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  1. She sure posted a lot of food that she ate. Here's how she worked it off! XD
  2. May'n meets 2D May'n at Animate. At another store, the costume she wore for the photo shoot is displayed.
  3. This is what happens when you invite a friend to sing with you on stage! May'n x LiSA - Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (OP from Shangri La)
  4. An Interview with May'n by ddnavi.com on her recent launch of Tooth & Wings and YELL! https://ddnavi.com/interview/555133/a/?fbclid=IwAR1vH-MVbRPixXMjLzYb7N9jgowMjGlehQ5ZeKZYNibtlpgKqD49oy7lOwU
  5. You can sample the songs in May'n 2nd mini album 'YELL'
  6. May'n promoting her segment on NHK premium
  7. May'n will appear in a NHK BS Premium program on 14th July 2019 https://movie-a.nhk.or.jp/sns/tHf/p8w72a7i.html?fbclid=IwAR1cjjyb2Awshq2Qp9ubIP2CuAfQ0Sp2GihXFTI5OfBQpjxsIp1DfIChvcc
  8. Speculations run from Mirage, Lady M, a former member of Walkure to a guy! We'll just have to see who is it when the movie comes out.
  9. Pix from the Booklet sold at the Crossover Concert (not all the pages)
  10. Other than May'n new concept album being released soon, she will be appearing in the Philippines in September! She was supposed to appear at an event there last year but was cancelled because of a Tropical Typhoon.
  11. The seats - they're balloted. You can't choose. Even which day you want to attend the concert have to be balloted! A lot of the fans got 2 tickets for one day and so they exchanged with those who got the other day. It's very difficult to get the tickets - we tried it at 3 balloting sessions and still got none. finally a friend helped us out (May'n fan). The chances for LIVE VIEWING at selected cinemas was much better. We accumulated something like 20 tickets and we needed only 4.
  12. MACROSS CROSSOVER CONCERT 2019 – MAKUHARI MESSE CONVENTION CENTER - Day 2 The concert hall was flat and if someone taller than me were to stand infront of me, I will have to rely on the giant screens to see what’s going on stage. I think my other friend who were LIVE Viewing at the Cinemas would have a better time seeing the Concert. The concert started with a 3D clip of a battle scene which looked like a scene before the launch of the Macross SDF-1, where the VF-1s came down to the city and defended the ship as it prepared to take off. There was a Destroid Tomahawk in the midst firing at Regults. Then the screen went black. The lights though dim, you could see two person on stage. They are Yoshiki Fukuyama (Basara) on Guitar and Mari Ijima (Minmay) on Keyboard. The crowd came alive and the excitement rose. The duo sang the song ‘Super Dimension Anthem’ (Ikiwo Shiteiru Kajiteiru) (Day – 1 was ‘Shao Pai Loong’ Mari Ijima & Megumi Nakajima) Once they finished, the screen goes blank and then came back with the opening scene of Super Dimension Fortress Macross (TV) where the Macross first crashed landed on the Earth. Images of Minmay appeared and Mari Ijima sang a Medley of 3 songs (the video screen followed the songs) – but Mari’s singing voice wasn’t what it used to be. At times it felt like she couldn’t pull her voice through and at times off-key. So was the next song – Angel’s Paint. But one last solo song for the day, LOVE, Do you Remember? The 5 screens in the back acted as one, showing scenes from the Movie. Mari managed to do a good job on this song. As the song goes into the chorus part, the audience joined in. This was my first time watching Mari Ijima LIVE. There was a short break and scenes from Macross PLUS & Macross 7 appeared on the screen. Some scenes from Macross 7 and Yoshiki Fukuyama started with Tougeki Love Heart! The crowd came alive and light sticks were everywhere. I, unfortunately forgot to pack my light stick, and could only watch as others have fun. As the song progressed, you can hear the audience shouted FIRE! FIRE! Next came Virgin Story. Chie Kaijura (Mylene) joined in. Then another favourite – Remember 16. After that it was Chie Kaijura’s solo songs (she did 3 in a straight row). The theme was nature like and you could hear sounds of water running, insects etc. This part of the concert was the slowest. The next song was Angel