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  1. Do I/we need to send you extra for shipping? I'm good with doing so.
  2. Got mine today Cap! Damn good casting! Thank you sir for the work you do for us!
  3. Why Gerwalk first? Why not another mode first?
  4. Done. It's in the PayPal message Cap, but send me which ever decal. I'll build the version you send me.
  5. Very nice, great to see something out of the ordinary.
  6. +1 It's up on HLJ now. Don't know if I want to pre-order or not. I am not a Delta fan and wish it was a DYRL or M+ valk I would probably jump on it. Hmmmmm
  7. Hi kajnrig, Yes. Per the title, all items were sold. No new listings. If I have more items or lots as I go through items while prepping to move that I need to get rid of, I will create a new post for such items. I will update the post to state all items have been sold in this post for clarification.
  8. Duh moment on my part. I think I had it in my head it was a model.
  9. My son loved the original Thomas Trains, they were diecast in the beginning. Pretty much had the whole set and then I give them away as soon as he moved on to pokemon. Let's not get started there with the original pokemon cards, which we actually still have packed in the attic. Another thing I must get rid of when I move soon...ugh. So far as macross collecting, my model habit got out of control years and years ago with the plastic kits. Not many I have not owned. Had to stop. I try to focus on Resin/Multimedia kits now as I just don't have the time to invest as I did when I was yo
  10. All lots SOLD I will be selling off more in new posts as I go through more boxes. Thank you for the interest. Way more than I though there would be. Thanks Hello all. I am in the middle of beginning a move and pulled out boxes, some I've not been in for at least 3 years and know I am never going to get to doing, using, or just no interest. I really need to get rid of and make space.Prices reflect the chance of something not noted, missing etc... I buy from here now and again and mainly a lurker, but been around for a bit. All prices in USD $ with buyer to pay ac
  11. I was comparing this too and noticed this one has the shoulders on the wrong sides Agree with some of the proportions, and think that Hasegawa took it upon themselves to take the middle ground so they could re-use the mold for both the TV and DYRL versions?
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