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  1. Custom Regult sold. Anyone up for the VF-1S? lowered price to $200 shipped.
  2. Stealth Super & Strike parts sold to sqidd. Thank you.
  3. Macross items for sale... Accepting Paypal payments only. Thanks for looking! ———————————————— Yamato 1/60 VF-1S DYRL ver. Roy Focker w/ super & strike parts + complete with gun strap, in great shape, some shelf wear on box (actual item photographed) $200.00 (includes s/h + paypal fees - continental US only)
  4. as mentioned in a earlier reply, I'm in for one. thanks.
  5. previous ID was 'jennety'. for some reason, I am unable to access that account and the moderators haven't assisted me in fixing it just yet. thanks.

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