Voice! (Macross Dynamite 7) Immediately, in the background they showed Basara singing to the Space Whales. Towards the end of the song, there was a sing along part which started out at low key (almost like a hum, which the audience followed) and then Yoshiki’s iconic voice going full blast – WOAHHH! WOAHHH! WOAHH! X 2, WOAAH! WOAAH! Everyone joined in! (Day 1 was Light the light) Yoshiki Fukuyama mentioned during the concert, that the person who influenced him most is not The Beatles or Queen but Nekki Basara as truly there is no one like him! Next was my favourite Mylene song – My Friends, which Chie did perfectly. Chie then reminded Yoshiki that there were fans watching them through LIVE VIEWING and walked over to greet them on the camera that was broadcasting LIVE to a few selected cinemas across Japan. And the last song from the Macross 7 era was none other than Planet Dance! Shouts of FIRE! And BOMBER! Could be heard during the song. Towards the end, Yoshiki took off the guitar from his shoulders and looked like he was going to throw it up into the air! He carefully balanced the guitar (which was borrowed and very expensive) upright, making sure it would go straight up and when the time was right, threw it up! Seconds later it landed safely onto his hands! And that ends Macross 7’s segment. Then a special guest appeared – Hiroko Kasahara (Ishtar from Macross II) singing ‘Mou Ichido, Love You’. (ending battle song for episode 6) She looked a bit timid with glasses and had a small hand bag slung across her shoulders. Her voice was perfect. (Day – 1 was Haruka Chisuga performing ‘Planet Cradle’ from the PS3 game Macross 30) INTERMISSION (20 minutes) – Opened with the Nyan-nyan tuna bun commercial and later videos showing toys, DVD and OVA promos. Once the INTERMISSION has ended, Macross Frontier’s logo appeared on the screen, the audience rose from their seat as a clip from Frontier was played. Suddenly the stage floor opened and May’n came up to the stage via an elevated platform, and it continued to rise up just as the opening tune of ‘Welcome to my Fan Club’s Night’. The screens played clips of Sheryl. The platform stopped rising midway to the height of the main screen and May’n silhouette posed against the background of the screen and the screen showed Sheryl’s logo (which was the heart shape logo and a butterfly wing on the left side) WoW! What a dramatic entrance! Right about now, the audio began to deteriorate. At first I thought they change the band (which usually happens but it wasn’t). It became more evident when May’n and Megumi talked on stage. It sounded like a humming noise. But for those at the LIVE viewing, there were no problems. The next song was Iteza Gogo Kuji Don’t Be Late! Scenes of VF-25s battled against the Varja were shown on screen. As usual during the instrumental part, May’n ran the length of the stage, much to the delight of her fans and then ended the song at the center walkway which was quite a distant from the main stage. Then whole concert area dimmed. Ranka’s clips were shown together with a carnival like atmosphere. Megumi Nakajima entered the stage, singing Seikan Hikou. Finally, they got rid of the childish clothing for her and reduce the hand movements that was usually associated with this song. It might have been appropriate 10 years ago but certainly not at the present. Next was ‘What ‘bout my star @ Fromo’ Megumi started first and then the spotlight shone on May’n who was still at the end of the center walkway. They both walked towards each other while singing the song. A very warm and emotional scene – it’s like two friends who had not seen each other for some time meeting up now…. You can see May’n was really energetic and excited. The two of them were really having fun on stage! The chemistry between the both of them was the best in the entire concert. After that, they said ‘Hi’ to those watching the LIVE VIEWING from across Japan. Next was the song ‘Good Job!’ – a duet written 10 years after Frontier, testament of the popularity of the Frontier franchise. Then the screen showed a clip from the Frontier 2nd Movie – Sayonara no Tsubasa – where Ranka finally gathered enough courage to tell Alto how she felt and then it the song Hokage Overflow began to play with Megumi matching the scenes on the big screens. After that, it’s May’n turn. A medley – Nyan-nyan Final Attack - Frontier’s greatest hits (which covered Nothern Cross (voice only), Ninjiro Kumakuma (Megumi), LION, Universal Bunny and Obelisk. Next was Sayonara no Tsubasa – they were matching the visuals on screen seconds by seconds as if you were watching a LIVE theatre! It’d also included a voice cameo of Isamu with his VF-19 (Macross PLUS), much to the delight of the audience! May’n and Megumi talked about how they once had an identity crisis as fans in Japan would call them by their character’s name during Macross related events and their showbiz name in their personal events (I think in other parts of the world we do call them by their showbiz name – I did encounter before during a media interview with May’n that the Manager politely asked us to address her as May’n – which at that time sounded odd!), and how they’re struggled with it. But they learned to accept and cherish them as it was because of their characters that they are where they are now. This was true as while I was watching the concert, a female fan behind my row shouted ‘Sheryl!’ and then some guy in the front rows shouted ‘May’n!’ They then thanked everyone for their support for the last 10 years. All of a sudden Megumi said – How nice if they could perform again – in maybe another Frontier concert in the near future! May’n playfully scolded Megumi for suddenly throwing out such ideas! I would definitely go for that, if there was one! (Is that a Hint?) – about a week after this concert – they announced a tribute to Macross 7 concert at Zepp Tokyo (Odaiba) in September 2019! The last song for the Macross Frontier era was – GET IT ON! Light speed Climax! (Sayonara no Tsubasa – prison break) and they went around the stage as they sang. Everyone continued to clapped and cheered after they finished the song and left the stage. Screen goes black (But I think everyone knew what was coming next) The screen lit up and they showed the Elysium getting ready to launch the VF-31s, piloted by Walkure themselves. There some funny instances during Walkure’s performance. While they were introducing themselves – their real name and which character they represented. They would then end their introduction with their tag line (MUSIC is LOVE, MUSIC is HOPE etc.) When JUNNA’s (Mikumo) turn came, she forgot to say her tag line! Then Minori Suzuki (Freya) grinning, pointed at her and reminded her. JUNNA’s eyes went wide and was a little embarrassed. The audience were amused and laughed! After saying her tag line, Minori went on to introduce herself. At this point the concert was going pretty fast. Towards the 2nd last song, the entire Walkure team was at the center walkway and they bent down to ask someone in the audience ‘Can we now announce to everyone what is the next title of the Macross Delta movie?’ Then the camera panned over to the audience and it was Shoji Kawamori! After a short chat, they announced the name of the new title -‘Gekijouban Macross Delta : Zettai Live! Then Shoji Kawamori held up his palm with his fingers stretched out – signaling 5. Then he added his light stick in the middle of this palm – a 6th member for Walkure! (Tenjin Hidetaka was also present) As for the last song Rune Ga Pikatto Hikattara, Walkure was sitting in the middle of the stage when the song started, then one after another would run off in different direction. In the back ground, each of the screen would show one member of Walkure in their UTA Macross 3D character doing the song and dance sequence. Last to leave was Minori (Freya) and when she tried to get up, MAYBE she lost her balance (one hand was holding the mike and she’s singing), she rolled on the stage! Everyone just passed it off as her playful nature (if you have been following her other concerts) The appearance of the 2nd Special guest is rather abrupt. Maybe because the timing was off (took too long to appear between the end of Walkure’s performance) Anyway, it took everyone by surprise! Some were about to sit down and some were thinking of going to the toilet. I was fumbling for her name though I know the song by