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  1. Ok I am sorry for the trouble.

    I can send you the payment with paypal outside ebay.

    USD 189 as you asked in MW ... can send as soon as you answer this message.

  2. Marcelo

    yamato 1/48 x 1/60 toys

    Thx Shaorin Could we expect at least reissues of the VT-1, VE-1 and VF-1D ? Their price is too high now ... best
  3. Marcelo

    yamato 1/48 x 1/60 toys

    Thank you! I was looking at the Yamato Japanese page and there is a description of improvements on the 1/60 comparing with the 1/48. http://www.yamato-toys.com/dev/cont_049/index.html http://www.yamato-toys.com/dev/cont_041/index.html They mention a third generation ... is the third generation what people usually refer to v 2.0 ? Or is there is something after not released yet ? (the links can be translated to English when supported by browser) I bought few days ago on ebay a 1/48 VF-1S (focker) + support + super&strike parts ... now I am wondering if I should have gone for the 1/60 line, since I still did not receive mine yet. best
  4. Marcelo

    yamato 1/48 x 1/60 toys

    I am confused with the multitude of versions in the 1/60 scale yamato toy line. Can somebody make a review or suggest a link. I would like to know whether the 1/48 is still of higher quality (detail etc) than the 1/60 (any release). thx