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  1. Finally made the SDF-1 Macross! https://sketchfab.com/models/f1f0c6423a2b43c39a2fcab60d8ecfd0
  2. It's not voxel based but let's you do basic polygon based modeling in VR using an Oculus rift or Htc Vive. It's a lot of fun to use and you feel like you are making toys in vr
  3. And here's a group shot of all the mecha so far. Just one left to do.. https://sketchfab.com/models/683d29bd5a974b7cb5a757a1769f3b73
  4. Hi all, It's been awhile but I'm back to modeling Macross again, but this time, some SD versions - low poly, all modeled in VR using Google Blocks. Here are some dioramas I made Max Vs Miriya https://sketchfab.com/models/c37ada36f1404c0b8526216ca9ae9e59 Minmay Catch https://sketchfab.com/models/701a35f2ee0649cfa49217b61a02cdac 35th Anniversary Tribute
  5. there was a project using the Unity engine that looked promising but haven't heard any thing in awhile about it. I actually really want to make a macross 7 game using the guitar hero controller for input. check out http://www.gerwalk.net/
  6. @bigkid24 - unfortunately lego stopped that program and replaced it with this cuusoo project. so the best we can do is try and get 10,000 votes. get the word out.
  7. i might have been a bit over enthusiastic, since technically, it still needs to go through the review process, but there is an official comment of support from the LEGO CUUSOO team on the vf page. there are also links to a youtube movie of the transformation and a ton more pict on flickr of different variants. give some support!
  8. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/638 if he gets 10,000 supporters it WILL get made officially by lego. (this is not my project)
  9. Amazing. That is some fantastic interpretation of the eye detail sketches and the overall head. Can't wait to see the other head variants. Tipatat
  10. Doktor Gonzo, nice model - it's definitely one of the best looking battloid I've seen. You did a great job with the proportion issues (something I am also struggling with). I'd love to see more renders of your model. Do you have an online gallery somewhere? Tipatat
  11. Here is the model pretty much done at this point. Now I need to start the texture work. Although I am tempted to model the other Destroids instead of doing the textures...
  12. Still in progress. All the major parts are in place, now on to converting to sub-d and detailing.
  13. If you are looking for a unique gametype perfect for Macross, I suggest a Guitar Hero/Rock band type game using the plastic guitars. I mention this in the games forum and it's best suited for Macross 7 but could work for any of the series. You would play FireBomber Music with the guitar, but instead of a music video on screen, it would show a battle/fight sequence that would reflect how well you are playing. Like when you miss a note you get hit by a missile. And you could have multiplayer where the other people are playing a regular space shooter as diamond squadron. Kinda wacky, but that would be my dream Macross game
  14. Taking a break from the VFs and am working on finishing a sweet Tomahawk Destroid model originally by an awesome 3d artist named Sumimasen. He did the arms and I did the rest of the torso. Right now it's still hard polys but I will convert that to sub-Ds after I finish the bottom half.
  15. Thanks Dan. Seeing your model makes me definitely want to up my game as well. It's pretty much faked with random shapes to match the line art as close as possible. I just wish I had a good reference for the J interior as well.
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