heart. Only much later that I finally remembered her name – Maaya Sakamoto, singing Triangular (with the OP of Macross Frontier playing on the screens) ENCORE The Encore started with ‘Aimo’ (Macross Frontier). Chie started the song and Megumi joined in. Both vocals complimented each other. (Day 1 – Promise (Macross II insert ending song Ep. 6) Hiroko Kasahara & May’n Next came a popular song from Macross Delta – Ikenai Borderline! Then the surprise came, May’n was with Walkure in this one! After hearing May’n sang ‘Bokura no Senjo’ with Walkure (which was awesome!) I wanted to see May’n sing Ikenai Borderline with Junna and right at this concert, it was happening! Everything went so fast (with everyone having their part in the song). But one thing really stood out was May’n rendition of some of the dance moves – she made it really sexy! I really hope that they release a Blu-Ray or DVD of this concert so I can really see what was happening. Once the song finished, Walkure gathered around May’n (they were excited about something) (Day – 1 Dynamite Explosion! (Yoshiki Fukuyama & Walkure) from Macross Dynamite 7 OVA) And then the last song for the day. The screens showed the song title : RUNNER (ED of SDF Macross) As the video played- which in the original showed an album’s pages being turned and each page was a picture of Minmay. This was replaced by pictures of the various Macross series. Mari Ijima sang the first 2 lines, followed by Fukuyama, Chie, May’n, (While everyone voice was at the middle range, when it came to May’n turn, she was singing with a very high voice (which really stood out), Megumi and Walkure. At the second, verse everyone sang together. On screen, the final page was turned and it was a picture of the late composer Kentaro Haneda. This was a tribute to him. With that the concert ended. All the artist bowed and walked around the stage to thank everyone for attending (in the Background played Tenshi no Engou (Angel’s Paint)) Everyone stayed on and waved back until they left the stage. Day 2 - Song List 1. Super Dimension Anthem (Fukuyama & Mari Ijima) 2. Medley – My Boy Friend is a Pilot, OG Love & Sunset Beach (Mari Ijima) 3. Angel’s Paint (Mari Ijima) 4. Love, Do you Remember (Mari Ijima) 5. Tougeki Love Heart (Yoshiki Fukuyama) 6. Virgin Story (Yoshiki Fukuyama & Chie Kaijura) 7. Remember 16 (Yoshiki Fukuyama) 8. Love Song (Chie Kaijura) 9. Kimi ni Todoke (Chie Kaijura) 10. Pillow Dream (Chie Kaijura) 11. Angel’s Voice (Yoshiki Fukuyama) – (Day 1 - Light the light) 12. My Friends (Chie Kaijura) 13. Planet Dance! (Yoshiki Fukuyama & Chie Kaijura) 14. Mou Ichido, Love You (Hiroko Kasahara – Macross II) (Day 1 – ‘Planet Cradle’ by Haruka Chisuga from Macross 30 PS3 game) INTERMISSION 15. Welcome to my Fan Club’s Night (May’n) 16. Iteza Gogo Kuji Don’t be Late (May’n) 17. Seikan Hikou (Megumi Nakajima) 18. What ‘bout my Star @ Formo (Megumi Nakajima & May’n) 19. Good Job! (May’n & Megumi Nakajima) 20. Hokago Overflow (Megumi Nakajima) 21. Nyan Nyan Final Attack - Frontier’s Greatest Hits! (May’n & Megumi Nakajima) - Northern Cross, Nijiiro Kumakuma, LION, Universal Bunny, Obelisk) 22. Sayonara no Tsubasa (May’n & Megumi Nakajima) 23. Get it On! Light speed Climax (May’n & Megumi Nakajima) 24. Koi! Halation The War (Walkure) 25. Ichido Dake no Koi Nara (Walkure) 26. Absolute Zero Novatic (Walkure) 27. Hametsu no Junjou (Walkure) 28. Walkure Does Not Betray (Walkure) 29. Walkure Can’t Stop (Walkure) 30. Rune Ga Pikatto Hikattara (Walkure) 31. Triangular (Maaya Sakamoto) ENCORE 32. Aimo – Bird Human ver.(Chie Kaijura & Megumi Nakajima ) 33. Ikenai Borderline (May’n & Walkure) 34. Runner (Mari Ijima, Yoshiki Fukuyama, Chie Kaijura, May’n, Megumi Nakajima & Walkure) This is my first ever MACROSS CROSS OVER CONCERT and I do hope they do a DVD/Blu-Ray version of this! Sure would love to relive the moment again!
  13. An interview with May'n on her first concept album - YELL! (on July 31st) http://kansai.pia.co.jp/interview/music/2019-06/mayn.html
  14. More pictures from Makuhari Messe. There were a lot of fan drawn pictures of May'n and Sheryl. Anyone fancy buying a life size Sheryl and Ranka?
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