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  1. this version does not really like
  2. buy one from AE
  3. 17k yen for me...I hope to be wrong
  4. ok, AE 5 minutes, i got one
  5. official image
  6. no news on the pre order opening day and time?
  7. hot hot hot...i hope in AE
  8. AE open for 4 minutes, it's a record have done
  9. WIN
  10. my only 3 hi metal R...whate HWR-00-MKi; but, bandai, make zentradi pilot please
  11. this is sv 262 eheheheh i love this model only in fighter and gerwalk, but in battroid don't like head and the articulation of the knees
  12. nothing ehehehehe
  13. bandai or arcadia license?
  14. yes it's best 27% discount...
  15. i wate AE it's best price