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  1. ulvdemon

    1/72 Bandai VF-1J build

    Still working on this, had to put it on hold due to life. Currently attempting to paint the pilot. (Freakin' small!) Also handling some of the seams. Since the plane will be a dark gray, was trying to put the color on the pilot.
  2. ulvdemon

    1/72 Bandai VF-1J build

    Thanks, as stated this will be my first Macross build in something like 30 years. Last one was the R.O.B.O.T.S one that transformed. Once I get the seams fixed, I will be airbrushing the model. As it stands, I might gold tint the canopy and do this one in a gray camo style.
  3. ulvdemon

    RTKF 1/72 "Legult" Build Ups

    This whole build is awesome! Great work!
  4. ulvdemon

    1/72 Bandai VF-1J build

    Going to get to color myself lucky, this kit has no nose wheel location at all, even though the instructions say so. So no need to provide surgery. Guess because the kit can be built as a fighter or a gerwalk.
  5. ulvdemon

    1/72 Bandai VF-1J build

    I am partial to using the S version head. Unless it will fit my Hasegawa kit which is a J, then I might us the J version and then use the S version for that. The one thing I've noticed is that there are parts to make it as Gerwalk version. So hopefully, there are parts t make it with wheels up.
  6. ulvdemon

    1/72 Bandai VF-1J build

    Morning everyone. Still working on this build, just do not have a lot of time to build. Everything except for the cockpit and forward section has been build. As it stands, looks like I will have to paint in sections when it comes time to paint. Trying to decide on which version to build since the kit came with heads to make either a A/J/ or an S model VF-1.
  7. ulvdemon

    1/72 Bandai VF-1J build

    This is shaping up to be an interesting build. Since I had to find the instructions online, it has been challenge to build. Escpecially since I am going to paint this in a different type of paint scheme. Thinking of doing this one in a Have Glass V paint scheme. Go colorful on my Hasegawa VF-1 or VF-11
  8. ulvdemon

    1/72 Bandai VF-1J build

    Well, I've been meaning to build a Macross model, so here I go. Haven't build something from the macros Universe in something like 30 years. This particular model didn't come with instructions and what I was able to print off is all in Japanese, so I am going slow as I try to figure out how the build should come along. Enjoy everyone.
  9. ulvdemon

    Color call outs for Bandai's 1/72 VF-1J Max type

    It helps a lot everyone, thank you.
  10. ulvdemon

    Color call outs for Bandai's 1/72 VF-1J Max type

    The version I have is for the 15th Anniversary, so I assume it is the old 80's/90's version. Thanks for the help. Worse comes to worse, I can do the base color in a Have Glass scheme
  11. Morning everyone. I am planning to start building Bandai's 1/72 VF-1J Max Type. unfortunately my kit didn't come with the instructions so I am looking for the color call outs? I could guesstimate but I figured someone on this site would have suggestion or best place to get the colors layout to use. Thank you.
  12. ulvdemon

    Bandai's 1/72 VF-1J Max Type 15th Anniversary

    This would be my first one, not new to building models though. I have a Hasegawa VF-1A and a VF-11B in special markings.
  13. Afternoon everyone, I was searching online for any builds of this particular model, plus the right place to post this question. I have this as a possible next build and I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on it.
  14. ulvdemon

    Ordering to 'Studio starforge' is available?

    Unknown if this dead horse has been beaten to the ground, but I assume the site is now down and their will be no new products?