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  1. where we can buy or download the files for this SDF-1?
  2. i just bought the file, can i print it bigger than 9 inches?
  3. pipe holder, any news on the file release of your SDF-1 joke machine? we haven't heard nothing from you in months
  4. dude, stop with the teasing and let us get the files. just kidding you doing an amazing work!!!!
  5. any chance you could make the main cannons a bit longer? they always appear super long in the series
  6. ok, i'll be waiting anxiously for it. from all the SDF-1s 3D prints i have seem, yours is the best one!
  7. ok, global pipe holder. when this will be available for sale? can't wait to print my 5 feet tall SDF-1!!!
  8. ok, where can i buy the files? or can you print it as well? how big this baby can be print?
  9. oh thank you! i was going over the papercraft plans and this cut wasn't making any sense to me
  10. nyankodevice, do we really need to cut this part? (look at picture)
  11. by any chance could you share the 3D design? so others (like myself) can venture into trying to do this, thanks
  12. thank you nyankodevice. i know i dont have your skills to apply the plastic on the ship but i decide to use foam blocks or Styrofoam to make the ship more solid.
  13. Nyankodevice, i want to start building this SDF-1 papercraft. i know they are number page 1 to 20. but which pages should i start with?
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