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My mother is from Japan, my father fourth generation Chinese and I was born and raised in Los Angeles with one older brother. I grew up watching Go Ranger, Robocon, Yamato, Star Blazers, Gataiga, Battle of the Planets, etc. so I was already familiar with Japanese animation and live action shows. My first exposure to Macross was through Robotech. I'm somewhat of a Macross purist as I began collecting everything Macross I could find (and Southern Cross, Mospeada and Orguss, not to mention Yamato, Megazone 23, Gundam, etc.) and avoiding most things labeled Robotech though I am still loyaly a fan of Robotech and collect unique Robotech items.

I have a huge collection of original Macross items: toys, models, books, posters, soundtracks, games and miscellaneous items. I will try to post pics in the gallery.

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