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  1. I loved that there was a tournament on the classic 1985 Famicom game! I hope there's more information available sooner next year. I had asked before the event and there was no known info at the time. XD
  2. Hi all! I had a great time at the convention and would definitely like to attend next future events! I hope to upload the pictures I took soon! This is a bit embarrassing, but would there happen to be a lost & found? I can't believe I lost items that I've never lost before.... Items that I think I may have lost at the event are: 1. The front half of a Pokéwalker. The screw became loose so the electronics and the front half fell off. 2. And a black USB flash drive. I can further describe the contents for verification. Edit: USB drive found! Whew! Sorry about that. Please let me know if that Pokéwalker turned up. I can verify which Pokémon is on it for verification. ; Thanks! -Michael
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