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  1. Thanks for good packaging and fast shipping from @gingaio
  2. Maybe Non-Special will be no flight stand and movie version?
  3. Why is it called Roy Focker Special ... will we be getting a "Non-Special" Focker too?
  4. Will try to sell these here before going to ebay. Been holding on to these because the packaging are so nicely done and they display well. All are complete, all have some decals applied, all have dead batteries (for light-up features), and all were displayed for a very short time. -Selling each "Volume" for $90 shipped. So that's $70 each, plus either medium or large size (depending what fits) flat rate USPS priority shipping. Volume 1, Rick Hunter VF-1J: Some shelf wear on front package Volume 2, Ben Dixon VF-1A: Looks to be in good condition SOLD Volume 3, Roy Fokker VF-
  5. Dang ... what did I miss?
  6. Thanks for smooth transaction and delivery from @RedComet
  7. Hi, For sale is Yamato 1/60 Macross Zero SV-51 Ivanov Type. It has been opened only for display ... so I didn't play with much. Complete set (nothing missing) and package in fair condition (see photos). Includes instructions (back cover has some writing on it) and unused sticker sheet. Asking $150 USD, excluding shipping. It will be around 5 lbs packaged, so USPS priority shipping can be figured out by enter my zip code (94043) and your zip code. USA only. Thanks.
  8. Hi, For sale are some Kaiyodo Macross Revoltechs. They have been opened only for display ... so I didn't play with much. Complete set (nothing missing) and packages are in great condition (see photos). $15 USD each, excluding shipping. They are less than 1lbs, so USPS priority shipping can be figged out by enter my zip code (94043) and your zip code. USA only. Thanks.
  9. Haha. "Enabling" suggests that all this is bad behavior and we are steering you guys into making bad decisions ... which I don't believe is the case. Instead, I would say we should all get certificates for being "supportive".
  10. Yamato Macross Helmet on Ebay ... 10% off.
  11. Yeah, I got the 1/48 Thunder Hummer kit way back in 2008 (through EXO) .... and I still haven’t painted it yet!
  12. Ever since I got married and moved into a different home about 10 years ago, I lost touch with Macross World and haven't posted in awhile. I was active during the 1/48 Yamato days, so that's pretty much what I have ... and it seems a lot have changed since then (Yamato is gone, Arcadia's focus on 1/60 scale, and I recently discovered Bandai's DX VF-1s just last week). Well ... Shelter in Place has finally given me time to retrieve my old display case from storage and unpack my old Macross Collection. My most recent purchases have been the 1/3000 SDF-1 and I just received the Bandai VF-1A Max y
  13. These are enormous! I like the gerwalk one, but the other one has too much going on and the flames effects look a bit tacky. Would have to see them in person.
  14. Big thanks to DarrinG for great service, communication, and merchandise!
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