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  1. Also looking for the Megaroad model kit from wonderfest or any other representation of it.
  2. Got the monster. Everything is perfect.
  3. Benson13

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah I'e been eyeing the set but I already have 5 orders in with them and the not shipping thing is making me nervous even though they're reputable.
  4. Benson13

    Hi-Metal R

    Nice. The Regult Missile Type Set is going to be my next purchase. Currently looking for them as we speak.
  5. Benson13


    Dude I just bought one last month.
  6. Benson13


    That's a fantastic price for such a limited run.
  7. Has Jungle shipped to anyone yet? I have 4 items paid for but no movement that I can tell.
  8. Perfect transaction with @jennety_
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