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  1. KICK IT UP! Merchandise time! https://www.youtube.com/embed/5GGDZOn9s9A?fbclid=IwAR1rpwipODGn1aopa8fvELyHLsd-D57a2mzKi6GqQRCSpnN9NOjWRLuTOQE
  2. Set Photos of May'n Christmas available: http://mayn.jp/mayn-xmas_livephoto/?fbclid=IwAR3JYg6d2WwwmEZD9caEzl8gTLjli78vnD_tD8hRHxpfQsu8tyQDGtGEkqo
  3. More May'n exercise video....... https://mobile.twitter.com/mayn_tw/status/1106127346862428160?fbclid=IwAR07OzNrEtharobqxx7WzrAfAbE7hJzw8z7JTIOSf2MeOjg2rnnQ0Fst0Rg
  4. If this was done in a single take, May'n and all the Wake Up Girls! members did a fantastic job!
  5. Pix from Macross Fan club meet and latest Sheryl artwork.
  6. The next destination for her 'KICK IT UP!!' concert is none other than Taiwan! The first part (in Mandarin)
  7. A review of the Flying Dog 10th Anniversary concert in Japanese (unfortunately once translated it looses some of it's content) https://www.anime-recorder.com/ArticleDetail.aspx?seq_no=21649&fbclid=IwAR1wm8vO4sS3IzlW35eC_Kw_kSHFv4eFb0U1wooA82415KNEq2m1EqEpv-Y&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
  8. Among other songs May'n sang are Chase the World, Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't Be Late and Diamond Crevasse An Interview on Flying Dog's 10th Anniversary with the CEO Mr. Sasaki Shiro recalling his meeting with Megumi Nakajima & May'n (scroll down a bit) https://cafeange.blogspot.com/2019/01/anisong-station-episode-92-1-24-19.html?fbclid=IwAR3GjS731AKMPczdse1Nj4ftxaIcY2YpvU8pIOyOcyBWIaEzOWgz8JnuhuE
  9. Pictures from Flying Dog's 10th Anniversary May'n duet with Megumi (Good Job and LION)
  10. May'n at RisuAni LIVE - signing event (Among other are JUNNA (Mikuno) and Minori Suzuki (Freya))
  11. JPY5,000 (tax included) And this is the difference in the song list for both days. '1' being on the 24th and '2' being 25th
  12. May’n Christmas Concert – 25th December 2018 – Part 3 After entering (with drink in hand – that JPY500 one) we found our seating positions, On stage was set up a 3 piece band – a Piano, a Percussion Set and a Guitar – (Spoilers – my friends who attended the concert yesterday informed me that there will be strings instruments later). May’n entered the stage with a Christmas themed dress. It was red and had a black corset like thing in the middle and the back of her red dress had a Big ribbon. She greeted us ‘Merry Christmas’ and we replied back ‘May’n Christmas!’ (Anytime she did this and we would replied the same). They were playing with the words – May’n Christmas (sounded like Merry Christmas). The first song was Silent de Nanka Irarenai – May’n ver. It was presented in a playful way and with a star shaped tambourine. Next was another Macross F song – What ‘bout my star? Performed playfully too. After the song, she introduced her band members to us. Only one member I’m familiar with which is the Band Master known as ‘Nochi’ whom I recognized from all the Budokan concerts. During her talk time she suddenly let out an manly laugh (I was taken by surprise! Is this how she normally laugh during her private time? – Luckily No! She was just imitating how Santa would laugh!) For the next song (JEWELS) the strings section joined the band. 2 violins, one viola (Strings leader) and one cello. She commented how cute one of the violinist looked. (We noticed that too!) May’n then faces her band and acted as conductor for the opening notes to the song before continuing as Vocal. Swan – one of my favorite slow songs. What a treat. She sang it in low key and it reminiscence the days before she ‘fixed’ to using her high pitched tones. Another surprise was when May’n played the xylophone of the opening part of ‘Love, Colored Today’ and some other places in the song. I should say, it takes quite some concentration switching from vocal and then turning back to play the instrument. The songs performed so far have been pretty laid back. Then came Diamond Crevasse. As we listened attentively I noticed my hands were moving to the rhythm of the song and so was my friends’. In a normal concert we would be moving our light sticks. I suspect we were not the only ones doing that. Perfectly sung by May’n, and the audience loved it. A long applause followed once the song ended. The concert picked up momentum and so were the audience’s feelings (her dance moves were also sexier!). After Northern Cross was ‘Run Real Run’ and ‘You’. We were cheering like crazy (I would suppose we came expecting a normal May’n type concert where we made a lot of noise, and so we unloaded all our energy during these songs) There was a short break as they moved a keyboard onto the stage. Her band had left the stage. May’n, emotionally explained that she took quite some time to learn how to play it. Every time she played, Mu chan (her cat) would distract her by making noises or running over the keyboard. At one time her cat accidentally played a tune and this surprised her. She got her phone out to record but nothing happened. The song she performed for us was ‘HOME’ ED from Phantom in the Night. You can see she was really concentrating on the keyboard while delivering the vocals and she did a really good job. My roommate told me that the fans in China really loved this song (to the point where tears would flow down – maybe it reminded them of home as they had to travel really far to find work and could only see their families once or twice a year) There was a short break and some of the audience took this opportunity to relief themselves at the toilet. The audience started chanted May’n! May’n! May’n! Then she came back for the Encore with a white dress and a guest – he brought an accordion. After the intro, he played ‘Silent Night’ and May’n sang in English (If I’m not wrong she sang only the first