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  1. These two models look amazing, I hope there will be some improvement like this one:
  2. I'm gonna build a cardboard legioss prototype, using the 3D model I have drawn. It might be bigger than a 1/33 model kit, but I don't know exactly the scale yet. The landing gear will be printed in 3D, they have to be strong enough to support the weight of the legioss.
  3. Hi everyone, I've built a new shoulder in 3D for those who would like to replace the old ones. I'll update this topic when I finish building the arm and the rest of the shoulder
  4. No, but I think it's easier to build new whole shoulders with tlhe missile hatches in 3D for this toy. Here is a raw sketch of the 3D model I'd like to make:
  5. Thanks 505thAirborne More progress pics added I took my inspiration from the f15-eagle airbrake to build this part.
  6. Hi everyone, It's been a while since my last update. I was very busy the last two weeks, but here we are again! I've upgraded my legioss by adding an retractable airbrake. There is still a lot of work to do in detailing it and making it look more realistic...
  7. Hi everyone. Here is a tiny update : the stabilizer is finished . It can be moved easely
  8. Thx Exo The left arm reactor was too far to the right. That's why I cut off the plastic part near the left vertical stabilizer and I glued it to the opposite side. The arm looks much better now
  9. The left engine is almost done. Gaps will be filled with tamiya putty . I've also built a new wing with styren sheets and a 1 mm steel wire.
  10. VFA engines WIP: What u need: a 20 ml syringe( a saw to cut it, I used a 30 cm metal saw ) putty drills
  11. My second project: Build a variable alpha legioss resin kit (approximately 10 inches high for the battroid mode ) The right leg and landing gear prototypes were build with cardboards. I will make the real ones with plastic cards. Landing gear deployed Landing gear retracted The leg's design has been refined,it looks better than the 1/45 legioss : I like it.Softline design... B))
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