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  1. Any news is good news. That your project is still breathing is great. Do your tests. Get it perfect. Thanks!
  2. Oh.... By the pics I thought the fingers were connected to the hand with ball-socket joints....... Are those joints in the 4th pic really hinges? I beg to differ about articulating the thumb: it would contribute to realism as much as the other joints in the other fingers, specially in the hand that doesnt carry anything. Also regarding the joint of the thumb to the hand: it really shows in the 6th picture, and doesn't look good at all. I believe that the thumb should be more integrated into the hand. The part of the thumb that goes from the stem to the wrist should be a fixed protrusion of the hand, into which the rest of the thumb should be linked by a ball-socket. Even though I like your hands, I am getting more and more perfectionist: in the 7th and 8th pics it can be seen that the hands are too skinny with respect to the forearm. At the wrist, the hands get really "delicate". To look more robust and powerful they should be bulkier. I think you still haver plenty of empty space in the hand compartment, so you could make them thicker. I know you want to be true to some comic or design you like, but I firmly believe this proposals would improve the product. Regarding the white color in the pics, which is noticeably whiter than the rest of the valk: can I assume you'll offer a color matched version, when you ramp up productoin? Regards, m
  3. EXO, your hands are great, but I've got a bit of a complain regarding the first pics you posted. That joint that keeps the thumb to the rest of the hand........... I wonder whether there could be some other, more elegant solution rather than that slim joint, which will surely make both the thumb and the grip shaky, and doesn't look either cool or sturdy. Besides, the thumb doens't look to be articulated as the other fingers are. Is that because of any technical restriction, I guess?
  4. exo, any news regarding your hans project? I mean HANDS project.
  5. Hi exo, welcome back. As to the unweathered valks, I happen to have bought a nice 1/48 weathered version, one of those from yamato. Anyway, you are no painter! I live in Spain, so I'll be paying bit more. What kind of materials are you considering now? If the final one will be holding color, what kind of paint could we use? I also wonder about durability...
  6. Exo, could you gives us some life signal? Is the project going on? Thanks
  7. Hi exo, I also like to have a number of pairs of hands. I am in no hurry, I prefer for you to improve them and make them more robust. Some questions: 1) Construction method: one of those 3d printers with laser, etc? SLA 2) Will they be avaiilable in different colors? Also for other vf models, like vf-0a? I'll be recommending a certain material that will be super white but can hold color... still researching... 3) How strong will be the grip on the gunpod? Will the wrist actually hold the whole thing (hand+gun)? Chicken hands are too weak... As of now the test show a strong grip. I added the small peg that can go into the gun handle but it can be sliced off if you want to just use the pressure from the grip. 4) Will they get some painting or weathering? (plain color is so unrealistic...) Not by me, it's designed for the 1/48 Yamato which is itself unweathered. 5) Price? Pay method? 6) When are they going to be ready? Thanks!!!
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