verse x 2). The guest then left. Even before the concert, some of my friends were wondering who might be tonight’s special guest and one of them suggested – Megumi Nakajima! (Ranka from Macross F) That would have been awesome but it turned out to be someone else. Though most of us don’t know him, he was May’n music teacher (wearing a black hat) when she first started out and they talked about things related to Christmas – one of them was KFC. Somehow having Kentucky Fried Chicken was synonymous to Christmas in Japan! (May’n posted that she managed to eat KFC (bucket) a few days later in her blog) As for the song, it was a Bluesy duet – The Smell of Money! It was refreshing as we have never seen May’n sing like this before! Next is her the latest song - 'Starring' (which she wrote the lyrics) - for a mobile game, which is due to launch next year and one of the main characters was voiced by none other than her 'partner' Megumi Nakajima The last song for the evening is none other ‘Love, Like the Falling Stars’. If you remember any from her previous concert, as soon as the song ends, there will be a sing along session with the members of the audience. And we sang our hearts out as she went from one section to the next (Left, Right and Center). And she challenged us to a looong one – which we managed to keep up! As fun as it was, things will still have to come to an end. As a usual she would asked the members of her band to come forward and lined up in a single file. One last round of introductions and then everyone held hands, bowed (at this point everyone clapped the loudest as it was a really enjoyable evening) May’n shouted at the top of her voice ‘Arigato Gozaimashita!’ The crowd continued clapping as her band members left the stage. A stage hand came out and handed her with her hand phone. It was photo taking time! She moved to the Left side first and because she tried to include everyone in the picture, she really have to jut out her phone which left her in a ‘suggestive’ pose. Her butt was high up in the air and we’re giggling to ourselves as we all posed for the photo. And this happened 3 times as she moved around to capture all three sections. She then moved back to Left side again and began thanking everyone for attending her concert – from the front to the back – Arigato! Arigato! Arigato!… We waved back frantically hoping she would see us. She then moved to the other two sections and at times you could hear her running out of breath! One last time – she shouted ‘Merry Christmas!’ and we replied ‘May’n Christmas!’ May’n replied ‘Arigato!! BYE! BYE!’ and waved all the way backstage. Another Special Concert that we managed to attend. The Concert was perfect, not once her vocals were off key and the songs we’re used to hearing – were played in a different way. SONG LIST – 25th December 2018 1. SILENT DE NANKA IRARENAI (Macross Frontier – CHRISTMAS WITHOUT YOU) 2. WHAT ‘BOUT MY STAR (Macross Frontier) 3. JEWELS 4. SWAN 5. LOVE, COLORED TODAY (OP Inari Konkon Koi Iroha) 6. KOITGE 7. DO NOT LEAVE IT AS IT IS, I DO NOT WANT IT AS IT IS 8. ANOTHER 9. SHINJITE MIRU (Incite Mill – 7 Day Death Game) 10. BLUE 11. KATASUMORI 12. DIAMOND CREVASSE (Macross Frontier) 13. NOTHERN CROSS (Macross Frontier) 14. RUN REAL RUN (Real Onigago – THE ORIGIN) 15. YOU (2ND OP The Ancient Magus’ Bride) 16. HOME (ED Phantom in the Night) ENCORE EN1. SILENT NIGHT (with Tetsuya Kuwayama – playing the accordion) EN2. SMELL OF MONEY (duet with Tatsuya Kawaguchi) EN3. STARRING (OP Do Scientists Dreams of Girls’ Asterism?) EN4. LOVE, LIKE THE FALLING STARS (ED Saikyou Bushouden) Many thanks to Andy and other May'n fans.
  13. May’n Christmas Concert 2018 – 24th and 25th December – HULIC Music Hall, Tokyo PART 2 - 25th December 2018 Since its Christmas, I’m wearing a light green mock neck shirt. Joked with my friend that today I’m going to be the ‘marker’ when May’n takes a photo. Our seats for today will be further back. Today also, we were supposed to sample a seafood buffet at Ueno (Numazuko Kaisho), but my friend told he’s not too fond of buffets and decided to go to the venue to buy the key chain which he could not get yesterday. I asked him to get me a key chain too and a Black T-shirt L size, which was also sold out yesterday. So, together with my other friend that had attended yesterday’s concert, we headed out to Ueno. After a short wait and paid for the buffet (JPY1,200 – eat all you can for 45 min) we were shown to our seats. We made a mistake thinking 45 min was a long time and took our time settling in our table and then to the food. We took small portions to test what we liked (raw red sun-fish, baby tuna, potato salad and cherry tomatoes) I managed to go 3 rounds before the time was up. We just took enough (not to the point of bloating up our stomachs) By 3.00 pm I left my other friend and headed back to the concert hall. They had put up different exhibits from that of yesterday. A friend introduced us to a Japanese fan who gave something known as a ‘CALL BOOK’ – totally fan made and quite well done (almost looked like an official merchandise) Basically it’s a book telling you how to wave your light stick for a selected song (talk about dedication!). The best thing about buying the merchandise was the receipt! Each receipt has May’n signature on it and each is unique! (well….almost) I got one that has a Taiyaki. My friend had one with a Hippo. All in all there were 4 designs. So other than the merchandise, the receipts itself were collectible items! After a quick dinner we went straight in. There was a fan who wore a Santa Claus outfit and was sitting right in the front row! Lucky guy, he was noticed by May’n and was later mentioned again during the Encore!
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