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  1. Once again we are calling upon fans such as you to help with our Museum Display at Super Dimension Convention! Naturally, we want all aspects of Macross covered and we welcome the items of your choosing but our focus this year will be DYRL and Southern Cross which are both 35 years old this year, and Macross Plus and Macross 7 which are both 25 this year. Please let me know what you would like to bring. We ask that you arrive to setup by 10am, earlier if you like. The museum will open at 11am and close at 5pm. If you need to pack up a little early, that should be fine but at 5pm, please
  2. If anyone is offering to support the con by displaying collectibles, please contact Alex Avalos. Thank you! avalosalex@yahoo.com
  3. Some items to be auctioned off include an original art piece by Hidetaka Tenjin as well as a few Delta model kits signed by him.
  4. Email info will be sent to all ticket holders and subscribers. Different level ticket holders will have different lines for processing. Premium and Early Bird ticket holders are allowed into the Vending Hall beginning at 10am. www.superdimensioncon.com
  5. There will also be lots of things to do there!! http://superdimensioncon.wixsite.com/deculture/activities
  6. Con Reviews will be on site to stream footage from the con! twitter.com/theconreviews
  7. Are you attending SDC 2017? If you are and you're a collector or modeler, please read on! I'm charge of the museum display again once again and we need your help! If you have unusual collectibles, completed models or customs, or any items that have come out recently, please consider offering them for display. WE ARE EXPANDING OUR DISPLAY AND INCLUDING OTHER TITLES!! Southern Cross, Orguss, MOSPEADA, and Megazone 23 will also be featured with your help! We are all collectors and absolutely respect your valuables. Your items will be arranged for display by you. Alex Avalos or I will be
  8. Hey fans! Momentum is picking up with events, panels and guests. We could sure use some help so if you're at all interested, please fill out this survey. For you help we will provide SMS level entry which includes tote bag, magnet, t-shirt, and food and bottled water will be available throughout the day. Parking at Torrance Cultural Arts Center is free! http://bit.ly/2vGx6dE
  9. We are in the final stages of confirming our first guest and will make an announcement soon. We are continuing to work on getting more guests so stay tuned!!
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