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  1. RAMPAGE Movie

    Or Tetris^^ (yes, it's a fake fan-trailer XD)
  2. RAMPAGE Movie

    IT"S A RAMPAGE!!!!! (ok, much different of arcade game...)
  3. WOW! https://www.kidslogic.toys/products/st03-1-1200-robotech-macross-sdf-1
  4. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Same here^^ Watching brazilian youtubers eating MRE XD
  5. Robotech by Titan Comics

    The Best double-page ever os this serie Gloval go to outside and kick the ship to help with tranformation... Bonus Trash. Minmei and family watches peaceful the city being destroed...
  6. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Robotech #4 WTF???? The SDF-1 found 10 years ago is really the actual what back in time!!! And afte the most ugly Bretai, and yhe most ugly Minmei... Ugly Pin Point barrier operatior Rick's first Phalanx... The Most Ugly Bretai II: The Mission Really... why this crap have a 2nd and 3rd reimpression???
  7. Netflix Original - Big Mouth

    In my country this cartoon create a huge polemic...
  8. WOW! I hope don't be a another Basquash! I mean, don't have another season.
  9. New Mutants

    So... It's setting in the Modified Logan' Timeline.
  10. New Mutants

    It's tomorrow XD http://screenrant.com/new-mutants-teaser-trailer-x-men-release/
  11. Tatsunoko's Infini-T Force

    Yep. Sorry about this. The anime was released in this week and I thinked already watch. Here a clip from episode 1
  12. So... Any opinion about this Crossover of Tatsunoko? Trailer