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  1. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    I just realized the MB Mazinger is roughly 1/100 scale. His height is practically the same as a 1/100 MG RX-78-2 Gundam. Both are supposed the be 18m tall. Kinda interesting having him posed beside HMR toys and other 1/100 scale figures to see the size differences.
  2. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    There’s one big gripe I have with the Metal Build Mazinger. And it’s the display stand. It sucks, which is unusual because Metal Builds usually have awesome stands. The problem with this one is the smaller secondary arm is way too short and does to lock into place. Another problem is the clear attachment point does not securely tab into Mazinger’s crotch. These two are bad enough on their own, but put them together and it really limits the kinds of aerial poses you can have, and makes things really unstable that I’m not comfortable leaving it on its stand.
  3. Know what I find funny? The fact that the 2 FOX movie Human Torches (Chris Evans, Michael B Jordan) ended up redeeming themselves in the Marvel superhero films.
  4. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Wasn't a Metal Build prototype already shown? I probably won't get it because it isn't to scale so I can't display it beside my Mazinger or Mazinkaiser.
  5. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    That’s the same reason why I got it too.
  6. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    The hands aren’t articulated. Just 3 pairs of swappable hands. The engineering itself is very reminiscent of Sentinel’s (Riobot) designs. In fact, if you didn’t know it was Bandai, one might mistake it for a Sentinel figure because of all the moving panels, translucent pieces, and aesthetic (though the latter is due to the design in the movie). However, the execution is still not as good as Sentinel’s because sometimes the panels get caught up between the other moving parts (it rarely happens, but something to watch out for lest you break it). The joints are VERY stiff out of the box. It takes quite a bit of force to get things moving at first. But again, be careful that nothing is obstructing the articulation or else you may break something by mistake. And there are some things which I think can move, but are so stiff that maybe I’m wrong. But when I look at the opposing side, the orientation is a little different so I'm almost sure it should move. Don’t want to risk it yet. I might be wrong, but it feels just as heavy (or a little heavier) than the Riobot Mazinkaiser, despite being smaller. Lastly, I haven’t tried all the accessories and options yet, but I’m having difficulty getting the scrander belt to clip together on Mazinger. It clips together just fine when it’s off him, so not sure what’s preventing it when it’s on him. All in all, it’s a good figure. Anyone who bought it will generally be happy with it.
  7. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    Yeah, I watched both that video and wotafa’s review. Both of them seem to struggle a bit in getting them clipped together. I could probably do it if I forced it, but don’t want to risk damaging anything. On the bright side, if I do end up scratching the belly plate or snapping the scrander belt, the set does come with an alternate set of belly plate and scrander belts meant for displaying it with the missile punch.
  8. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Metal Build Mazinger Z (shown with Riobot Mazinkaiser for scaling comparison)
  9. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    Pardon the crappy pic. I think it scales pretty well. The aesthetic is similar too.
  10. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    Sigh... I can’t seem to clip on the scrander. Been trying for the past 30 mins but can’t get the two yellow connecting pieces to join together while on Mazinger. They connect just fine when they’re off. I’m too scared to put too much force for risk of either breaking something or scratching off the paint. Hopefully others get theirs soon too and you can help me out on this. For now, I guess my Mazinger will be without his scrander.
  11. MAZINGER Z INFINITY: in theatres January 2018

    Just got my Metal Build. The engineering is very reminiscent of Sentinel’s stuff. Looks like Bandai is starting to take cues from them, which is great since I consider Sentinel to have some of the best engineered toys on the market.
  12. I saw it last night. Personally, I thought it was mediocre at best. Actually found it pretty boring, especially during the first 2/3rds of the film. Almost fell asleep a few times. I’m also not sure exactly where it fits in the storyline. It seems like it’s after Civil War, but somehow it felt like the first part of the movie happened during Civil War, while the latter parts weeks later or longer. But that doesn’t make much sense because the events in the Black Panther movie don’t seem to take more than 3-4 days or so. They also nerfed T’Challa so much. He’s supposed to be at least as good as Captain America in hand to hand combat, but this movie makes him look like he’s just a little better than average. Oh, and it also felt like there was so much SJW pandering in the movie as well. Overall, I’d say this movie is comparable to Thor 1 for me. And that means it’s on the lower end of my Marvel movie rankings.
  13. 1/18/08 Cloverfield

    I thought the Cloverfiled Paradox movie wasn’t good at all. And I’m a big fan of both the first movie and Overfiled Lane. I wish they cast a Chinese person that could speak English. It’s offputting when everyone else in the movie speaks English and yet Zhang Ziyi only speaks in Mandarin, although everyone seems to be fluent in Mandarin too because they have no issues talking back to her (but in English, not Mandarin). It makes me feel like they gave up having her try to speak English while filming (I’m guessing she wasn’t good at it).
  14. I was imitating a famous scene from Dragonball Z. It was the final Kamehameha of Gohan (and Goku) vs Cell.