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  1. It’s very rare that I drop an anime, after I saw how absolutely bad the animation was, I dropped Ex-Arms without hesitation. The animation looked like the animators just learned how to use the software and this was their first attempt to use it.
  2. That actually looks better than most of the commercially produced ride armors that I’ve seen out there!
  3. With the addition of Delta to the Macross universe, I’m almost convinced that Macross is actually the story of the Jenius family! Frontier, Plus, and Zero are the only animated Macross works that don’t have a Jenius family member as part of the cast.
  4. Yeah, Hirano really likes wide hips!
  5. Mikimoto was only responsible for Eve in all three parts. Toshihiro Hirano did the designs for the rest of the characters in Part 1.
  6. The running Global is my favorite part of this drawing!
  7. I love the 8880 car! Believe it or not, I learned about the set from a Japanese TV commercial that was on one of the anime tapes that I used to get from the Mitsuwa in my area. If I remember correctly, the CM was played in Blue Seed’s mid-episode CM.
  8. I swear someone on the writing staff was watching Gargantia when they wrote this scene.
  9. If the last episode you saw was episode 23, then you’ve already reached the end. NHK announced that the second season will start in April of next year.
  10. That’s pretty much how much I paid for mine.
  11. Add me to the growing family that is VF-1S owners! I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon by the arrival of mine ten days earlier than the expected date!
  12. Please tell me that you’re joking and aren’t really unaware of the original novel or 1953 film’s existence!
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