

    Macross 30

    when i knew about the release of this game, all i can say is, CAN'T WAIT TO BUY IT!!!
  4. NANI?!?!? ouch... i only looked at the pics and didn't read the article ... sorry about that
  5. holy cow! A working full PS3 Macross game?! i gotta get one... if there is one for sale... and if i can buy it from the internet... i only have the Macross Trial Frontier game with the DVD of the movie... urgh... jealousy boiling coz can't get it... huhuhuhuhuhuhh
  6. nice! as for the color for the back of the leg, go for #2.
  7. a...a...a... A working Daedalus! COOL! nicely done! i wonder if it can do the trademark Daedalus Attack? hehehe, just kidding. anyhow, nice job!
  8. Hi guys! I'm from Malaysia... dunno how many more Macross fans in here are from Malaysia... registered for a while, but did'nt introduced myself. Gomennasai. Have been a huge Macross fan since i known about it... and that was in 199+ something... i forgot which year is was... it was when Macross was aired in Malaysia... been a fan ever since... and still continuing. got a valkyrie model that is still intact... previously owned valkyries are gone in pieces... trying to keep this one in one piece. all in all, great to know all you macross fans!
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