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  1. Preshade and wash went smoothly. Decals and off to the dirt and grime!
  2. @Convectuoso There is a fixed resin fighter form conversion for the 1/72 Bandai vf-25f. Your still going to have to paint stripes though. Tamiya's 1:48 F-14D Tomcat. Had I known this kit was this amazing- I'd have grabbed some resin and metal bits to detail her up. I might have to grab the F-14A too for an open hatch build.
  3. That was the original plan. I'm not sure it works for the S-Gundam though. The resin parts are much smaller than the MG kit creating a bad look. It might be more favorable for an Ex-S as the smaller torso and head are really needed on the original MG. I grabbed the 1.5 MG earlier this year to maybe see if that creates a better look. I used to have a link to Barber's Ex-S build of the MG that was done in the Fix Figuration portion/styling. In that he significantly increase the shoulder size to create the look in height and width. I may have to figure something else out as it is quite daunting t
  4. R, I've started on the mini EX-S last week too! I'm just noticing that the backpack of the 1/48 is of the S-Gundam [Bst] configuration given the 4 beam cannons. The alignment mark on the back piece make me think this is literally a digitally up-scaled kit from a 3d model. It has taken some tricky pinning on mine to get everything solid and still modular enough to easily remove for painting and cleanup. -K
  5. "Oh I'll just see what everyone is building in this thread..." -21 new pages of posts. -1 hour later... Hot damn guys! Covid is slowing any of you guys down! The kits look great! I really want to join you but, summer time brings house and yard projects. :/ Hurry up and snow already!
  6. An armored-tornado and a pretty sweet diorama!
  7. There is actually not that uncommon to see the NeoGrade kit pop up on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Presently only the Yellow-Sub version is running though. I just with Shopping Mall Japan wasn't closing or I'd snag it.
  8. Wasn't able to finish even with the extra hour. Topcoat, canopy framing and weathering is all that remain.
  9. Finally to the fun bits. Hand Painting from here on out!
  10. I think you guys might all agree that it is always exciting finding a new tool that makes Macross modeling just a little bit more enjoyable, a little safer and a lot better looking. I hope you guys all will chime in on on your favorite tools of the trade, any cool finds, home-made tools and neat do-it-yourself or quality of life improvements that make building that much better. Any tool that might sit on one's workbench during the modeling process is game for discussion. Cutters, airbrushes, files, paint skewers, sandpapers even organizational containers, workbench setups/layouts, and ec
  11. FFFFFFF that took too much effort. [deep breath] Previous mods/work undone, kit fully disassembled and then stripped during a 4+month soak in diluted purple power with a bit of easy-off (oven cleaner.) Then sanded, re-scribed, sanded, packed up for 2 cross-country moves, survived a hurricane, and then cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol, stored, resanded, lightly polished with tamiya's compound, recleaned and finally dusted with Mr. Surfacer 1500! to today. Finally got to put in some time while the other project is stalled for a bit. Got her out and managed to go through with a fin
  12. Here is a good article on the differences between the MR. Surfacer lines. In short the # represents the build and grit of the product with 500 being more fore filling and 1200 closer to a slick paint coat. http://www.swannysmodels.com/Surfacer.html
  13. Jasmine's creators is actually a member here. His ID is newca. He's released and sold tons of set from the VF-11 Thunderbolt to the VF-25 Messiah. Looking at his post history you should be able to pictures and item numbers. Unfortunately the ebay store and almost everything macross-related (except the full fram vf-1) has been removed from their site and store. Originating from Chine, you might try Taobao.
  14. I had to take a brake there. The lock-on was getting to me. It doesn't help that call signs, aircraft names and target designations are all small text, often too hard to read against the sky background sometimes... For this mission I was in the F22 Super Tomcat with the long range lock air-to-air special weapon.
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