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  1. Exhausts at the leg missiles. More accurate decal tempo applications. The brace for battroid mode. The locking piece for fighter mode. The locking tabs for the hip intake. No add on for the side wing. No need for extra piece for the gunpod in fighter mode. No extra joint for neck piece. That pretty much covers it besides the more accurate look.
  2. True. Very true, I agree. v1s weren't THAT bad IMHO. I also agree that the selling point here was just the looks, design, and accuracy of the valks. Besides that, I wasn't too keen to jump on the bandwagon of the how they were going to hold up. Call me pessimistic. Either way Bandai made its money from me by having me buy the v2 ozma with armor parts. And with that - my VF collection is done. (Now to save up to the 1/6 scale Hot Toys THE BAT) By the way - when they say 1/6, do we mean like 1/60 scale?
  3. Hah - I knew it - regardless of the improvements - the v2s. ended up being floppy regardless. (take that you v1 haters) At least the hinge systems in the shoulders that support the backpack seem to hold a lot better than the v1 ozma, with better material (ticker too). @ Drakie - THAT IS A MARVELOUS IDEA!! - that's from the v1 gunpod holder piece right? I will be employing that in my tornado v1 vf25g messiah. Any words on the special stands from bandai? like the ones released for the v1s where you can change the angles, etc. (I really liked those - I got two of them, but man, were they pricey at $60)
  4. New pic of Armored VF25 Renewal Ver. is in - For the money Bandai has been asking - I really hope to hell that those missiles are painted....otherwise it's going to suck for a lot of people. Via: CyberGundam Blog
  5. Just got it - initial impressions - very small package (a surprise for Bandai) - Pieces fit in like a wonder, can't wait to start panel inking! THE BAD: As I feared, this thing can't hold too many poses without the aid of any kind support once ALL the back parts have been installed, the figure can be posed but very limited choices as the back pieces simply make it flop either down or foward - it stands evenly but very in a very PRECARIOUS manner (and I know any one here can't simply afford a half-a-grand-valkyrie as seen in some ebay listings lately) I will post pics later. Gotta go Paintballing. But so far the super parts give it a very intimidating look, and once again hats off to tokyo hunters for delivering in pretty much record time!! Stay tuned for pics in the pose thread.
  6. Just got my EMS shipping notice to all those who ordered from Tokyo-Hunters - they are now shipping!!
  7. I think I'm in love with you - just summarized what I been trying to say a long time ago since I joined here. "Yammies suck ass with their vf0 lines, or broken shoulder there - Bandai made their v1s are utter garbage and all" - just enjoy the f*cking figure. @OptionZero - email HLJ and see if they can exchange it for another one (which I doubt) or see if you can at least get a partial refund from them. Sorry to hear that man. But email them ASAP and see what can be done - I remember I bought a Cancer Myth Cloth that was faulty and they wanted pics and I sent it back, and I got another from them - but that was 4 yrs ago, I don't know how much have their policies changed since then. Actually can you explain how did this happen again and be specific....
  8. Doesn't the VF25S come out end of Jan. according to HLJ.
  9. ^wow....really, I thought it was 152 or some change last time I checked (yesterday) for the VF25S (pre-order price) - so I figured maybe no more than $200
  10. Your order number #### at Tokyo Hunter has been updated. Order status: Processing Order comment: Your order is now packed and ready for shipping. EMS shipping fee is 1,860 yen = which is about 25 bucks for me. Please send payment to paypal@tokyo-hunter.com. Thanks! Same here actually - great news. I'm sure it will get here WAY BEFORE Christmas - perhaps by next week - after it is EMS in my case. Damn, I'm excited.
  11. Could be - actually, the way they snapped to the V1 Armored Messiah wasn't so bad either - AND it was a stable and strong hold. I wonder how will the backplate joints hold up with that MASSIVE weight. I'm just surprised we haven't had any hobby publications have up-close pictures of them yet.
  12. Anyone gotten a receipt/email/notice of shipping from any of the buyers you guys have acquired it from!? ANYONE!? I will post whenever Tokyo-Hunters shoot me an email of their incoming stock. Stay tuned.
