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    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Any idea when this will go up for preorder? And never mind my question. Just saw it.
  2. I really wish Bandai would make a Sirbine Robot Spirits figure already.
  3. I think Batman is going to call him out in the sequel. Batman will probably make him into a better hero by making Clark hold him self to higher standard than in the first movie. After smacking some sense into him of course.
  4. Has anybody heard if Bandai is re-releasing the VF-25S anytime soon? That's my grail Valk.
  5. How many inches long is the new Chogokin 2199 Yamato going to be? Is it longer than a foot at least?
  6. Yeah, and Alter is doing a Laevatein now for their 1/60 line! http://www.collectiondx.com/news_item/92013/alter_mecha_arx8_laevatein_full_metal_panic Why is this mech getting so much attention now all of the sudden? Bandai just released a Robot Spirits Belial and re-released the Laevatein to go along with it but I didn't think FMP would make it into the Metal Build line. Much less the Laevatein. It does make sense that Alter would continue the 1/60 line but I thought they would maybe do an enemy mech next. I wish Sunrise would get around to making a new anime series that actually has the Laevatein in it.
  7. Didn't know where else to post this but I just received the Tamashii Exclusive Garo Ryuga from the new series and I gotta say it might be the most beautiful figure I've ever seen from Bandai. The paint apps are ultra clean and the sculpt and design are just mind-blowing for a figure that size. I'm also a big fan of the new series and the Ryuga's Garo armor so that helps. I highly recommend this awesome piece of art! I'm going to pick up Zen now for sure.
  8. Does anyone know what makes the new Robot Unicorn Tamashii Green Destroy Mode exclusive a "Double Paint"? And why Double Paint is making it cost close to a hundred dollars?
  9. I wish they had a black/Dark Grey clip on piece for the waist so that it would match the animation in Battroid mode. Does it bug anyone else that the waist is tan?
  10. I think I'm going to wait for the reissue now. The VF-29 is already being reissued so I would hope it won't be too long for the either of the renewal valks to be back for another round as well. I can't justify paying over-price for a toy that will probably come with loose joints or slightly messy pain apps or both. Maybe Bandai will be able to tighten up the QC for the next round of VF-25's. And maybe perfect transformation flying pigs will come flying from my butt. Either or...
  11. I had to cancel my DX Ozma also due to paint concerns. They are not even including all of the correct markings on the head. Why Bandai, why?
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