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  1. First... Second, I always thinked a MASK movie like The Fast and The Furious movie... http://comicbook.com/movies/2018/04/18/the-walking-dead-norman-reedus-daryl-turning-rick/
  2. RIP R. Lee Ermey

    Godspeed.. Semper Fi!
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2018/04/14/milos-forman-oscar-winning-director-dies-86/517106002/ He flew over the Cuckoo's nest...
  4. Well... Some leaked photos of series https://geektyrant.com/news/heres-our-first-look-at-beast-boy-starfire-and-raven-in-titans-set-photos Some '90stylish culture... And please, not pouch...
  5. I liked the movie. He gonna be better? Of course. But, they made it and repaired much the wrong of the last movie (BvS). I hope they get their "way".
  6. Me too, I knew the Macross through him, and have some feelings (not many) for her. It's sad a good backgound don't receive a good sequel or decent reboot
  7. I don't dislike much Macross Delta... Ok have much failures int he project, but the final result was better if you compare with M7.
  8. WAIT!!! They ended Mac7 flame wars???
  9. I Kill Giants Live Action

    well... Someone liked the movie?