  13. This makes no sense. Anyways, I'm done with you. Perhaps I am indeed the one of the few out here who still have their V1s in one solid piece with no flaws. Do I want the line to fail? Ah you must be a mind-reader, good job man. I mean, I already pre-ordered one from HLJ, and yet I still want the line to fail - yeah - you got me there. Ok, go pat yourself in the back now. That's what I'm saying. Will it outlast V1s. Sure, maybe. Will it last the test of time without running into floppy joints, and snapping parts, and crumbling issue. Not too sure. Time will tell. Just saying. Yeah, while I am new in this board - I'm beginning to notice people sure like hitting the panic button a lot - specially over minor things. But HEY! if you drop $200 plus, you should. It just amazes me how people tend to blow up small stuff. It's only logical Bandai had to go that route. It would be a damn shame to have them include the weak snapping parts for the hip-intake covers again from all V1s Super Parts. A damn shame. In this I agree with you. The rest not so much....
  14. so much hate for my poor v1. - anyhow - regardless, love the figure regardless. What else can I do? sell it on Ebay!? I guess if I ran into the same issues as some of you have, I would probably be in the other side of the fence....(I really don't see that happening YET, not any time soon anyways, time will tell). And well, it seems like the majority here simply LOATHE the thing with a passion (and with righteous indignation of course), but it still, I think the figure is awesome and great. And yeah, I take my time - I'm just getting into modeling, and one thing I learned from building Kotobuyika's Armored Core models - IS PATIENCE, some runners are so damn small, they can easily break, get lost, etc. I'm sure any modeler out here would understand that. Is it annoying, no not at all, I actually enjoy it, I stream some MF 1080HD eps on my 42 Plasma, and we are good to go - however, I guess its pointless to convey my point since many of you already suffered enough from poor manufacturing defects/design/parts - and I hope I don't run into the same fortune. I simply subscribe to a simple ideology: You paid for it, you take care of it, regardless of flaws/quality control issues/poor manufacturing/wrong paint app/poor durability that MAY arise in the future, and live with it. Bandai or Yamato. Regardless, its just my opinion. Bitching, crying, and moaning ain't going to do a thing - at the end of the day - either Bandai or Yamato made their money off you and that's that. What else can you do? Don't misunderstand - I hold no love towards neither Bandai nor Yamato (I think Yamato has a bad rep, seeing so many damn posts about broken shoulders and crappy CQ but are getting better...at a GLACIAR pace - And Bandai, well, just is Bandai, 'nuff said) The move towards designing a V2 was inevitable and only logical. V1s were crappy and badly designed - what else did people expect. Some love the v1s (like me) and others hate them with a passion. All toy manufacturers do it. Bandai and Yamato are no exception. They both marketed crappy products with poor quality control and made a fortune over it, perhaps one did it better than the other, years go by, they re-release and new re-designed product based on the same concept. As I stated before - What else can you do? One question lingers in my mind: I wonder how Bandai is going to design the armor THIS time around and how well it hold up. Those armor wing parts ARE going to be HEAVY and without any sort of ratchet joints on those hips - how the hell is it EVEN going to stand with all that back heaviness. Will there be any sort of lockin mechanism in those back plate joints!? I think its going to be the same drama over again, minus some quirk. Loose joints, easy scratch off tampo, and the inability to free pose without the need of a special stand or something to support the immense weight of the Armored Parts. And looking how FRAIL the v2 is - I would not be surprised if the V1s with all their "flaws" and being giant steaming pile of sh!t end up being more durable than the v2s. Once again, just my opinion - and I guess time will tell - either way Bandai has made its money of me. (And others who decide to buy)
  15. I too, pre-ordered since they announced day one, in both the forums and their websites. They are very reliable as they got me my last ghost and weapon set even after 1 and 1/2yrs after it was released at a very reasonable price. However, like anime export, they demand fullpayment upfront to reserve. So. Be ready to dig in as soon as you checkout your order. @VF25SSS man, sorry to hear your fig, broke like that. Also, minor tampo scratch I can live with, but once. Stuff like the small sms and numbers go, it really rubs me the wrong way. @Eugimon, likewise, although my valks are still in good conditions, I feel your pain. That's. Why I take a long time to transform, so as to not scratch the sensitive areas, not stress any joints, and plan ahead what pose I want in battroid mode, always leaving the armored and torando,and super parts back parts so as not stress any joints. Don't care how long it takes. Sorry for mispell, fomr phone.
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