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  1. May'n Birthday dance? https://ameblo.jp/mayn-blog/entry-12533619439.html?fbclid=IwAR3XrAmpNrVlh7O3J9Un21OabapBdro4oqKPn8oS8-P6JUXRcPdSWcH3tQM
  2. Just completed here show in Philippines (Cosplay Mania! 2019) last weekend and the songs she sang were : 1. Welcome to my Fan's Club Night - Styles ver. 2. Chase the World (OP for Accel World) 3. One in a Billion - May'n ver. (OP for Isekai Shokudou) 4. Scarlett Ballet (OP for Hidan no Aria) 5. Vivid (OP for Blood Lad) 6. Belief (Op for Taboo Tattoo) 7. Northern Cross (Macross Frontier) 8. You (OP2 for The Ancient Magus' Bride) 9. Diamond Crevasse (Macross Frontier) After the event, they went to eat Cow Bone Soup (which looked very messy) and this picture was taken (I almost fell of my chair from laughing)
  3. Graphite/Diamond MV. I was expecting the MV to be more.....'expensive' seeing how much they used to promote the event.
  4. May'n messing around (in the Philippines) - singing 'Baby Shark'
  5. On the 14th & 15th Sept (same day as Tokyo Game Show ) at Akihabara, they had a grand celebration for Azure Lane 2nd Anniversary.
  6. May'n 18th Single - Graphite Diamond - OP for Azure Lane Anime - release 20th November 2019 (That's very close to C3AFASG 2019) http://mayn.jp/graphitediamond/?fbclid=IwAR3sMH6c0z7oPHfzWjGtBXGL3o_HVYh8C4Y_0lJXL1u6lXMCn0BbgMTgP1E
  7. May'n will be attending C3AFASG 2019 together with other artists including JUNNA from Macross Delta (29th November to 1st December 2019) - incidentally the video they used for May'n section is taken from her last year's Christmas concert (song : 'You' from The Ancient Magus' Bride)
  8. She sure posted a lot of food that she ate. Here's how she worked it off! XD
  9. May'n meets 2D May'n at Animate. At another store, the costume she wore for the photo shoot is displayed.
  10. This is what happens when you invite a friend to sing with you on stage! May'n x LiSA - Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare (OP from Shangri La)
  11. An Interview with May'n by ddnavi.com on her recent launch of Tooth & Wings and YELL! https://ddnavi.com/interview/555133/a/?fbclid=IwAR1vH-MVbRPixXMjLzYb7N9jgowMjGlehQ5ZeKZYNibtlpgKqD49oy7lOwU
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