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  1. ArchieNov

    Bandai DX VF-31

    No, they're very different. The 31A has a much closer resemblance to the 31E
  2. That GBP looks overweight... Did it ever look like that?
  3. I hope I can get one this time around. Or at least I hope that even if I miss it again, the markup later on won't be as high as it is now. Maybe I should try asking N-Y if they can disable the Pay Later option for the 2nd batch of preorders hehe
  4. Argh, I didn't know the preorders for this already went up. But reading through some of the last few pages, I kinda doubt I would've been able to get one
  5. Ah, my mistake then.
  6. I think those are for real bullets... so I guess you can get them from a gun store?
  7. ArchieNov

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    No. Arcadia's YF-19 ankles were arguably the worst ever since they were mostly loose out of the box. Mine faceplanted itself once (or rather uniboob planted) in battroid mode and slightly dented the nosecone. I have never trusted leaving it on battroid mode ever since.
  8. That is so weird... Below was my ticket. Again these were for pre-orders already paid for in the past (exclusives) such as the VF-1 missile set, VF-31 armor parts, and SHF Balrog. Date: 2019-05-27 11:35:36 Name: Ikegawa Atsuko Message: Hello Thank you for your message We changed the invoice and shipping address for your three orders. Please check them in your account. Please don't hesitate to send another message if you need anything else. Kind Regards Nippon-yasan.com Customer Service Was this reply helpful? yes / no Date: 2019-05-26 01:18:33 Name: Anonymous Email: Anonymous Order Number: #640045, #672299, #682192 Tracking Number: Message: Hello, I have moved residence. Please change the invoice & shipping address for my 3 orders (#640045, #672299, #682192) to my new address at: <Name> <Address> Thank you.
  9. I changed my address last month for 3 existing orders I already paid for. I just logged 1 ticket for all 3 orders, and all 3 orders were updated the very next day. Not sure why you're getting a different experience.
  10. I don't think the button will change. For those wondering if you got a late order or not, I think it's reasonable to assume that if you ordered for the strike parts after N-Y reopened orders (which was a day or 2 ago), you're probably part of the 2nd batch.
  11. Based on what everyone is saying, they basically just want this: "I want a VF-1 that can perfectly replicate the pose and look of every frame of canon animation or official art" Of course that is impossible, so there will never be such a thing as an Ultimate VF-1.
  12. Since when has N-Y been unable to fulfill an order? Even though the 31A took a long time, they still managed to do it while other stores either weren't or only accepted a much smaller number of orders.
  13. If you had ordered all that from Nippon-Yasan, I hope you didn't put them all in one order. If you did, you're gonna have to wait a long time before you get any of these since they will only ship the order once all items are already released/available.
  14. I got mine from NY last Saturday 6/1.
  15. NY up again but Pay Later no longer available. I decided to just bite the bullet and get it over with.
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