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  1. Welcome back! . I also just recently came back to the boards after some time away. I don't know of any facebook groups, but there is a Buy/Sell/Trade section here on MW that you can see & post in after you have made several posts. (Sorry, don't know the exact number). But, it shouldn't be too hard to find some Chunky Monkeys looking for a new home. Good luck! Melissa
  2. Thanks to MikeRoz for a great deal & fast shipping.
  3. Thanks to ARNJOLT for a great deal on a Fold Booster & Fastpack Set! (Such pretty lights! )
  4. Thanks! That's a must buy for me. I just ordered it from HLJ.
  5. Thanks to davidwhangchoi for the great deal & fast shipping on the GBP Armor. Also, thanks to members ultraman zoffy, ZDZIYO, Kicker773, & Jefuemon for the great deals. . You guys rock! Melissa
  6. Wow! Who do I have to kill or fondle to get one? Beautiful custom!
  7. I just love odd projects like these... Take one part Honda Civic and mix with drivetrain from Corvette and you get the "Civette" Civic/Corvette Hybrid Thread on LS1 Tech And how about a Ferrari F355 engine shoved in the back end of a Nissan Pulsar? Nissan With Ferrari Engine Just thinking about the work required on these projects makes me feel very guilty about both dreading and complaining about my own swap project. (An '04 Cobra Engine, Transmission, and IRS into my '97 Cobra.) These make that look as simple as changing a plug wire. Just unbelieveable...
  8. Unfortunately, I haven't seen one in the color you are describing so I can't help with specific names or paint codes. I can try and make a couple of suggestions. The first is to contact a Pontiac dealer in your area. They might have a brochure on the Solstice that has paint swatches of the colors available. The second is to try this website: Paintscratch.com. You can plug in the year, make, and model of any vehicle to get paint codes and names, as well as a chip swatch that approximates the color. Unfortunately is still is not as clear as it would be seeing it in person, but maybe it can get you a little closer to a decision. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. Melissa
  9. Does anyone know how long you should wait for the first waxing after a fresh paint job?
  10. Too tired to type much, but I like the season finale. It wasn't exactly what I had expected or hoped for but it was okay. Just a few quick questions. Looks like Hiro will be meeting Kensei. A brand new face or one he already knows very well? Any thoughts on the new bad guy Molly mentioned? And I know Sylar is alive but I am very curious about his escape into the sewer, expecially with the way that blood trail looked. Did he crawl away or was he dragged into the manhole?
  11. Honestly, it won't matter if they get a fleet of Vipers. Orlando as well as many of the other police agencies in Central Florida have a pretty strict "no-chase" policy when it comes to crimes like this. A few too many lawsuits and injuries. Although, the Orlando street racing squad doesn't seem to have the same scruples about giving chase. ............................................. Now for the good news! The Bullitt has been recovered thanks to some Fuel SluT forum members (who had their own cars damaged in the process). I am sure it doesn't look as good as it did in the magazine spread, but the owner is happy to have it back. Unfortunately, the scum that was driving it got away. I just hope they have enough leads to catch him. Here is a link to the complete thread including all the details of the confrontation:http://www.fuelslurm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=55841 **Hooray for board filters...Replace the "urm" with "ut" in the link to see the thread.** And a quick cut & paste of the details for those who don't want to dig through the 20+ page thread: Read the complete thread if you get a chance. (Gotta love the cab driver giving chase with passenger in tow... ). Nothing quite like fellow gear heads. That was some nice work by people who didn't even know the owner. It could have been very dangerous, but it turned out okay. The poor Subaru belonging to one member seems to have the worse damage, but a fund has been set up to help cover the costs. They are getting my donation. If I had known there were such nice people in that area, I would've been very tempted to stay in Winter Garden instead of leaving the state.
  12. Like an earlier poster in this thread, I also ordered my Masterpiece Megatron from Big Bad Toy Store. I had my pliers ready to remove the plug after UPS delivered the package today. Luckily, that was not necessary. The plug on my Megatron was not glued in and took almost zero effort to remove (it popped right out with just the nudge of my fingernail). Just thought I would confirm the earlier post in case there are other MW'ers who either don't want to pay extra for an unmodified Megatron or don't want to wait on the second production run to get their hands on one. Also, there were almost no signs the box had ever been opened. No cuts on the plastic tray, no disfigurements to the box...only an orange notice attached to the box with two small adhesive circles. I'm very happy. Now, I'd be ecstatic if only I could find KISS Hot Rodimus for a hundred or less. *sigh* BTW, is anyone interested in comparison shots of Megatron in gun mode next to a real Walther P-38? Or would the mods think that is too inappropriate for this thread? (or this board) Melissa
  13. Thanks for the help! The X-Wing novels were actually some of the last Star Wars fiction I ever read and enjoyed so I will trust your judgement of the new series. I think I will just save the cash and pick up a copy of The Children Of Hurin instead.
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