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  1. Thanks. I do have that topcoat as I used it before on my Gundam models. But I'm having a professional do the weathering and stickering up for me. Hopefully it comes out well so I can have my own custom premium finish version. Who knows, maybe my mess up might actually turn into a blessing? Will have to wait and see.
  2. I did test spraying the liquid on the plastic cap of my shaving cream and was able to remove it quite easily before I tried it on the plane. But I guess the matte finish is probably what's preventing me from simply scratching it off. The cap of my shaving cream was glossy. Sigh, now I wish I didn't bother trying to fix this joint. Not only did I spend time and money to acquire the clear nail polish, I ended up making it even worse with no improvement to the joint. The only thing I can think of now that will make me like this thing is if I commission someone to weather it. Hopefully that should cover up the primer spots and might even tighten up the joint.
  3. @Slave IV @whitestarSorry, I need your help. I wanted to send you a private message but I don't know how to attach pictures there. I bought what I think is a water-based acrylic, but it's called a base coat primer for use with nail polish. Here is a pic of the packaging and the ingredients: However after spraying it on, it didn't really make the hinge tighter. Actually, it's even looser now than ever (but I don't think it's due to the primer, but instead due to me moving the hinge again. It seems that it always gets looser after every movement). But my main problem now is that I accidentally got it on other parts of the wing and now it looks like this: I tried using both water and alcohol to try and get it off but it doesn't seem to be working that well. Although I didn't really put too much alcohol because I'm worried I might make it worse. Are these parts molded in black? Is it safe to use more alcohol to try and remove these marks? If not alcohol, what should I use to try and clean this up? Honestly, I'm kinda fed up with this thing. I'm almost tempted to just shove it in storage and never look at it again.
  4. @Slave IV I'm having a real hard time lookong for one of these things (I've never bought nail polish before). Most of the ones I see on the shelf are Nail Lacquer or Polish that contains Butyl Acetate and a bunch of other chemicals). I don't see acrylic written. Can I use these or should I avoid?
  5. @anubis20 Sorry late reply. Didn't see your post earlier. But yeah, I checked mine and those parts are facing the same way.
  6. Thanks. I've tried Rustans and Ace Hardware but they didn't have it. Maybe I should look for Johnsons' Wipe and Shine? In Japan and the Philippines it is known as "Johnson's Wipe and Shine".
  7. @chyll2 Where can I buy this locally in the Philippines? I tried checking supermarkets and hardware stores near me but couldn't find it. I believe it's supposed to be the Pledge Floor Gloss.
  8. Lol so mine are reversed? Gosh what a truly disappointing release then. I wonder if it's easy to swap them around. EDIT: Oh wait, my picture was taken in fighter mode. So if I twist the legs 180 degrees for battroid mode, it should look like the other picture. So does that mean mine are correct?
  9. Sure go ahead. Now I’m wondering again if it’s mine that’s swapped around and that other person has the right one haha.
  10. That is a huge mess up then. That kind of mistake would demand a recall of the products. But just to be sure, are mine really correct? I hope it's not like the left should be on the right and vice-versa. I am also annoyed that every time I try to push the legs back in, the edges of the big toe keep snagging on the ankle housing unless I have the feet splayed out. Now I got some small dents (although it should be easy to hide with some black markers).
  11. Was there anyone else besides me that got the correct ankles? It feels like there are more cases of incorrect assembly versus those that are correct, at least based on what people have reported here so far.
  12. I didn't notice much metal content. Where is it? The only part I know are those tiny hinges that are part of the shoulder joint, but it was like that already on the Yamato and is unfortunately prone to paint chipping.
  13. The feet on mine are correct. I think I’m one of the few lucky ones with regards to that.
  14. Not sure, but maybe they can. Arcadia boxes aren’t sealed anyway.
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